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Sep 2020 · 137
buzzing bees
Megan Joseph Sep 2020
i am a small bumble bee
flying through the sky,
springing about
and basking in the sun,
the flowers are my safe space
and i become drunk on pollen,
this fast paced world slows
and comes to a stop,
in my frivolity
i have forgotten that i am alone
but there are more flowers that surround me.
sometimes i feel alone but im starting to realize that there are many people around me. i have taken more steps toward enjoying my youth and i am close to contentment
Aug 2020 · 124
days of old
Megan Joseph Aug 2020
i am like a grand waterfall,
a never ending stream
filled with life,
yet i am an old tree in the dark,
lifeless and bears no fruit,
why waste away
why be mute
when i can sing and dance forever?
i have realized that i am incredibly young; ive never been in love and there are so many things i havent experienced. i hope to live my youth to the fullest
Jul 2020 · 206
nature's beauty
Megan Joseph Jul 2020
the blue sky covers the world
bespeckled with white clouds,
it meets the water and transforms,
far and near it travels
calmly but surely
shallow yet deep,
soon the sky becomes
and orange
and yellow
and many other hues,
the water reflects the sky
as its companion,
as the sky turns black
and fills with stars
the water does as well
in a harmonious slumber.
I havent been able to find the inspiration to write recently but i decided to write about my observations while at a lake a while ago
Jun 2020 · 155
Megan Joseph Jun 2020
i want to remember

i fall back
and time holds me,
i see the beginning of the world,
the earth anew,
all peoples collide
and are one,
i am you
and you are me,
we are the same
yet so unique.

but i am awaken to
i wrote this because of what is happening right now in america and the blm movement
May 2020 · 185
Megan Joseph May 2020
my eyes close
and i fall,
it's dark,
there's no floor
or ceiling,
no alpha
nor omega
like God,
but i wake up
and forget.
today has been a bad day for me
May 2020 · 97
Megan Joseph May 2020
i fly
straight up,
past the clouds and the earth,
i zoom to the stars,
we dance and play
the earth is but a tiny
that is forgotten from my
why should i go back?
sometimes i want to be an astronaut but other times i want to be a prof in astrophysics
May 2020 · 189
Megan Joseph May 2020
one becomes two
then two becomes three,
that's how we came to be.

in good and in bad
we were together,
like the three musketeers.

now that we must part
only three words can be said:
i love you.
this is a poem about myself and my two best friends. we'll be separated when we go to college this fall so i wanted to share the love i have for them
Apr 2020 · 117
Megan Joseph Apr 2020
i fall back
off the cliff,
time slows as i fall,
the air feels cool,
against my skin,
the gray sky watches me
and i watch back,
i close my eyes
before i hit the water
and smile.

i wanted to feel alive.
i finally found inspiration to write during a revelation i had; i decided to try to live in the moment more
Mar 2020 · 126
unrealized dream
Megan Joseph Mar 2020
it crumbled
like a soft cookie,
and i fell.
like a lamb led to the
i go to my slaughter.

if they are happy,
why should i?
got rejected from my dream school today
Mar 2020 · 1.6k
Megan Joseph Mar 2020
everything is empty,
one misstep
and you're dead

isolation and
fills the room,
it's cold a dark,
deathly stares
are all that i receive,
the world has become
the weak are
left for dead,
the strong
but the fearful
are the most cruel.
everything is so busy now; college admissions, the coronavirus, everything. sorry for the lack of content
Feb 2020 · 97
the bright yet lonely sun
Megan Joseph Feb 2020
the clear, blue sky fills my vision,
the sea covers my right
and left,
peace engulfs me,
i reach up to touch
the vast sky,
i fly
high into the air,
i aim for the sun
but it is out of reach,
one day i will hug it
and comfort it,
like it did to me.
i hope to become a kinder person in the future
Feb 2020 · 76
Megan Joseph Feb 2020
it becomes me.
i am it.
we blend in harmony,
you and me.

