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Mar 11 · 298
*My sister's shoes*
I used to like
wearing her shoes
It gave me a
sense of grown up
Never realised
Her shoes walked
through the unknown
untrodden roads
Which i could never
ever imagine to go!

But now is my turn
To get into my shoes
To not compare
and try to wear her shoes
But to find my path
To be on my own

How i wonder,
how did she walk
through the dark
Not complaining
But to focus on her duties
I understand now
Emotions turns aside
When it comes to duties
Be who you want to be
You let me live through
Helping me all along
Now is my turn
You live your life
Fulfill the dreams of your own
And i will stand by you
Somewhere from far off.
Never realised the mountains of responsibilities my sister is carry on her shoulders from year on year. Now that she is moving to some other country.
I hope I can take the responsibility and do my best!
Mar 8 · 164
Woman of a kind
A girl turned woman
Who always ought to be
Immersed in strength
In a box full of dreams
Striving to be someone
Who would make
everyone believe
That yes, you are free
To fulfill your dreams
To show yourself
And to the world
That yes,
You are one of a kind!

Don't ever give up
Always get back up!
As those tiny girls
With shining eyes
Will see you
as their strength
Believing in you
and themselves
That yes,
If she could
So will I!* - debby2022
Happy women's day to all the strong gritted woman, who strives everyday to turn their dreams into reality! Who faces all the adversities and smiles at them, turning those into experiences of opportunities.
Feb 2 · 215
How to find myself?
I lost myself
Few years back.
Who am I now?
I can't identify?

I am a person
Who fears all the time
Who doesn't make art
Who doesn't write
Who hardly discovers new places
Or enjoys going out all alone.

Who am I?
Who have I become?
I was not this
Few years back?
I never liked being at one place
Liked going out every other day
With shine in my eyes
To explore and talk to new people.

Who have I become?
Completely quite
And dimmed!

Has this tough times
Changed me?
Is it only me?
Or has it changed everyone?
I can't feel me?
Who am I?
I can't relate to myself

How to find me?
Maybe I should start looking
For me...
I lost myself, or time has changed me. I don't know how to find me. These tough times have changed me. Today started writing again after
Feb 1 · 385
Change in two years
"A year or two
Went by
Deep down
With silence
Longer than ever
No words to write
or to express
And there I was
standing all alone
Not knowing whether
to end or to start anew!

Was that even me
Who used to write
Or this is me
Who kept quite?

Who am I?
Did corona
actually change
all of us
or its just me
Who changed
more than ever?
How are you all? This corona years have been difficult for all of us. I have changed upside down. Not sure how it's has changed you all. But trusting all of you are fine. Take care ❤️
Jan 2021 · 417
Healing Void
Debanjana Saha Jan 2021
That void never really goes away!

They say it all heals
with the flow of time
but we keep running about in circles
to heal and fill up our voids.

What's the story of your void
which caused your emptiness?
No matter how much you bribe it
with all the worldly things,
It stills remains that hollow
from the inside!

We keep seeking for ourselves
in our true forms
trying to fill our voids
which made us hollow
only to find no way out!

And that void just grows
with all the time you had in life.

Hoping someday we heal
reciprocating what we may need!

May we heal,
heal from that void
which drains all our energies
piercing and tearing us apart
from within!

May we heal!

Just venting the void
soothes us sometimes
as there is no alternate solution to heal
except to keep wishing to reciprocate and heal
from that void from within!
Debanjana Saha Dec 2020
Hi All,
Seeking for a friend, Pagan
With whom i have known
From this hellopoetry!

Its been long months
Since I could hear about you.
Does anybody knows
How you have been?

Long gone are those
Insights of your poetry
and thoughts about life!
Where have you been?

I know the coronavirus
has taken our lives at stakes
Hope is the only factor
I am still relying on
When everything at the moment
No longer serves security.

