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Donna Apr 2020
Thank you slow cooker
For cooking all the dinners
I think your awesome

My slow cooker as been a godsend since isolation its been cooking all the family dinners , love it **
Take care be safe x
melina padron Oct 2014
my heart is doing push-ups,
jumping jacks inside my chest
and i wish you hadn't kissed me.

i look like
a bed full of television static
ready to carry you to sleep
on saturday night
sunday early morning.

there is crying in the next room.
like they know you wont come home,
like yeah they know it too.

we are losing
we are lost.
the world is swallowing me again.
i do not fear the depth
the dead
swallowing me.

my heart is doing push ups,
jumping jacks inside of my chest
and i wish i wasn't such a ******* mess.

— The End —