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Oct 2023
This life is a learning experience, as we journey, on our way,
We each have a different finish line, never knowing our last day,
Everyone thinks, and acts, a little strange to others, in many ways,
New ideas, and messages arrive to us, we share every day.
Who, how and why, are the false prophets around, among us today,
Those who control your life, in person, not recognizing you in any way.
Respect, morals, sharing, with hard work,
Has kept human life alive on this planet, till today, control is the reason,
So many spend hours a day, inhaling, the negative hot topics, of each day,
Through, media, artificial intelligence, which can ruin anyone, in many ways.
After they program one like you, the false one’s can take everything, they started,
Eliminating who you are, your name, means nothing today, now you are an,
E-mail, pass word, then they still do not trust, you do not have any choice,
So they send an email with a code to return, you have no record, not even, the day,
If you jump through the hoops right, they might believe, it’s you.
Look ahead, the near future, robots, clones, looking like, acting, knowing everything,
You do, then at any moment, the false ones, can take every thing you own,
With your name, and possessions, who or what, are you?

The Original: Tom Maxwell Β© 10/4 /23 AD
every one addicted to screen staring, more time every day, our lives being taken away from the inside, and every month we pay.
Written by
The Original Tom Maxwell  66/M/Junction City, Ill
(66/M/Junction City, Ill)   
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