I hope you all are doing well.
Its been months since i spoke to any of you
Its so disturbing to even live this life in this uncertain times. Hope all of you are doing fine.
Take care.
Mar 2020 · 557
Romance in corona times
Debanjana Saha Mar 2020
Let the corona go away
And I shall meet you back and forth
With more of temptation to be explored!

May the corona go away
And I shall kiss and **** you
With all the bite marks to go along

Let the corona go away
And I might get inside you!
With no where to be out!
With all the corona virus and countries shut down, let me inside homes and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Everything can wait till the situation goes back to normal. Let be patient and stay safe.
Aug 2019 · 270
No more Art!
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
Why to express
For whom should I
create it for?

I liked creating cute forms of art.
No, not anymore!
It's has always been a mirage
My life might turn cute,
If I visualize it that way!

But anyways,
I didn't understand
untill now that

"A mirage is never real!"

Why to even make art?
Whom to express to?
And for whom?
It doesn't even
Tell me someone, why to even make art that my existence doesn't even count!
Aug 2019 · 221
"A walking bond"
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
A walk which
made us 'Friends'
Hope keep walking
Throughout the
seasons of our life!
Some unspoken words..
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
With each one of you
In my life,
our time
might never be enough!

But what counts more
is the beauty
of our crafted bond,

With all
the differences
yet we keep

all over again!

Yet bearing all kinds
of storms
and the
seasonal changes,

We never cease
to love and care
for each other!

And that's what makes
it special always, always!

Love you all
For all the
beautiful thrills!

- Debby :)
With all my heart
Wishing a very Happy Friendship's Day!
Debanjana Saha Jul 2019
Turned 29 yesterday,
Celebrating on my own
For the very first time
I made arrangements
for myself
With balloons, songs
and a yummy cake!
And with all these,
I realized,
I can love myself too!

Despite the
love-hate relationship
with my own self,
I owe my body and soul!
They have been through a lot
From the self harm
in every possible way
To the
low phases
and pitfalls.
And I feel grateful
that I am still alive

With so much more of wisdom
Through the journey of life
Every changing as a whole
From happiness,
joyfulness, escasty,
And love -
To the
trauma's, loss,
heartbreaks, failures
Loneliness and depression!

I am now learning
to be on my own
From distraction and noises
all around
To shifting focus to oneself!

And with all of these,
Now Murphy's law
makes much more sense!

And now
With a the shifts of focus
I know that somehow
I can contribute
to this vast world too!
The support which I keep getting from God and all around immense and I am equally grateful for this life no matter how much it hurts!
Apr 2019 · 257
You & I
Debanjana Saha Apr 2019
For me,
you and I
Are perfectly Fit
for this time
But the
fear accommodates
In my mind. .

What will it
turn out to be
with time?
A question
which haunts me often,
mostly at night.

You might say
not to think so much,
but I wish you
could understand
You are not a mere person
to hangout with.

You are more than that!
A friend, a companion
with whom I fell in love.
An asset for me
which remains

Love you to the core.
There are times when people step into our love, and be there in we every moment until the time permits us. Later, in life, all over again we might not be this much close enough like now.

Cherishing the moments now
As with time
There is nothing
which escapes change.
Apr 2019 · 414
Facets of Life
Debanjana Saha Apr 2019
Find your circle
Fill the blank spaces
And the emptiness
Residing from within.

A circle of relationships
rooting out to grow
Which I lack indeed.

The sense of belongingness
Lacking to it's brim
with the empty spaces,
With nothing to be hidden
Nothing to be afraid of
Nor accepting
what's happening!

Carefully haunting you
every second of your life.
Only trying to understand
Whatever is true.

The facets keeps on fluctuating
Only You can fill up your core
From your entirety
consisting of the universe
And let it outshine to its core.

