Kelly Rose Oct 14

Stripped bare
To the core
The echoes are silenced
And truth is revealed
In that moment
Truth’s light caressed me
Before retreating
Within echoes' shadow

Kelly Rose
© October 13, 2017

Kelly Rose Oct 12

Living dreams today
no longer are they deferred

Kelly Rose
(c) October 12, 2017

Just a little bit of play with Langston Hughes Dreams Deferred
Kelly Rose Sep 16

Poetry comes from the heart and soul
At times it is revealing
Laying bare inner most secrets
Others, it is concealing
Misleading the reader
To the truth of what is deep within
It is truth
It is deceit
A mystery
Or just plain spoken
Is whatever you want it to be
A song you hope captures the moment

Kelly Rose
© September 16, 2017

I read so many different and lovely poems about poetry yesterday that it inspired me ot write one as well.  Thank you for reading <3 I hope you enjoy
Kelly Rose Aug 12

Parents, be kind to your kids, I beg you
Harsh words spoken only scars the heart deep
Finding fault daily twists and taints one’s view
Lacking self-esteem, in silence they weep
Echoes rage within, words are useless now
Poison slowly spreads, seeping dark and deep
A tattoo beats out – you’re worthless, a vow
What the parent sows, the child now reaps
A lifelong struggle for self-love ensues
Medicine to cope with depression’s call
Sanity slips, leaving only the blues
She yearns for self-love, but ends up short; falls
Parents, be kind to your kids, I beg you
So life is light and hope is always renewed.

Kelly Rose
© August 12, 2017

14 lines
Kelly Rose Jul 28

Little dreams
Tiny wants
And simple pleasures
Often get me through
The dark days of life

Life’s journey is made
Up of so many steps
And I dance through the day
When life is drenched with

But, it is
That soothing cup of Earl Grey
That feeling of clean
Or the desire to learn something new
Those little pleasures, wants, and dreams
That restart my engine
When it stalls
And I’m caught in the pouring rain

It is those little things
That allow me to
See beyond “lost gods and howling dogs”
To brighter climes
With endless skies
Of hopes and dreams

Kelly Rose
© July 27, 2017
“lost gods and howling dogs” from Phil Roberts’ ‘In My Mind’

Kelly Rose Jul 14

Lavender perfumes the air
And chamomile clouds
Drift amid
The midnight sky
And sweet dreams
Grace her repose
So easy
It seems
To stay lost
In sweet dreams…
No matter how
Wondrous those
Dreams may be
It’s time to wake up
Sleeping Beauty
And make your
Dreams come true.

Kelly Rose
© November 12, 2016

Kelly Rose Jul 14

Self-pity has taken hold
And self-hatred eats at
The heart and soul

Kelly Rose
© July 14, 2017

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