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Carlyyyy Jul 2017
I think of the future lightly
As it hasn't always been for me
But things change(d).

Everything is changing for me and I don't know how to handle it. I am trying though(:
Demy Molentor Nov 2016
It has began,
life anew.
Forward I move.
New dream, old fears,
More patience, less tears.
I graduated from school and came to college.
Hell is over.
each moment
flows uninterrupted
the more I unclench
my grip
let go,
let it flow
Crimsyy Sep 2016
I have skyscrapers as thoughts
but I'm terrified of heights;
delete the deepest fall tonight.
gray rain May 2016
Memories of you never cross my mind
memories of you I cannot be bothered to find
undefined Nov 2015
true love* it may be
if i can see no future for you but with *
the thought of you keeps me up at night
Dreams of Sepia Aug 2015
You were like a black & white movie
that I played over & over but backwards
Elisa Holly Jun 2015
I am in love,
What bliss;
Yet, anger
for my vulnerability.
I love you.
Darren Mar 2015
But is this flesh, not
more, than a cell for the soul.
A far greater prize.
Charlie Mar 2015
Laugh hard, my love.
Smoke menthol and smile.
Be strong.
Don't let these vices consume you.
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