Kelly Rose Mar 7
Laid Bare – Winning battles or losing wars?

The internal struggle
Between –
I am worth while
And utter despair

Wondering what is the point of …
Well, of me
Feeling life’s passion one day
Death’s embrace the next
Feeling the tether between
The two stretched
To the point of no return
Wondering where I’ll be when it snaps
In passion’s bed
Or death’s pit

Today, a gentle breeze
Caresses me
And life’s light shimmers before me

If only…
If only this inner struggle would end

Kelly Rose
© March 7, 2018

From the madness of my soul
Kelly Rose Mar 6
No! It’s my cup of poison
How can I live?
Without its bitter burn

Yes, yes – I know
The ambrosia of life
Is excellent too –

My poison beckons
Its pull so strong
I really do want that ambrosia

Darkness’ allure
So back off! It’s the bitter burn I crave

Kelly Rose
© March 6, 2018

Some days you can’t win for trying
When darkness prevails
Kelly Rose Mar 5
Moon’s light pierces the mist
Giving hope that shadow’s embrace
Can be escaped

Kelly Rose
© March 5, 2018
Kelly Rose Mar 1
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all
Wanting to please, I gladly take the fall
Shamed to the core, I feel deeply dirty
Seeking self-acceptance, I take love’s journey
I cling to the shadows, feeling most appalled
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all
Can I forgive and show myself mercy?
And not hit my head against the hard wall?
I long for the light, still I feel dirty
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all

Kelly Rose
© March 1, 2018
This was a challenge to take a quote from Shakespeare and write a poem either incorporating it within the poem or just writing what the quote inspires.  Please feel free to take the challenge
Kelly Rose Feb 28
I live for stolen moments
Catching glimpses of a life lived
Within the pages of…
A story, a fairytale, a myth?

Sadly, it’s easier to live
For those stolen moments
Than earned moments I create for myself

Kelly Rose
© February 28, 2018
Kelly Rose Feb 22
It is during the odd
Witching hour
In the quiet time, that I seek
My own norm
Never really belonging
Labels I have often worn
Comfortably? Well, who’s to say?
I cling to the shadows
Even while I seek the light
Neither here, nor there
I am in between
Struggling to accept
I will never blend
Abandoning the window
And looking in
I struggle to accept my own norm

Kelly Rose
© February 22, 2018
Kelly Rose Feb 9
Another sleepless night
I wander about trying
To “find myself”
Slowly the sun rises
Revealing the mists of time
And for a moment
Clarity strikes
And I know

Kelly Rose
© February 8, 2018
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