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Dec 2019 · 1.1k
leap (10w)
I took a leap
without a net

in midair waiting
Feb 2019 · 787
tickle monster
tickle at night
before you go to bed
laughter is best medicine
to put you to sleep
after a long day
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
being a daddy
being your daddy means
being patient even
when you won’t go to bed

being your daddy means
loving you even
when I’m so tired

being your daddy means
showing up as I am
and doing the best I can
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
embrace the
infinite waves crashing
creating, destroying
melting into one
Sep 2018 · 504
rainy days
when will the
sun come out
to play?

Rainy days
are necessary,
but sure could use
some sunny days.
Sep 2018 · 1.4k
May the love I feel
stay in my heart forever
May 2018 · 688
long absence
writing a poem
in this virtual community
called hello poetry
is like coming home
after a long absence
Oct 2017 · 980
broken trust
trust is easier to break
than to put together again
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
love uncovers
old hurt places
and renews
what is good
A profound moment lost forever
In the wake of worry
Awe’s reverent beauty
Overlooked for life’s illusions
No wonder lights the soul
As worry’s froth and foam
Clouds one’s perspective*

Lost in thought and never saying never
Everything is blurry like walking in a flurry
Beauty surrounds me even when I feel pity
Chances squandered, like when an ump cried "foul!"
I dance with death with awe
Each move so seductive
1st Stanza in Italics by Kelly Rose, and 2nd Stanza by me in non-italics. Title was Kelly Rose's idea.
Aug 2017 · 977
five hundred words are not enough
to say all the things I need to say
but five hundred poems are **** sure enough
on hello poetry to get noticed

alas, I write poetry for the sake of poetry
just like good ole Charles Bukowski
cranking out words with a foul mouth
without a care for the audience

I write words for the sake of my soul
because it is the only time that my heart
feels free to be whatever it needs to be
without the world confining me

so **** straight. I wrote five hundred
words for my five hundredth poem
because I rarely write so many words
to express what is in my soul

I should be listening to jazz while I write this
just like Kerouac so my words will have a beat and rhythm
of the sounds of bebop, instead of a cadence of all my own
who wants originality when you can have novelty

everyone is nostalgic to recreate what has been captured before
the great writers and poets of our time regurgitate what’s been said
for me I don’t really give a **** about the words,
so much as how I let the words live out into my life through my actions

words matter because they order our thoughts and feelings,
they give shape to the amorphous images that play in our minds and hearts and once something comes into being, then oh man man do they have power
that’s why knowing the name of something really means something

who knows if meaning comes from the words, or words come from the meaning
did the chicken came first or the egg?
all I care about is how you cook the ****** chicken or the egg
fried chicken and I prefer my egg sunny side up

Bukowski eat your heart out as I write my stream of consciousness
five hundred word poem for my five hundredth poem
is it getting a bit redundant?
I am a firm believer that less is more

but sometimes I want my words to beat out like they used to
on old type writers like a **** machine gun
the beat flowing like the drums of a marching band
that gives life to even the worst of brass section

I don’t know if my heart can truly sing in a sea of so many words
I prefer capturing a single moment with 10 words, maybe 20 words
anything more than that feels like a waste
just like a coffee ice cream ruined by too much toppings

I am a minimalist at heart
even though I can’t declutter my stuff
holding onto old forgotten receipts
closet full of clothes I never wear

however, on most days my mind is clutter free
old resents are shoved out
fear written and jotted away
the book of the past closed

each day is a gift
freely given
each breath new

may you be blessed
may we keep sharing
for fun and
for free
My 500th poem on HP with 500 words.
Aug 2017 · 912
breaking from bondage
words can destroy
words can free
there are words that live
in my mind
keep me
in *******.

words can lead me to
new way of life,
words that free my heart

words that move me
participating in life,
instead of
Aug 2017 · 584
the space in between
there are sometimes a vast silence between us,
it started as a small divide.
there seems to be a vast ocean separating me from you,
and yet love remains.

no matter how small or how big the space between us,
remember I love you, I am grateful for you, and I forgive you.
Words need not be spoken, but just know that I am always here
ready to embrace you in love to welcome you home.
I was thinking of God's love for a wayward child.
Aug 2017 · 1.3k
grace (10w)
a free gift
like a child's
joyful laughter
Jul 2017 · 2.2k
fury of words
words flow out of me like the punches of about boxer; each word like a natural series of punches flowing out of a trained boxer.