Create your circle
In which You and
Tiny imaginative creatures
Will accompany you
to find your hope of joy!
After a long time I have written a poetry, for few months I was realizing, no matter for how long I keep escaping from life, I have no option of hiding out, but to face it through. This poetry inspiring the self realization of my life.
Nov 2018 · 280
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Life goes on
With or without

Guilt­ trips
Loss of a closed one to death
Losing close friends to distance
Nostalgic road trips

Will all of stories
In bits and pieces
Ever have the closures?

I doubt!
Just a thought out of the blue which I wanted to write it out! Recently have been okay or at least understood that life anyhow moves on no matter how hard it might be. So been thinking about closures lately which takes years, still nowhere close to closure. But that's okay, I am okay with unresolved closures!
Nov 2018 · 299
Happy Children's Day
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
"Happy Children's Day"
Let the child in you
Breath in
And breath out
Let it live the life
Of it dream
It may go haywire
But who care
It it Outshine
You and the child
From within you!
Children's day is the best day to celebrate our inner child :)
Nov 2018 · 198
Creating new memories
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
And let me erase
All the beautiful memories
Painted by you for a while
And you might not even know
How much it hurts
With all the colors
Which I could
Ever bring to my life
With a change in life
Let me be a little more tough
And start mixing more colors
Creating the new ones
New life
New attire
New lanes
New dreams
New bridges
New memories
With changes in life
Let nothing hinder
From living your life
In new ways to contribute
To your living for others!
Nov 2018 · 844
Blink! Blink!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Blink! Blink!
And suddenly
Everything changes
You, me, I, him, her,
Everything does change!

Love, hate
and every other feeling
Loses it's way

Let not anything
Tamper your soul
YOLO is what
You need to
remind your soul!

Let's get lost from within
And worry too less
What others might think!
An inward journey is soothing
One might take years to reach
But the journey is worth taking!
Nov 2018 · 465
Gardens By The Bay
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
A walk through the
Gardens by the Bay
And the super tree Grove skyway
All by my own
I felt it was enough for me
To take it all by my own
Such beauty and escasty
To find the love in nature
Is what life had given me
A gift of a new place
A garden which is never
Enough to visit one more time
The winds kissing me all across
Keeping no barrier in a foreign land!

A place which still
makes me happy
when I visualize back and forth.
The cool breezes and the greenary with the hint of flowers
Unique in it's own way
No comparison
Yet beautiful love
All throughout :)
Recently visited Gardens by the Bay in Singapore made me understand the power of nature all over again!
Nov 2018 · 227
One - sided love
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
All my poetry
Spoke about you
Our friendship
And blooming of love
Which I once thought was true
But one sided love
Was all I could figure out
To be true
Now no more Poetry
No more laughter
No more cracking of jokes
No more eating out
No more night out

Let's me come back to my soul
And love myself on my own!
Love failure, a part of my life
But self- love is what I am still learning
To again be how I was. More cheerful and independent all by my own.
Oct 2018 · 360
Seek for God
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
When things go haywire
Get in touch with none
Except your God
You will feel awaken
And not a loner anymore.

Be where you are
Treat yourself just right
Love yourself
Even though things aren't right.

I promise
One day it will!
God can be your only hope to survive and get through :)
Oct 2018 · 311
Goodbye in silence
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
I always waited
Waited until it felt
All dead.
It's all cold,
Still I waited.
Thought there
might be signs of
Our love being alive
All over again
But it faded
on it's own
Without any sign
And honestly
I never want to
say goodbye!
I wonder without a word
We just shattered apart
Were we not meant to be?
Is this all destined?
When tsunami occurs
Earthquakes takes it charge
Cyclones evolves
And destroys all forms
Was all this shattering
part of life?

Losing everything bit of you
Every possessions
All the loved ones across
And what are we left
with after all?