a bird with clipped wings
am i;
no desire to fly,
nor the strength.
i become nothing.
who am i,
now that i am alone?
my mouth opens,
but i no longer have any breath.
it was hard to come up with a title for this
Feb 2020 · 79
Megan Joseph Feb 2020
the room is filled.
everyone is there,

i awaken,
it's only you
that i see.
my internalized fear of betrayal inspired this
Jan 2020 · 99
natural selection
Megan Joseph Jan 2020
like an animal caught
by it's prey
am i.
and beaten,
without question.
how can i live
in a world
where i do not
just contemplating my life
Jan 2020 · 77
human and divine
Megan Joseph Jan 2020
i hate humans,
i said to Him.
He pondered
and became
He loved them,
as His own,
but they are
full of
Jan 2020 · 95
false reality
Megan Joseph Jan 2020
i see the bright light
through my closed eyes.
the warmth of
fills me.

when i open my eyes,
you are here,
in front of me,
and i am alone
in darkness.
i feel i always think of lines of poetry in inappropriate moments
Dec 2019 · 208
saving grace
Megan Joseph Dec 2019
the bright lights
dance in the rain.
a dark figure
is in the shadows.
it's large body
dances with the
im scared,
but it cant hurt
behind these bars.
Dec 2019 · 251
Megan Joseph Dec 2019
are you

i wish i
could have
loved someone
i am on my
solemn deathbed
surrounded by
white light.
i have spent
my life
every second
in solitude
and in
bitter loneliness.

no, i am not
This is one of the few poems where i am not the speaker
Dec 2019 · 430
peaceful solitude
Megan Joseph Dec 2019
i sit in profound silence
in my own presence.
no one is here,
but there are many
beside me.
i am alone.
even the stars
have their own
planets as
i, among billions,
am left alone,
but i am not
Nov 2019 · 239
first love
Megan Joseph Nov 2019
i once loved you,
for you comforted me
like a mother does
for a child,
but i learned to love
someone else
and we left each other

i met you again tonight.
i still love you,
we are not
the perfect match,
star crossed lovers,
or sweethearts

i may see you
for the last time
but i will still love you
and will never stop
loving you,
because you
were my first love.
this is actually about my love for music not a person :)
Nov 2019 · 436
les fleurs dans le ciel
Megan Joseph Nov 2019
le vent souffle
mes cheveux et
le soleil brille.
je vois les fluers,
ils ont beaucoup
des couleurs,
leur parfum
remplit l'air,
je suis assis
sur les fleurs
et regarde
le ciel lumineux.
c'est noire
mais les fleurs
sont là toujours.
je disparais
avec la nuit
et regarde les
belles fleurs
du ciel.
ive been meaning to write a full poem in french and i finally got around to it! sorry if i made any mistakes im still learning :)
Nov 2019 · 786
gravitational attraction
Megan Joseph Nov 2019
you are my
and I your
day and night,
yet the same
celestial glow
emanates within us.
our dance lights
the sky
both day and night,
and though we
are not always
we meet in harmony
at the
Oct 2019 · 286
la lune si belle
Megan Joseph Oct 2019
the moon,
so bright and full,
fills the blue black sky.
it is all one can see,
not the stars
in their glory.
she casts her light
and love
onto the world,
we relish it
and discard her.
her loving face
radiates on us,
Oct 2019 · 166
Megan Joseph Oct 2019
i bask in the
i feel the warm
earth between
my fingers,
my eyes close
and I drift into
a light slumber.
when i awake
it is dawn,
a new day begins,
why are my hands
so old and wrinkled?
I havent been able to write because of school and hello poetry hasn't been working :(
Sep 2019 · 182
my false world
Megan Joseph Sep 2019
my world fell apart
because you were my world,
but you became my

i miss you
and how things
used to be,
but you chose others
over me
when i was
the only one
you ever had.

my world became my hell,
full of
wailing and
of teeth.
Sep 2019 · 1.5k
Megan Joseph Sep 2019
love is a drug;
once you have a taste
you can't get enough.
maybe that's why I am afraid,
afraid to take a sip,
a bite,
a whiff,
of love.
i might overdose.
Sep 2019 · 400
waiting by the sea
Megan Joseph Sep 2019
i wait patiently
for you
by the sea.
i look out
onto the vast
blue crystals
wondering where you are
and when you'll come
to see me
and sweep me up
off my feet.
the wind blows my hair
i hum quietly to myself,
and i wish that you
would hurry
and fill me
with your warm embrace.
i stand alone
by the sea,
patiently waiting
for you,
my love.
Aug 2019 · 149
la nuit froide
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
it's empty inside of me,
as if a void was birthed
in me
and it started to eat me
from inside.
it is dark
and i am alone.
i soon turn numb
as the freezing darkness
takes over me.
i drift away into
this place,
my heart sinks
as it is taken
by the void
within me.

