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Kelly Rose Apr 2018
The moon’s pale light caresses me
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow
Dreaming under the Willow tree
The moon’s pale light caresses me
Passion is ignited and set free
Dark lust leaves me feeling ******
I dream of him in naughty glee
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow

Kelly Rose
© April 8, 2018
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
I don’t need sugar or vinegar to
Entice you to drink my cup of poison
I am a savior, a black widow, who
Lures you to my dark web, disguised as the sun
I am a chameleon who changes
To satisfy every need, until you
Can’t live without me, no matter how strange
You’re my new toy.  I will give you no clue
To the pain I will inflict with pleasure
Not only will you love my deadly poison
You will crave its taste as if it’s treasure
Yes, your pain pleases me beyond reason
So, come and ******* darkness, it will be
Beyond imagination. You will see!

Kelly Rose
© March 23, 2018
14 lines.  This is not a sonnet.  I hope you enjoy the tale
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Heart heavy
The endless struggle
Thy Will ravaged
All control lost
While life slips away

Kelly Rose
© March 23, 2018
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Laid Bare – Winning battles or losing wars?

The internal struggle
Between –
I am worth while
And utter despair

Wondering what is the point of …
Well, of me
Feeling life’s passion one day
Death’s embrace the next
Feeling the tether between
The two stretched
To the point of no return
Wondering where I’ll be when it snaps
In passion’s bed
Or death’s pit

Today, a gentle breeze
Caresses me
And life’s light shimmers before me

If only…
If only this inner struggle would end

Kelly Rose
© March 7, 2018

From the madness of my soul
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
No! It’s my cup of poison
How can I live?
Without its bitter burn

Yes, yes – I know
The ambrosia of life
Is excellent too –

My poison beckons
Its pull so strong
I really do want that ambrosia

Darkness’ allure
So back off! It’s the bitter burn I crave

Kelly Rose
© March 6, 2018

Some days you can’t win for trying
When darkness prevails
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Moon’s light pierces the mist
Giving hope that shadow’s embrace
Can be escaped

Kelly Rose
© March 5, 2018
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