Questions of destruction within lives due to natural disasters or within families or friends or loved ones. Every disaster is always heartbreaking. Questioning the purpose of life! What is it about?
How come it destroys everything and expects us to be all okay?
Oct 2018 · 297
Cracked from within
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
I was sleeping
In the warmth of you
But something cracked soon
It was me who woke up
To find you were
nowhere around
in the cold morning!
Only me holding up
my shattered pieces
all my own!
Heartbreaks are never easy but it definitely teaches you how to fix yourself and be there for your own!
Oct 2018 · 285
Dance in chaos!
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
Every other time
There will be chaos
In our lives!

We fight it
We resist it
And let it drown
Or burn it out
We try to do some much
To raise walls on it
Escape it or forget it
But it tends to come
back again
And again!

And a day comes
When there is no more escape
But to dance
To the steps of chaos
And figure out
It is not too bad at all.
You might suffer a bit
But later you will figure out
How to find
the beauty in chaos :)
For weeks I lived in chaos
Completely heart broken and shattered
Not able to eat, sleep or do anything at all
For years I have tried to avoid pain
But now started to accept the pain
And Dance in chaos
It is so reliving. You don't have to do anything, rather just be!
Oct 2018 · 463
We escaped in love
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
We escaped in each other
Day in and day out
For weeks, months and year
Laughter full of suprises
Cracking of jokes
Never ending night walks
And long drives accompanying
The moonlight beans
We escaped in each other
So as to forget our past
To forget all the guilt
To forget all the baggage
Which we carry otherwise!

One fine day reality struck
And we fell off
Nowhere to escape
No commitments at all
No where to escape
No more returning back
No more crossing each other's path

No more
We cooled off
Now completely off!
No more laughter
No more jokes
No more walks
Only lonely paths
To explore within ourselves
And not each other!
An unspoken love story which ended in silence with love frozen within ourselves!
Sep 2018 · 577
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Falling down
Going wrong
Breaking up
Getting rejected
Getting ignored
Feeling it's the end
Of life!

And taking
a step backwards
Gives a new perspective
Of what I need
and what I deserve!

After shattering
into pieces
I will take
piece by piece
To fix myself
Pieces valuable
Pieces to be removed
To fresh start
all over again.
Introspect: Change is constant but which change would come when and how it should change is what is required.
Sep 2018 · 238
No more crawling back
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
I crawled for loved
I crawled for people to stay back
I crawled for food to share
I crawled for things to bear
I crawled for hope in life
I crawled for smiles and care

Now no more crawling back
Let me get back and be within me
And help the ones who still crawls
To be cared and loved.
There are so many children who are unloced, who are orphans, who have every right to complain but all they do is adjust and smile!
Sep 2018 · 1.4k
I am replaceable
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
I know I am replaceable
But what can I do
Before I am replaced?

Something to be remembered
Something to bring joy to life
Let me wear my superpower

And replace the sorrows
Brighten up through
A ray of creative light

Before I am replaced
I will make sure
I replace all that I can! :)
Late night positive thoughts :)
Sep 2018 · 228
There is more to life..
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
How do I make it better
How do I contribute in my own way?
How do I craft my creativity
To be someone of help.

My ways might be different
But how do I help
How do I actually fulfill my living

There is more than just me
There is us
There are all
And 'I' is just as small
In the ocean to be filled!
While going through hardships like others, I realized how do I be someone who can contribute in this life. A ray of hope beams and I figure that I am nothing at all.
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Our love in seasons
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Its' autumn,
time to let go
But please come back
with newness within us
With your love
May be not the same
But with more of bloom!

Let all the hatred, anger
fall off within winter
And you and I become anew!

And we bloom
during spring
With our love
with more passion
and rekindled
Within us
To be inseparable!

Let us be anew
With our love during all seasons!
Will be waiting for you.
Love evolves Everytime, it's not about giving up, it's about loving each other and being there for each other even when distance but still close enough. But also to grow and be anew always is also important.
Sep 2018 · 7.7k
I miss you
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
I miss our long walks
I miss tasty food
I miss empty roads
I miss the right time
I miss the wrong time
I miss that I couldn't
make it right!

