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 Feb 2017 eunsung aka Silas
When we were young,
Before broken by age
We danced our grand pas de deux,
Upon life's stage
Our plie's were graceful
Many grand pas, we danced
And I, never knowing,
A solo I chanced
I thought I'd always,
Be your danseus
I'd hoped for no other ballerina,
You'd have a use
You did glissade
Into my heart
But I see I've danced solo,
From the start
Pas de waltz en tournant, alone
My dance now
Since your grand jete, from my side
This ballerina, will take her bow
And for the final time,
The curtain closes
But for this ballerina,
There are
No roses
There is nothing quite like the feeling
Of having security, in love,

You always know where you stand
Whenever push comes to shove.

An infinite ocean
With no shore in site,

A beacon of guiding light
On the darkest scary night.

A rainbow that magically appears
To brighten a mentally hard,
Exhausting, challenging day,

A radiant, glowing sunshine
To keep you warm - come what may.

An umbrella
To keep you dry
Whenever bad weather may arise,

An abundance of pure love
Reflected from the most trusted eyes.

A tender loving embrace
That speaks volumes
Saying "I'm here,
I completely understand,"

Knowing that you will always have
A strong hand to hold
Whenever you feel all alone,
Or if you ever feel like your sinking
In quicksand.

There is nothing quite like the feeling
Of having security, in love,

A blessing,
A precious gift
Sent from Our Merciful God,
Up above.

By Lady R.F ©2017
There is honey
in the cracks between
my fingers.
There is dirt all up in
my toes.
There are grass stains on
my knees.
There are mosquitoes on
my arms.
There are patches of red skin peeling off of
my back.
There is laughter in
my ears.
There are kisses on
my lips.
My lover and I are in
my garden.
There are bumblebees outside
my door.
There are friends here,
with me,
where home is made of love
and sweet sacred honey.
Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

Dedicated to my two friends, Cory and Heather. Love you both.
Sometimes people get trapped in the past;

most of us spend our time remembering

and reinventing memories

and distorting them

with our emotions and our convictions.

Sometimes people are trapped in the


like Nikola Tesla was;

"He was before his time," so they say.

The ideas and potential

not quite surrendered

to closed minds

and long established greed.

Ideas so "radical" that they often fail in


they often fail

to weasel their way in to the market


without making Corporate enemies

before they hit the ground running.

I found my home,

not my cage,

in the present.

My home is inspired by visions

of the past

and of the future;

past and future

failures and successes

and possibilities and potential.

I refuse to be one or the other,

after or before

my time.

If anything,

I will be right on time,

although some of my ideas

span into the territory of


or outdated.

Those ideas inspire me

to challenge myself,

to find new ways - practical ways -

to use those ideas.

I am inspired.

I am creative.

I am manifesting my wildest

most aspirational dreams,

here and now

and forevermore.
Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
The ******* squares were my
Lion king glass...
Why do they make cartoons for the children ?!

مربع های سیاه بزرگ رنگ
...لیوان شیرشاه من بود
چرا برای بچه ها کارتون می سازند !؟
Lion king 1 was my favorite cartoon,,, :)
plodding down the slow hillside
chestnut roots have made the path perilous

I've walked along the high trail
over the bridgeless creeks of Middlesex

from the manmade ravine, and the spring
where my mother drove us

to fill up our water jugs
till the car trunk hung heavy

this hill has only one side
and the grass is always green


from around the low end
where the hill and lake diverge

sun in his face, I see Du Fu
climbing this track again

says he's looking for warm weather
bamboo forests all year round

I mention Chengdu, and he grins
if I should find Li Bai

might I say "Du Fu asked for you"
and sample his elixir
 Dec 2016 eunsung aka Silas
The sun awaits
just beyond the horizon.
Time gets scarcer
as it bathes us
in its glow.
And our bodies can only
afford to
crumble to dust.

All that we know,
what we knew,
will only be cast...
Within the tight confines
of expiring memory.

We must pave a way
to a secret place.
A route to safety...
One that we could share.
Somewhere only we know.

I'll go to this place
where no one can.
I'll wait and anticipate
your arrival at this place...
A place only we know.
Inspired by Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know"
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