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Zack Ripley Jul 2021
We only live once but that’s alright.
As long as we find our love
and our light.
You’ve shown me a way
to make it through the nights.
You helped me in a way
that I never can tell.
You showed me love
and brought me out of my shell.
So I need to thank you now
For  pulling me off the stairway to hell.
Frank F Dec 2020
Your skin is the walls and
Your voice builds halls
That never end.

You remember the days when there were ways
Around. People around.
You remember the things, those important things,
All piled on top of each other.

You can’t smell the garden you planted.
You can’t read the book you’re writing.
You can’t hear your laughter, after.

The dust fell like a blanket
And you were too scared to move.
One crack, and you’ll never go
Back. Never leave as you watch the
Leaves dancing.
As you watch them all running.

Your room is the garbage can
Of your life.
But at least it’s not empty.
Dave Robertson Aug 2020
Once around the block and done.

No extra-time or after parties,
just a head-spinning rattle
from itching frustration
to breathless incredulity
at the pace of it all

So please, by all means
saunter, dance, crawl, or wriggle
as the situation demands,
although sometimes you’ll still kvetch
at slow walking goons in the supermarket
and want to crack the back of their heads
and educate them about trolley etiquette
and getting the heck out of your
important way

Try to love pastoral pauses,
either in your mind’s green eye
or if lucky, in a glade
as real as bark and river pebbles
where cousins, lovers, friends,
pendulum on rope swings
to an abandoned splash

However hard,
hearts don’t beat well solo
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
only time will tell
how far you've come.
Only time will tell
How far you'll go.
Only time will tell
How much you've learned.
Only time will tell
How much you've grown.
Only time will tell
How much you've lived.
Only time will tell
When you'll die.
But since we don't know
What time will say,
Let's try to make the most
Of every day.
TyeniWrites May 2020
You are amazing
Whether you realise it or not
Appreciate life more
And don't pressure yourself
Trust the timing
Remain humble
Embrace rejection
Do not give up
Love them out loud today
No,we are not promised tommorrow
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
As the world turns, a fire burns.
And as that fire burns, another one dies.
As the world turns, a baby cries.
But this should come as no surprise
Every day, the earth spins around and around.
And it'll still be spinning long after we move underground.
As far as we know, this is the only life we've got.
So don't be afraid to live for yourself.
Go ahead. Take your shot
Brendann Mar 2020
Mistakes were made
No lessons were learned
Will I do it again?
Free Verse
Xella Feb 2020
Such a phenomenon- stars
falling off the sky stars- a once in a life time event occurs
and I stare-
what more to do when face to face with the tragic demise your own fate to just stand and stare hopeless
quite poetic. Ain't it?
So when watching, This star fall-
watch the dreams of children perish,
you and I and they all know.
So stare- and stare hard
for we die once the view goes dark
and curtains close-
fade to black-
                                        The End.
You only live once don't ya?
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