I miss late night photography
I miss sharing
every bite of food
With you
I miss holding your hands
I miss your tight hugs
I miss your romantic kisses
I miss our long drives
I miss our long fast rides
I miss sleeping next to you
I miss our love-nights
I miss our laughter
I miss every bit of you
I miss our craziness
I miss the sunrise
I miss the sunset
I miss the moon
shining above us
I miss the sea
I miss the hills
I miss flowers
I miss your essence
I miss the comfort
I miss your
face to face anger
I miss everything
Without you

I miss you...
I miss me...
I miss all of it!
Missing is such a pain but love makes it bear all. Just a vent.
Sep 2018 · 298
Letter to you
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
We might not be
crossing our paths
but what to do
That you cross
my mind
Every other time?

Lingering through
my heart
Residing within
my soul
As life..
A secret fantasy of my love life..
Letters to the one
Who crosses my mind..
Sep 2018 · 2.7k
So what?
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Tu durr gaya to Kya
Mere rooh me
Tu basa hai..

Pata nahi
kab wapas aayega
Par mere har Rastey par,
har mod par
Tu hai...

Insaan alag hai
Par Meri ankhe
humesha tujhe
dhundti hai..

Pata to nahi sapne
Haqikat me
badalte hai ya nahi..

Par ab sapne me
hi jeena thoda
Sikh liya hai..

Tujhe dekhne ki
aadat hai Hume
Aadat to
chhutne sey Raha..

Ab tujhko
khudme pane ka
aadat hume
lag chuka hai..

English Translation-

So what?
You are away
But you reside within
My soul..

I don't know yet
When you will come back
But in every path
In every crossing
You are there
To accompany me..

People are different
Yet my eyes
seek for
only you..

I do not know
Whether dreams
come true?

But now
I have learnt to
Jump into the pool
Of my dreams
With you..

To see you
Has become
one of my habit
Which will
Neither leave..

you are rooted
within me,
Has become
My best habit
of all times!
Very personal poetry in Hindi, translation might not bring out the best in it. But tried my best to keep it intact.
Sep 2018 · 3.2k
Feed your Soul
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Feed it with a smile
Early morning
blossom fresh walk
Pause and wait for while
You miss something?
Yes, you miss yourself
being happy all by your own.

Take a deep breath
Jump into the ocean
of loving oneself
Make more art
Immerge into books
nourish your soul
Read through
the struggles of people
Finding you ashore
You are not alone.

Find yourself free
Minimize what you don't need
And fill it up with what you need.
Abandon the turmoil
of heart and mind
Life is too short to be caged inside
Speak up
do what you need to do.

Cry, smile and laugh out loud.
Make sure you take
'You' with you
When figuring out life, we tend to forget everything and keep chasing every other thing. Let's pause and decide what can we do to change our life and do something go for others.
Sep 2018 · 440
Lonely lemonade
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
I feel lonely inside
A void which nobody could fill
And I try my best to fill it
With something or the other.

Days, months, years passing by
Me being me,
trying new things,
Old things
No thing!

I observe people
Who are lonely too
What do they do
To keep going?
Was a huge questions
for me always.

Books, activities, movies
They go through
They start learning
To be with themselves happily
A book of charm.

A line I had to fill up
Today I am feeling...

Excited about life
If loneliness are lemons
I will make lemonade
Out of it
Every other day :)
I feel lonely every other day chasing everything required forgetting that I had 'Me' for me to get my back. :)
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Spark of inspiration
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
I heard a story,
A story where a amputee person was trying to reach the peak of Mt. Everest.
Tried in every way but
Mid way was hospitalized.

His friend who was accompanying
Reached the peak
and later came to meet him.
Didn't bring a Garland or fruits
Rather gave him two stones.

He was stunned
And thanked him.
But he said,
I brought it for you
from the peak
It's for you to keep it
back to where it belongs!