i miss the old days
when there was light,
but now there is
only night
and it is so cold.
i wish someone would
hold me
so that i could forget
the darkness
and be warm
a longer poem today!
Aug 2019 · 266
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
i am like a box of dark chocolates:
filled with disappointment
a short poem for today!
Aug 2019 · 443
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
my stomach churns
because it is filled
with millions of
i see him there,
smiling and laughing.
a radiant glow
surrounds him
and i can't see
anyone else.
it makes my heart full,
i love to see him happy,
i want to put that
sweet and
beautiful and
warm smile
on his pretty face,
i can't help but
smile with happiness
when i think of him.
one day he will be mine
and i his,
then we can
laugh and smile
for all
in honor of my birthday i decided to post a more youthful and light hearted poem.
Aug 2019 · 1.1k
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
i look up
and see a world
far greater than
the one i'm in,
billions of bright lights,
that call to me
and say that i'm not alone,
i rise up to them
as if gravity ceased to exist,
and i dance with them
and give glory to their creator,
this world is mine
though i am not of it,
these clusters of stars
and galaxies
bring me more joy
than the hell that
the world i belong to brings,
the celestial beings embrace me
and allow me to finally see
the beauty that's around me,
even if it's far away.
part two of my latest poem. enjoy!
Aug 2019 · 286
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
i look down
at the broken earth,
the world filled with sorrow
and grief,
hatred and anger;
the world that i hate.
i am so small
in a world like this,
so insignificant
compared to the billions,
my neck hurts
but all i can do it look down,
for it is better to look
upon this beaten earth,
than to stare straight into
the face of hell.
this is another two part poem! i'll post the next part later this week or next week. hope you enjoy!
Aug 2019 · 402
the moon's solitude
Megan Joseph Aug 2019
my eyes open,
the dark night fills my vision,
the moon stares at me
with a smirk on her face
to see if i will make
any form of movement.
i do not.

dead flowers surround me,
they smell of rotten flesh,
but it calms me
and allows me
to forget the
in my beating heart.

the moon laughs at me
because i am alone
in these wilted flowers,
but i enjoy being alone
and i am always alone
and will be alone
just like the moon
i tried uploading on my phone and it was not working which is why i havent posted! sorry to keep everyone waiting!! this is a longer poem but i really like it :)
Jul 2019 · 365
l'océan noire
Megan Joseph Jul 2019
it envelopes me
like the ocean,
i sink slowly,
it's dark
and becomes darker
until everything is black,
my face is wet,
it tastes like this ocean,
my eyes close
as the darkness grabs me
and clings to me
and whispers to me,
i am nothing
and i am sorry,
it drags me deeper
until i am no more,
it's dark,
but this ocean feels so warm
around me
This is part 2 of my latest poem hope you all enjoy!!
Jul 2019 · 320
i'm sorry
Megan Joseph Jul 2019
i fall,
i see the sky
that i longed for,
so dark,
but filled with light,
it drifts from me
as if to avoid me,
my tears
fall up
and leave me,
my limbs, too,
i become nothing
it hurts,
my chest hurts,
i cant breathe,
something flys away
and I am empty,
i'm sorry
This is the first of an unintentional two part poem and I'll release the next part sometime next week or so!
Jul 2019 · 1.2k
Me, myself, and I
Megan Joseph Jul 2019
Me, myself, and I

Life is like the sun
It goes up and down and around
Good days
and bad days
I trust myself and know my place
Outside of society
as it is a danger to all
I must think for myself
and not conform as they do
The world’s opinion is not my own
And thus need not be acknowledged
Like Galileo and Newton
I am misunderstood
but I know who I am
Fortune is my friend
and is with me
but I am all I need
This is a section of a poem I made last year for my IOP and it's based on a transcendentalist essay! Hope you enjoy!
Jul 2019 · 256
Megan Joseph Jul 2019
they fly by
the days,
i look down,
my hands are
wasted away
like the colorful leaves
that surround me,
the sun begins to set
like my time here,
i sink into the earth
the elements become me,
nothing lies
before me,
nor behind me,
it all disappears,
i become what I am:

— The End —