But of late, I feel more like an old boxer, who has fallen out of step. What once came in a fury takes a force of will to summon out a few words from me. Maybe the well has run dry, but I wouldn't be a poet if I don't keep coming to the Source to once again let the words flow like a fury of creation being unleashed.
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
away (10w)
all words
dried up
but like
a boomerang
poetry returns
Took a long hiatus from HP, but hopefully back for a while.
Feb 2017 · 679
your touch
your love
the laughter
we share
feels safe
Poem inspired by the love for my daughter.
Jan 2017 · 830
love shines again
loneliness* begets  emptiness
life seems dull

once more
Jan 2017 · 1.8k
true loneliness
searching for connections,
yearning for love.
Only to be alone.
My definition of loneliness.
Dec 2016 · 2.6k
trudging on the road of life
can be sometime so hard
and lonely.

I am grateful I am not alone.
Dec 2016 · 1.4k
the sun
the sun
glows warmly
even in
cold days
shining hope
Nov 2016 · 636
stay awake
listen deeply
awake within
and breathe
embrace life
Inspired by my meditation practice
Nov 2016 · 731
my heart cries
but as the sun sets
sun is rising simultaneously
somewhere in the world

as my heart grieves,
it's making room for more space
for love
Nov 2016 · 836
heart felt
heart believing
what eyes
cannot see
love frees
fear binds
Nov 2016 · 1.7k
hidden treasures
all along
the treasures
I sought outside
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
days arise
and fall
like the
ocean waves
crashing ashore
Oct 2016 · 1.5k
sit still
just be
listen to
heart beating
breath flowing
Oct 2016 · 954
a new heart
expectant waiting
heart adjusting
shifts into
new focus
seeing all
Oct 2016 · 617
lost love
hoping against hope
to find my way
back to you
Sep 2016 · 2.2k
each moment
flows uninterrupted
the more I unclench
my grip
let go,
let it flow
Sep 2016 · 708
my heart
grows more
each day
because of
your love
Sep 2016 · 490
energy within
flowing like a
mighty river
to the ocean
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
community in poetry
weaving us together
strangers turned friends
unity in silence
Sep 2016 · 545
life giving poetry
living poetry
roots me into
the seat
of my heart
Sep 2016 · 566
let go, let it flow
all effortlessly
flowing out
of me,
when I
let go
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
loving fiercely
I am awake  to life
opening my heart
loving fiercely
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
a new day
the morning is infused with possibilities,
before the humid heat of the South weighs
me down.

I long for the mountain streams of Appalachia,
and standing under a water fall on a hot day.

I live in the city, but I carry the mountains with me
in my heart.

The mountains are home of my heart, where I can always return to
over and over.

A home of my heart to welcome a new day,
time and time again.
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
a heart filled with joy
my heart
bursts with
joy when
I hold
you tight
Poem for my daughter.
Jul 2016 · 596
words flow
bodies move
I become
still and silent.
Jul 2016 · 470
Mumur of a Dream
A faint mumur of what has been lost remains.
The words you spoke linger in my heart,
and yet the toxic way we related is gone.

Love remains despite all the hurt, joys and tears.

The laughter of a child's smile stirs my heart alive,
and I remember to embrace life.
I realize I am part of the bigger dream of the Creator,
and I sing a song of gratitude.

Love remains despite all the hurt, joys and tears.

After everything I am still standing and
saying a simple prayer,
*"Thank You."
Jul 2016 · 670
heart song
spirits sing
from deep within
a song we
all know
Jul 2016 · 514
a bliss
to embrace
what is
at peace
with **everything
Jul 2016 · 771
embraced by silence
sitting in solitude
embracing life
with all its magnitude
being still
Jul 2016 · 676
inner peace
serenity flowers in my life
when I sit in the throne of my heart
Jul 2016 · 565
never slows
river of life
flowing beautifully
into the infinite
Jul 2016 · 914
waking up to life
my breath flows in and out
my heart drums on
Jul 2016 · 962
this too shall pass
my heart is broken,
and yet it still beats.

my heart slowly mends,
and begins to heal.

I wake up and get out of bed
putting one foot in front of the other.

"This too shall pass," I repeat to myself.
somehow, I move forward and embrace life
Jun 2016 · 446
stir awake from your drunken slumber
embrace the joys of life that you may be free
pass on this beautiful gift that's freely given
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
walking through the night
starry night
shining bright
guide me
towards the
Infinite Light
Jun 2016 · 549
burn with life
I want to burn with life
fully present and alive
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