A friend, sparking the energy
And after 3-4 attempts,
he did it
Reaching to the peak
And keeping back the two stones
To where it belonged!
Now that's what a friend can do.
We all have our own peaks
Not to surrender but to conquer! This story was narrated by my Boss with whom I was having a long conversation. Inspiration can come from anywhere.
Sep 2018 · 203
Things I can't to can
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Let's be honest
There are always
Can't which takes the
Front, back and mid seat
Leaving not much space for can.

But let this can enter a bit
It's always fearful
To let the newness enter
But without it
It's of no adventure!
Newness should be the goal.
Sep 2018 · 657
Mind battles
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
There are times,
You take the sword
You take the shield
And keep fighting
Within your mind
Not knowing
Whom to hurt
and whom to save!

Let's just throw the sword
And the shield
Conquer from within
Let it hurt
Until, the mind wires
And rewires
To form a new You!
I read somewhere, 99% of the battles are in the mind, which is so true. Hopes are always there to conquer and come out afresh!
Aug 2018 · 240
Protect the soul
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
All the trails
In my life
Taught me to be true
True to oneself
It's not always the depression
Or loneliness that pesters you away.

It's the love for oneself
To be created with tender hands
And to realize that it's okay
To be with oneself
And celebrate days to come
With a shield in hand
And a smile never fading away.
Life each day comes with surprises as well as shocks. Yesterday I thought I might love someone, today I have realized that loving oneself is more than enough to spread the same love to others.
Aug 2018 · 639
Mystery Unsolved!
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
People walking out
I walk out too
I seeked other people
Few to talk to
Few just to comfort
And another wanted me
May be my body.

But none were 'You'
I missed you
I seeked you
And no replies
from you!

What are you made up of?
You show your extreme care for me
But never tell me I love you
I waited for seasons
Still do, thinking whether it's just
A friendship or something beyond that.
The best is to write and be here. I stopped writing as I was in lot of dilemma remaining unsolved. Thank you all for being there for me. I hope to be here more now.
Aug 2018 · 3.8k
Tenderly missed!
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
Missing you
In bits and pieces
Wholly would
like to miss you
More than this.

May be someday!
Feeling the joy and pain at the same time.
Its so pure in the beginning. Cannot understand how to console oneself with the same joy :)
Aug 2018 · 900
A monster within
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
There is a monster with me
With whom I live with
Each day, it has its mood swings
Me and monster holding hand,
I try to leave, it catches me everywhere
Pulls me within
It hides sometimes, leaving me alone
With a huge smile.
But when it comes back
Both of us are dead scared
As we both know
We would be *******!

I crawl back,
Seeking for help
Help Help help!
I quietly utter in pain of inner self.
And a voice says,
Pick yourself up, there is none.

After 28 years, learning
how to be there for oneself.
Monsters are of many forms, we can't do much about it.
But what we can do is , be brave and hibernate the monster in us.
Aug 2018 · 253
Happy to be an Indian
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
This Independence day
I pledge to be-
Be Bold
Be Joyful
Be Helpful
Be Creative
Be A Better Me
Be Independent

Happy Indian Independence Day!
We as Indians are celebrating our 72nd Independence Day and on this auspicious day I thought to celebrate it little differently, in my own way. To contribute a thought to make myself efficient not just for my country but for a better world in small little things whatever I do.
Aug 2018 · 442
Happy Friendship's Day
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
Happy Friendship's Day
To all my poetry friends
Wishing all of you to be
Healthy, Happy and safe.
To write & share
Your joys
And more
Your precious
Time to be with.

Thank you all for
your precious time.
Note: on the occasion of Friendship's day, would like to thank all of you to be a part of my life, filling it with smiles & laughter.
Aug 2018 · 256
My own grave
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
Negativity is bad

I know it, you know it

Whole world knows it.

But it kills.

To every positive side,

I see a unique negative side.

Affects me in every way.

Basically I do not care

My absence won't make difference

Each step I take

I feel I am backward.

