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Neville Johnson Mar 2017
We will always have this bond of love and pain
Though you can never really see into the heart of another
I shall always remain your loved one
Even though I am not the one
When I see your photograph, I weep
A cri de coeur of loneliness
Sentimental me
Remembering the scent of you and
The plans we made for vacations together
For having a secret wedding
You're off on your great adventure
I'm off-center, off by myself
Jacqueline Kennedy had a romance with Harold Ormsby Gore. His heirs just auctioned her letters to him. I was inspired to write this from his perspective after reading about them. She went on, of course, to marry Aristotle Onassis.
my heart is broken,
and yet it still beats.

my heart slowly mends,
and begins to heal.

I wake up and get out of bed
putting one foot in front of the other.

"This too shall pass," I repeat to myself.
somehow, I move forward and embrace life
Hong Denice Jan 2016
Why do you tell everyone that you like.
but you do not like
Why do you tell everyone that you love
But you do not love
And worse
Why do you say
that you do not love the person
But on the inside
you do
Sandy Ramirez Oct 2015
She looks at him with loving eyes he seems to never see,
He looks at someone else with the utmost passion, but she can never let him be.
Behind her is someone that can show her truth, can make her happy, make sure her smile shines,
But she never seems to notice him, she can never read between the lines.
It's sad how even he doesn't notice the girl waiting for him in the back,
It breaks my heart knowing they only see the world in white and black.
Open your eyes to all the possibilities,
Ignorance is never bliss.
Fight for what you want, or come here, listen to this:
Turn around and look at them.
This is someone you don't want to dismiss.
If you're too afraid of going after what you want, you don't deserve it.
Get up and try, or else you will never receive, if that person is so special stop obsessing and believe.
This endless cycle must come to an end,
This endless cycle, so crazy I can't comprehend
This endless cycle, something that pains me to have to write of,
This endless cycle, widely known as the case of wasted love.
Taylor Sanchez Apr 2015
Not even all the ***** in the world could numb the pain that your words caused. All the drugs that consumed me, still couldn't consume the essence of your skin that lingered on my clothing. Because the moment I looked at my hands and yours weren't there interlocked with mine, the memories came flooding back, shot after shot. The ***** burned my throat as it traveled down, but the pain was worth the attempt of forgetting you and the heartache you caused me, even if only for a moment.

Because I would do anything to not feel the pain, every second of every day. Until the day after comes, and I'm hungover in bed thinking about what way I'm going to drown the memory of you, when in fact

              There is no way.

There is no way to forget your lips traveling down my body. Maybe I like to be in that state of mind because in my perfect world you're mine and I'm yours. But every shot reminds me I'm not yours and that you don't care to be mine. "This one is for the day your lips met my neck." "This one is for the day you said you'd never leave." But where are you now?

Not even with all the ***** in the world, will I ever be "ok" again. I'm not me, I'm just the mess you've created. I'm sorry for the mess you made me.

Mike Jewett Feb 2015
The mosquito was ******* my blood
and I let her.

My heart was breaking
and I let her.
SøułSurvivør Jan 2015

sidewalks were a rainbow
butterflies were grey
the sun was filled with darkness
the moon lit up the day...

the seas were full of concrete
buildings made of salt
right was always welcome
wrong was still a fault...

birds flew away backwards
roots grew up like trees
leaves and flowers never wilted
frogs swirrled in the breeze...

the rich lived in the hedgerows
poor people in a manor
war was never thought of
the white flag was a banner...

but I've never seen
these things before
nor tasted salty wine
'til i drank on my own tears
and knew you were not mine...

when these strange occurrences
are there for all to see
then i will receive your love
and you'll come back to me.

(c) january 26, 2015

Thanks to Poetic T for the inspiration

bryanbeee Jan 2015
I gave her my heart
Yet she tore it apart
I wish I knew why

But before I could ask
She said
"Good bye."
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
We relive our pain so many times,
Like the pain of a cold knife sticking into our hearts,
We are separating once again,
There are no excuses to give,

Our yesterday was too long,
We can not remain together,
Our tomorrow is too far away,

This pain can not bring us back to happiness,
You carry my dreams with you,

No matter how we say goodbye,
We relive our pain,

Our tomorrow is too far away.

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
pencaricahaya Nov 2014
So it finally happened
I saw it coming long ago,
So I utterly snapped
And the fall came to a stop.

My glass heart broke
Into a thousand shards and pieces,
Not to be put together again
Not while its spark of light it misses.

And so I felt it:
The apprehension of my chest, the silent horror screams,
Everything going dark, and my transparent despair tears.

Nothing novel here of course
The common fate of things delicate,
Left unguarded and exposed
In this night so desolate.

And there is nothing left to burn
Nothing now inside remains,
Only ashes black and white
That for a while will not ignite,
And the void inside my chest
That ***** life and light and flesh.

None of this her fault is
All the blame is on me,
I plunged into love's abyss
Enchanted by its melody.

Perhaps that's what hurts the most
Having no one else to blame,
I can't escape my dreamy coast
And must endure alone the shame.

So my heart broke today
And I had no one there to hold,
So shall I wander astray
And for a while be alone.
Shame on me
Shame on the moon
Shame on the night
But never on you
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