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Vindex Jul 2020
It had drizzled before
But this time, it was darker even more
Barely any light
This time it looks like it is going to pour
Nothing good in sight
Everything feels like a chore

This sun is away
It is getting darker every day
And the rain is getting harder

This feels like the center of the storm
Everything now feels warm
I now feel happier than ever
No feeling, whatever

Uh oh, the clouds are back
I stepped on a tack
Have an arch in my back
Got punched in the sack
Felt a smack
I need to attack
My life’s a wreck
Oh my neck

I have to think, got to focus
Or my life will go unnoticed
The rain is pounding even harder
My life is off kilter

O now I see the light
I am such a delight
It is getting better
I am now less wetter

Oh now the storm is back
I stepped on a tack
Have an arch in my back
Have I said this before
Oh, I’m a bore
Oh no, I’m not sad
I promise, I’m not sad
Look I’m smiling
I’m not crying

It’s just that the rain is piling
The clouds are compiling
Nothing is exciting
I’m simply surviving
No, I’m not lying
Wow was that lightning

The storm struck him
Now, it’s not so grim
Yes he died, he got fried
But please try to stay alive
Give your friends a yelp or a whelp
If you are struggling, go seek help
The discussions and recitations of my poems are on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
Vindex Jul 2020
Act fast
Leave now
You’re not the last
For the river is coming to plow

There’s a path
Yes right there
Cross now or feel the wrath
Unless you dare to face the river

It is not too late
Please, do not let me wait
For there’s a river beside you
Which you cannot swim through

You’re ankle deep in water
Not enough yet to falter
Please just take my hand
Or you won’t be able to stand

This sandy road
Is about to wash away
The river has not slowed
There is no time to delay

Look right behind
There’s a crowd of raging fire
It is half of mankind
To get across, they aspire

Don’t let them burn you
For they can turn you
Don’t get caught in their flame
Cause it will be you everyone will blame

The water is now up to your waist
So you have little time left
Just increase your great haste
To which you can attest

I see you slipping
You’re chin, it is dipping
The fire is on your hair
There will be blood everywhere

I can’t go in
I can not save you
The flood takes those with sin
I thought you knew
Don’t let the river take you
Vindex Jul 2020
The tide rises up the sand
And it falls back
It seems as if it's unmanned

The tide is inching up now
Then slides away
It climbs up the sand somehow
Never at stay

You see just the constant motion
Never at a rest
The clock of the open ocean
The pull then the crest

It looks the same, yet different
The push the the pull
The flat line of the gradient
A part of the whole

Years later, the water's now higher
Near the steps of your house
Yet you think the sand must be drier
Nothing is under dowse

You a small wall up infront the place
So the tide never hits
Right now, everything's at little haste
Danger, it's at a quits

Later you notice the house is flooding
The tide rolls up and down there
Because the wall could stop only nothing
The house is just sea and air

You think it is smart to move up the hill
"Though the tide climbs, it will fall"
"The tide will not stay up, but the house will"
"When it rises, it will crawl"

Later you here the spinning of the cycle
The water is always around
Now you know it ill never be idle
It goes up, but does it come down?

You think it can be fixed, something you can do
But two homes are there down under
So you blame society, partially true
But it was also your blunder

Finally, at last, you say you can fix it all
But you took too long, it is too late
Because the ocean is rising with little fall
That’s why you hate the one who is late

Because only the mountain is left standing dry
All life is certainly out of whack
You must recede to the only place that is high
The tide rises up the sand and doesn't fall back
Discussions and recitations of my poems are on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
Megan Joseph Jul 2019
Me, myself, and I

Life is like the sun
It goes up and down and around
Good days
and bad days
I trust myself and know my place
Outside of society
as it is a danger to all
I must think for myself
and not conform as they do
The world’s opinion is not my own
And thus need not be acknowledged
Like Galileo and Newton
I am misunderstood
but I know who I am
Fortune is my friend
and is with me
but I am all I need
This is a section of a poem I made last year for my IOP and it's based on a transcendentalist essay! Hope you enjoy!
Alexandra Dec 2018
I want to love all life on Earth fully and uncontrollably,

Without conditions or constraint, without aiming to sate the ego.

I will learn to give my body to the soil, to feed the flowers, the trees,

The creatures that slither and sneak and swim at all depths.

These bones, these joints and muscles, this flesh, these,

Which have sweat and stretched and soaked in warm love,

Now ache to return to the earth.
KateKarl Mar 2018
Caterpillars on my bones
Sealed in my skin
Cocoons growing on my ribs
Where heartbeats should have been

Unraveled silk slides down my lung
Look! The moths are free
They dive, wings lost in foamy waves
They settle in the deep

A hole the size of galaxies
Fragments left in me
Mothlings on the ocean floor
Tangled bathymetry

Quiet, strands of sinning
Cling to me, long and thin
But better pieces of myself
Escaped as earth's new skin

I'm buried deep within it
I feel worms on my bones
Cocoon pieces become dust
But my heart: a smooth sea-stone
All criticism is welcome! I'm definitely looking to improve.
Helen Raymond Mar 2018
Soul, trascendental tether to infinity
Voice of instincts & individuality
Ever will I endeaver to reflect this inner self in my personality
Allow this abstract apparition to cast its ambitions through my identity
We all begin with the same block of stone, family carving away deliberately, often in fits of spontaneity
Every person we touch takes a piece away and impacts our reality.
Now we're old enough to carve our souls into actuality
Its been within me since my infancy still I struggle to perpetuate its conceptuality
On occasions when I can summon its voice to my lips its gone just as quickly & I mourn for the brevity
All I'm left with in my renderings is a fragile, frugal effigy -how could a mortal hope to attain the likeness of divinity?
Tyler Matthew Sep 2017
I am the dog, collared and chained,
deemed useless and left alone.
I am the nail in the wall left unhammered, jutting to snag at your sleeve.
I am the hole in your line through which all of your energy will be filtered or lost.
I am heavy with meaning and weightless with meaning and grounded in someone else's reality.
I am that reality, while my own remains silent and hidden and threatening.
I am a threat to some, no one to someone, and everything to one.
I am the card in play, always, even
when you leave the table and
I will be there when you get back.
Also, I am the deck and few cards are missing.
I am the mirror in which you might one day see yourself and startle your eyes into misrecognition.
I am the cup that overfloweth,
and the child guilty for wanting.
I am the season which seems like it will never let up.
I am the sun casting rays of golden relief on the faces of many lonely strangers.
I am the forgotten sun, just as well.
I am the ruin of those who came here before me and the stain they left on the white fabric of time.
I am the fabric, loose and changing
in the winds of perpetuity.
I am a glass sphere in the midst of a landscape, puzzling and divine and uncanny alike.
I am a door left unopened.
I am a line with no end and a point with no beginning and I will let it be known that I am here seeking all.
Violet Rose Oct 2016
I see everything; I am blind.
I know all; I know nothing.
I feel all; I feel nothing.
I am all; I am nothing.
Sept. 30th, 2016
Mic Apr 2016
Whatever fear troubles you
only imagine
it has happened
You will have nothing left
but your Godhood
You will be hurled back
to the center
of the circle
And most of all
you will remember
your priorities
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