Yes, suicidal I feel

But I try to overcome

Burning every other bridge

I always feel,

No one needs me

And my purpose is fading.

There are highly talented people

What is my need

It's sad that many saw talent in me

But I saw little which kept on diminishing.

I love my family,

I love my friends- one or two.

I might not say bye

As it might be disturbing.

But I am lost and

no more feel the urge.
Negative impact in my life is too much. I am down with it. Just outbursting here.
Jul 2018 · 494
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
Public speaking
Sometimes I speak well

Hope tomorrow
I am okay
And Don't become
Due to fear not able to enjoy
Hope things gets better
Jul 2018 · 2.0k
No more Oasis
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
I know what exactly I need
But can't go beyond
To reach.

Few times it seems
Out of hand
Trying to grab it

But what an oasis
kind of a feeling
There! it seems..

when trying to get reach closer
There is nothing!
Weekend feeling. Trying to be whole
But pieces keeps of falling apart.
Trying to be productive in lot of other ways.
Jul 2018 · 3.6k
Power of positivism
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
What's the best way
to celebrate one's birthday?

To throw a party?
To cut two cakes -
One for birthday, another for promotion?
To be with loved ones - called a family?
To cherish oneself and make goals for future?
To teach art to the less privileged children?

Yes, I did it all this time!

The best of everything was the part
when I taught art to the less privileged children
But to my surprise,
These cute children taught me
more than what I could teach them!
It was- how to be happily happy with minimalism.

I spent two hours of my birthday
With them
Teaching them art
And it was so awakening,
Their happy expressions of art
Made me more happy.

They gifted me that day a smile
Which was unconditional
Few were orphans,
few children of a single parent
With less of money
but more of heart!

Their smiling aura
Amidst all odds
taught me how to live
and be happy minimally!
A lesson to be learnt this 28 years of life
To be happy minimally.
Thank you all for your wishes on my birthday.
Always love to be at home called hellopoetry.
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
To look back my 28 years of life
What good did I do
Or what not good things
I can improvise too!

Years passes by and we have no clue
But aging swiftly
Without breathing the fresh soothing air
Without seeing the best out of worst
And without seeking the light
out of dark,
Perception matters a lot,

Life itself is challenging, let it be
But how to surf through it
And enjoy each moment is what matters!

Hopefully I would learn all of it.
It's my Birthday today but feeling very ordinary, nothing special. But yes, to make a difference in someone's life as well as my own is what matters. Life can't go on like that. Let it be something meaningful. Thank you my hp family to be there always with me during thick and thin of my life.
Jul 2018 · 652
Birthday cake
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
A cute chocolate truffle cake
Brought mysteriously
Without my knowledge at all.

My team & colleagues
clapping and singing
Happy Birthday
means a lot to me.

While I cut the cake
with shaking hands
Anxious a bit
Not used to
So much of attention
How to express my emotions
Whether happy or sad,
I don't know what to do

As all of them
Gave me a reason
To smile a bit
And be happy despite
of challenges.
My birthday on this Sunday but my team brought a beautiful cake to cherish upon.
Sorry all of you for not being around much here. Hectic schedule does make me low
But trying to get back on reading and writing poetry here more often.
Hp is always a family to me, and you all have been my pillar during the storms and thunder.
Jul 2018 · 268
Break down
Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
What to do after a huge break down?

To lay down
Sob as much as possible
To feel nothing
To do nothing
Days, months,
years passing by
To look dull
Play the victim
Fall again and again
Without others noticing
To support back
Stop looking for support at all!

After all the process,
One night
Or one morning
Get up and take charge
Not for others
Not for others
But for oneself
And giving the permission
To oneself
To fall again
And again
But to stand back
And smile
Looking into the mirror
With eyes full of love!
There are days when you fall back
Not knowing what to do
But there are also days when
Not knowing doesn't matter
What matters is to get up
And take charge!
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