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Beloved, may Your eternal flame burn in me.

A fire that purifies and
illumines the darkness within
my thirsty heart.
20w. Title from  St. John of the Cross, an expression that he used to poetically describe a state of being in union with God.
a year has flown by                                              twenty-four-hour living                          no longer
12 months, 365 days                                             is all i have to live today,                         afraid of the
of my life.                                                            ­   with a breath in and out.                         future.

new friendships made,                                       my breath leads me to my                        no longer
old ones mended, and                                         heart and my soul finds                           ashamed of the
some let go.                                                            peace.                                                          p­ast.

i've found hope this                                             life is lived one moment                           no longer
past year, and a community                               at a time, when i choose to                       escaping the
that helps me live in hope.                                 embrace it all.                                              present.
air invisible
heart vulnerable
Love indivisible
fear perpetuates
peace regenerates
A friend suggested writing a 10w poem in this format.
time flows like an uninterrupted stream
building steam and crescendoing into
a raging river

instead of flowing against it, I try to be
like a leaf flowing with it instead of
fighting the current

sometimes I am caught in an eddy and
time stands still as I wind in circles
until I'm off again

I can't always see the larger picture,
but when I am centered in a loving Divine Presence
then I remember I am flowing to the Great Ocean

Each hour is precious and a chance to open up,
so I may move closer to the greater whole
a destination I can't even imagine
Life is a chance.
Love is infinity.
Grace is reality.
my                   life                    exalt
soul                 abides              in
longs               in                      the
to                     love                  divine
be                    in            ­          love
free                 love                   light
dew drops glisten
as the morning light dances
in peaceful silence

in peaceful silence
the great eastern sun rises
greening the ridges

Greening the ridges
Of the mountains and the vales

Delightful— Serene
Flowers Waltz Upon The Ground
Feel The Rising Sun

Feeling the rising sun
Beaming on angelic faces
Leaving a heart dazed

Leaving a heart dazed
In love with this tranquil scenery -
A true beauty!

A true beauty
Of love and colours,
Brightening life forever.

Brightnening life forever,
Like a dove engulfed in a clear sky,
Yet a trick of our sore eyes.

Yet a trick of our sore eyes
Cannot obscure the glistening
Of whispered rain

of whispered rain
which drenches our mother earth
in a warm and loving embrace

In a warm and loving embrace,
The winds prance apace
While the rain sings its tranquil grace

while the rain sings it's tranquil grace
my soul dances with joy and
my heart joins in the song of the universe
To anyone who would like to add onto this, please leave your lines on comments and I will update it as
people add on.  This is an ongoing collaborative piece.  

The format is 3 lines, and 1st line begins with the last line of previous 3 lines.  I discovered this way of collaborating on a different site and it's like playing telephone with poetry.  You can add multiple times as long as you are not responding to yourself.  It feels like a fun game with words.

1st stanza & 12th stanza written by me
2nd stanza written by John from Austin, TX
3rd stanza by Timothy:
4th stanza by Marian:
5th stanza by Cat aka catbrd:
6th stanza by Blythe:
7th stanza &11th stanza by Mercury Chap:
8th stanza by Snowy Writer:
9th stanza by Parsavagely Kompenere
10th stanza by Pamela Rae:
five hundred words are not enough
to say all the things I need to say
but five hundred poems are **** sure enough
on hello poetry to get noticed

alas, I write poetry for the sake of poetry
just like good ole Charles Bukowski
cranking out words with a foul mouth
without a care for the audience

I write words for the sake of my soul
because it is the only time that my heart
feels free to be whatever it needs to be
without the world confining me

so **** straight. I wrote five hundred
words for my five hundredth poem
because I rarely write so many words
to express what is in my soul

I should be listening to jazz while I write this
just like Kerouac so my words will have a beat and rhythm
of the sounds of bebop, instead of a cadence of all my own
who wants originality when you can have novelty

everyone is nostalgic to recreate what has been captured before
the great writers and poets of our time regurgitate what’s been said
for me I don’t really give a **** about the words,
so much as how I let the words live out into my life through my actions

words matter because they order our thoughts and feelings,
they give shape to the amorphous images that play in our minds and hearts and once something comes into being, then oh man man do they have power
that’s why knowing the name of something really means something

who knows if meaning comes from the words, or words come from the meaning
did the chicken came first or the egg?
all I care about is how you cook the ****** chicken or the egg
fried chicken and I prefer my egg sunny side up

Bukowski eat your heart out as I write my stream of consciousness
five hundred word poem for my five hundredth poem
is it getting a bit redundant?
I am a firm believer that less is more

but sometimes I want my words to beat out like they used to
on old type writers like a **** machine gun
the beat flowing like the drums of a marching band
that gives life to even the worst of brass section

