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Megan Joseph Sep 2020
i am a small bumble bee
flying through the sky,
springing about
and basking in the sun,
the flowers are my safe space
and i become drunk on pollen,
this fast paced world slows
and comes to a stop,
in my frivolity
i have forgotten that i am alone
but there are more flowers that surround me.
sometimes i feel alone but im starting to realize that there are many people around me. i have taken more steps toward enjoying my youth and i am close to contentment
Megan Joseph Aug 2020
i am like a grand waterfall,
a never ending stream
filled with life,
yet i am an old tree in the dark,
lifeless and bears no fruit,
why waste away
why be mute
when i can sing and dance forever?
i have realized that i am incredibly young; ive never been in love and there are so many things i havent experienced. i hope to live my youth to the fullest
Megan Joseph Jul 2020
the blue sky covers the world
bespeckled with white clouds,
it meets the water and transforms,
far and near it travels
calmly but surely
shallow yet deep,
soon the sky becomes
and orange
and yellow
and many other hues,
the water reflects the sky
as its companion,
as the sky turns black
and fills with stars
the water does as well
in a harmonious slumber.
I havent been able to find the inspiration to write recently but i decided to write about my observations while at a lake a while ago
Megan Joseph Jun 2020
i want to remember

i fall back
and time holds me,
i see the beginning of the world,
the earth anew,
all peoples collide
and are one,
i am you
and you are me,
we are the same
yet so unique.

but i am awaken to
i wrote this because of what is happening right now in america and the blm movement
Megan Joseph May 2020
my eyes close
and i fall,
it's dark,
there's no floor
or ceiling,
no alpha
nor omega
like God,
but i wake up
and forget.
today has been a bad day for me
Megan Joseph May 2020
i fly
straight up,
past the clouds and the earth,
i zoom to the stars,
we dance and play
the earth is but a tiny
that is forgotten from my
why should i go back?
sometimes i want to be an astronaut but other times i want to be a prof in astrophysics
Megan Joseph May 2020
one becomes two
then two becomes three,
that's how we came to be.

in good and in bad
we were together,
like the three musketeers.

now that we must part
only three words can be said:
i love you.
this is a poem about myself and my two best friends. we'll be separated when we go to college this fall so i wanted to share the love i have for them
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