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Tony Luxton Aug 2018
Buses are emptied unlike
many minds at this time
in the trudge to work
beneath the canopy of
buoyant barrage ballons.

Another factory day ***** in
the dark figures downcast with bad
war news and routine ritual.
But there is comfort to be had
in the chorus of familiar talk.
Lowry's painting 'Going to Work'
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Marching ahead
Broken paths we trek
Dare we try again?
Onward, Homestead

Let us trudge ahead
And never bow our heads
Even in death
We’ll make it to the Homestead
The journey to where we ultimately belong is perilous, but one way or another we will make it.
trudging on the road of life
can be sometime so hard
and lonely.

I am grateful I am not alone.
Liz Aug 2014
Down to the deep south
I trudge
down through the snow
with the pink,
pink clouds
scattering their
over spangled, darkened
farms and hay bales.
Across early orange
styles and frosted
footprints, into
fielded horizons.
sometimes my feet feel so heavy
I want to give up,
then someone walks from behind
and I realize I am not walking this path alone.
somehow, I feel a little bit lighter and filled with purpose
in my step, and I catch up to the next guy and help him
get up and walk the path together.
"Spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it."

— The End —