I don’t know if my heart can truly sing in a sea of so many words
I prefer capturing a single moment with 10 words, maybe 20 words
anything more than that feels like a waste
just like a coffee ice cream ruined by too much toppings

I am a minimalist at heart
even though I can’t declutter my stuff
holding onto old forgotten receipts
closet full of clothes I never wear

however, on most days my mind is clutter free
old resents are shoved out
fear written and jotted away
the book of the past closed

each day is a gift
freely given
each breath new

may you be blessed
may we keep sharing
for fun and
for free
My 500th poem on HP with 500 words.
.                                          you                                     i
                                         smiled                            smiled

                            we                                                                my
                                 smiled                                           heart
                                           at life                         smiles      
                                                     with great joy
my heart is brimming with gratitude
for the gift of new life

as tiny hands grasp my fingers
and I listen to tiny breaths
I feel my heart filling with joy and thanks
for the ability to love and be loved

may new life begin in me,
so I may keep welcoming life

thank you for helping me walk though the darkness,
so I can bask in the light now

there is an inner light that lives in me and
in the life of this little one that I hold
The only words that rises to my lips are
"thank you I love you"
Thoughts of a new father grateful he survived times of depression, suicide attempts, an unspiritual life, to now able to live a life filled with gratitude and not resentments and fears.
time is an infinite stream of possibilities
may this blessing flow to you across time through love
I pray for you, the me of my past who struggled and
lost your way in depression.

May this blessing find you across time to you, from me the you of the future, to the 26 year old that I was in a moment in time,
where I was lost.

May you find your way out of despair and hopelessness, and
may you find the courage to set the radio outside of the filled
bathtub.  I know suicide seems the only way out, but you have
so much to live for. I am you of the future, as I speak to you of my past.  

May my love and hope travel across time to help you find joy in that little moment, where you turned on the radio to make sure power was flowing before you electrocuted yourself.  But in that tiny moment, reggae music blasted through the speakers bringing a spark of joy and rhythm into a dark moment, where you could not distinguish from the true and false.

May you find the wisdom to know that your pain will not last forever and all wounds heal with time, even heartbreaks.  I know, because I am in this very present moment the future self of you.  I know that your present feels bleak and each day feels more painful and pointless than the day before.  It feels like the whole world is against you and people who are supposed to love you only judge you and ridicule you.  Somehow it feels like who you are is not enough and you are sick and tired of feeling this way.

May my love and hope travel across time.  Love is infinite and collapses the space that separates us.  May my blessing find you
through this dark moment and many to come, so you may know
and experience joys, sadness, and full specturum of emotions
with an open heart.  You will someday embrace pain as one of your greatest teachers, because it has lead you to the other great teacher of life, love.  May you have the courage to really live, so you may face death, another great teacher.  May you live and die with love, and not with fear and hatred in your heart.

May this blessing travel across time in that infinite place in your heart, where hope will rise out of the heavy despair that is pulling you down to depths of pain that goes deeper and deeper.  Somehow, pain upon pain becomes comforting, and you begin to be trapped in yourself.  All you can see is this moment.

May my prayer and blessing find you and guide you to a future you cannot imagine in your present, but you would not want to miss.  Thank you, I love you.  I'm sorry for ways I failed you.  Please forgive me.  

May this blessing of hope and love find you across time and space to bring you home, so you and I can live in that infinite space of love in our hearts, where we are connected to life flowing through and in us.  May you find your way to me, to the now that is always being created.
A poem written out of gratitude for all the people who have helped me become a little more free from the dark depression and hopelessness I found myself in my mid 20s to early 30s.
there is a chill in my bones
the kind that cannot be rid of
by empty words of comfort

no amount of blankets
or wood in the fire can
bring warmth back to me

only when my frozen heart
begin to awaken by love
did the chill in me bones
fade like a distant memory
holding your hands as you walk
i hold you steady

your wobbly legs will grow strong
and someday you will not need me to walk

remember i will love you just the same,
whether i am holding you now or
when i let you run and make your mistakes
as an adult
poem for my daughter Winnie, who is 9 months and learning to walk.
anger leads me to the gates of hell
a short trip from fear to anger,
then to rage

heaven and hell is a state I live in
here and now
hope burns even in the darkest of nights

Love guides my way
Divine Love
everything                   illuminate
is                                   the
a gift                            darkness
freely                  ­         of my
given                            soul
forever seems impossible
than I remembered
love just for today
I believe in
a God like Big Bird,
who is kind,
soft, and

A God,
who is a friend,
a friend that laughs,
cries, and
will make me smile.

A God,
who is not like
the disciplinary God
of my childhood,
who judges
my every

a God like Big  Bird,
Hey Yehoshua (Joshua),

How did a nice Jewish boy like you become the savior of the world?  They transliterated your name into Greek and called you Jesus, but to me you will remain a Jewish boy from a podunk little town.  You were probably lonely and out of place like me, a shy immigrant boy from Korea growing up in Western NC. You had giant expectations to fill.  Your dad was larger than life and sometimes a little demanding,  I relate.  
  More than my savior, I want you as a friend and a fellow traveler.  Sometimes I focus on your divinity so much that I forget you are flesh and blood like me, a God with skin.  You've felt the long sleepless nights, the thirsting and hunger for a God sized whole to be filled.  You've experienced the pain of betrayal and most important you know how hard it is to love and be loved by imperfect people trying to love with all their brokenness.  
  Josh, I'm not sure if this is a poem or letter, but I wanted to say hello.  Thanks for welcoming me into your life and calling me a friend and a brother.  I'll try to pass on the message by living it out, and share how my life changed when I encountered a God with Skin in the depths of my despair.  I keep walkin' the walk a day at a time.


EunSung aka Silas
it's hard sometimes to be grateful
the very things and people i am grateful for
slowly wear on me, when I am not centered

as i breathe and slow down to listen to my heart
something shifts and i can open up to life with
a grateful heart

i quickly forget that there was a time in my life
where i used to wake up praying everyday
for God to **** me

today I wake up most days with a grateful heart
I give thanks for the day and
turn my thoughts to someone else I can help

i am trying to not just be grateful with words,
but  put it into action.
my heart
bursts with
joy when
I hold
you tight
Poem for my daughter.
autum comes
I am a lone leaf on a tree
holding for dear life
last one to

winter comes
and I am huddled
on the ground with my
fallen brothers and sisters

I return to the earth
and absorbed back into the great source
the giver of life
the tree

spring comes
I am reborn again
budding, growing
and no longer alone on the tree
I had forgotten that I was never alone
I was holding on when I should of let go
to join the great connection
of life
Poem written upon Joe's request.

"many leaves, one tree: we're all individuals, but we're all connected."--epic (movie). Great wisdom is in children's films and literature.
Hello me,

I'm you. I'm the older you after multiple suicide attempts, and lost in a haze of ***** and drugs.  I am also you who sought and searched for some meaning and belonging, only to find hypocrisy and pain.  But all that aside, I wanted to thank you for not giving up on life even though you wanted to.  Finally asking for help when you did, even though a part of you didn't care anymore.  Thank you for letting hope grow in you one day at a time.  Thank you for letting me love you, so I can love me today.  Life is pretty amazing today, and we would have missed out on this beautiful journey because we were so locked in our pain. Now, you and I can share our story of pain and suffering to help someone else.  We don't have to stay in a hopeless state of mind and body.  Thank you for having the courage to surrender and admit you couldn't do it alone anymore.  I love you very much.


I'm You
This is a reminder to myself that I am not alone, and a love letter to myself , to my friends, and strangers yet to be friends who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.
if you are lost and alone,
don't  give up hope.

there is a place called home
waiting  for your return.

I know from experience,
because I once was a lost soul.
i love you even when you are stressed,
when your lips purse into a pout

i love you even when you are sick,
and your body aches

i promise to make you tomato soup
and give you back massages

most of all,
I will remind you I love you
no matter how scared you are

I will keep reminding you
I love you with my being,
words and actions
love note for my wife
There is a silence that binds,
and a type of silence that frees the soul.

Be a lover of silence
that leads to purity of heart.

An inner silence that leads
to a deep freedom in a chaotic world.

A silence birthed out of a chosen solitude
that helps me connect to life.

My heart contains an inner chamber,
where silence is cultivated,
so I can walk free no matter where I am.

A silence that contains serenity and peace
like the hush that fell the world,
when death lead to resurrection.
Written while reading Thomas Merton's Contemplative Prayer.
the whole world quakes
when you stir
my heart leaps
I'm always starting and                                                stopping
tryin­g something new and being stuck in                the   past.
Today is a new day.  I greet it with a deep                  breath
letting go of my need to control, and  just                    be

Comatose,                       ­                                                frozen to new possibilities.
Living in fear                                                             ­    of a future yet to unfold.
Being present                                                          ­       to here and now is so **** hard.        
Becoming aware                                                            ­of this new day with an open heart/mind
fears dissipate
when I crack open
the doors of my heart
thank you to hello poetry friends for reaching out to me after going through a moment of darkness. My mind was convincing me people who love me were trying to control me, and that they don't really love me.
the morning is infused with possibilities,
before the humid heat of the South weighs
me down.

I long for the mountain streams of Appalachia,
and standing under a water fall on a hot day.

I live in the city, but I carry the mountains with me
in my heart.

The mountains are home of my heart, where I can always return to
over and over.

A home of my heart to welcome a new day,
time and time again.
heart beats                              brain stops
thoughts quiet                       heart sings
a new song                             free of fear
life grows anew                    with heart free
I was experimenting with spacing and abstract free association.
expectant waiting
heart adjusting
shifts into
new focus
seeing all
I feel like the Tin Man
wanting a new heart
you cannot leave                          
the boundaries
of your cloister.

and yet, you have
crossed them a
thousand times.

writer. trappist.
human being.
adventurer.  seeker.

may you be free,
may your restless heart
be still.

may the Divine Lover
hold you in
divine creator,

may my soul awaken with a passionate breath
and a deep thirst for yourlove.
let your Divine flame burn in me,
so I may share your light in this darkened world

dear stranger who I have yet to call a friend,
may you be guided on your journey towards
wholeness and freedom.

may we lift each other up on our journey,
when our paths cross instead of turning a blind eye
or too busy to see that one of us has fallen.

may the Divine Light shine in me
may my life speak
Let your life speak is a saying within Religious Society of Friends ( more commonly known as Quakers).  I attend unprogrammed meetings, which means that we sit in silence and if people are led to share, then they share.  I love this form of silent worship, because I am not told to how to experience God or what to believe, but sitting in community and having my own experience which leaves me feeling more connected.  I grew up as a son of a Methodist Minister, so it's refreshing to not be told what to believe.  I have met Quakers who identify as Catholic, Buddhist, atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, and those who want to remain un-categorized.

1st stanza came from my part of collaborative piece with Sameea Waqas that we ended up not using.
May my breath
be a prayer for you.
You a stranger I have yet
to welcome in my heart.

I pray that you will be safe
that you will find a safe place
to grow.

When you feel rejected and hated,
may you be held by a gentle friend
that accepts you for you.

May you encounter a loving God
in the laughter of babies
and in the eyes of puppies.

My breadth is a prayer,
and in the process of writing this prayer,
the doors of my heart have opened
to welcome you
God, do you care?

Your kids are killing each other.
I sit still in silence
praying with patient longing
and with a quiet anticipation for Your guidance
the answer to my prayers sometimes
take the form of suffering
transformed into hope
when my pain is
used to help
God, I want to be real with you, but sometimes its really hard.
Help me to let go of what I think what I know about You, my spiritual journey, and who I am.

I open myself up to you, so I may experience You in my life.

Help me cut through my own *******, so I am honest with myself.

I give thanks for my life.  Please help me to breathe deeply today, so I may be present to people that I think are "*******."  Help me to get to know them as people, and connect to them beyond what's hard about them.  I don't expect this to happen overnight, so help me to have patience as You teach me to love.

Oh yeah, and help me to love the greatest pain in the *** in my life. Me.  Help me to be compassionate and loving to myself, so I may embody Your love to others.  Thanks. Amen.
A prayer I wrote in early sobriety.  It can be found in my self published book:
not lost or found
nor seeking or avoiding
just **being
I was thinking about Taoist sages as I watched an old Tibetan Terrier named Ping sleep.  If dogs can be sages, then he truly embodies the Way. ;)
I step into the light
my eyes start seeing clearly
I step into the divine light
My eyes see clearly

New version based on comment by Musfiq:
Beloved, my heart sings songs of *Your praise.
Thank You for helping me get through the day sober and free.

I am grateful I canbe present to life today.  I can give and receive love instead of being trapped in self, hopeless and full of self-pity.

Grateful I can hold my daughter with love exploding from my heart. With Your help and help of fellow sojourners, she never has to see me drunk.

Beloved, may I continue walking on the path and share this precious gift of sobriety with others that I meet on the way.

Thank You. I love You.
Suffering hardens the heart.
Pain creates an ache inside
and outside that hardens
the walls that let our hearts
be open.

My own heart has encountered
great suffering.  Pain entered
into my heart and the hardened
walls kept it trapped inside.
It took a great deal of suffering
for me to surrender and
let my heart embrace everything.

A tender heart accepts pain
and joy with gratitude.  
It stays open through
the good times and the bad.
My spiritual muscle
expands and contracts
with the rhythm of my
Heart breaks,
then heart aches.

Mending of the heart,
is a slow process.

My heart has known
many breaks and aches,
but it also loves deeply.

A wounded heart
slowly mended,
can hold all the joys and pains
of life.

My heart
smiles on the inside
and laughs
with abandon.
my life is lived with such
motion and speed
that sometimes I miss the
absence of sound
the deep stillness and silence
that is at the core of my being
my heart aches
but I am happy to know
I have loved
with all of
i adore life
this breath
this moment
gratitude fills me
gasping for air
I feel like I am dying
can't breathe...
until at last
I realized I was choking
on my old resentments

as I let go of each one
the air I breathe become
clear and deep
flooding me with life
life is so good
yet I long for
*chaotic extremes
walking this path alone
is so lonely

please walk with me
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