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Dream Apr 24
Let's pretend forever doesn't exist.

Let's live now.
This minute.
This second.
"If it gets really bad, we'll get out."
a mutter of false reassurance
from parent to child
from person to person
whispered at night
in a variety of situations
when a scared child
has lost all your patience
It is a whisper in the daytime
stemmed from fear
a nightmare, a sound,
that you can't quite hear
given like a gift
over to gullible hands,
yes, turn a deaf ear
pretend you can't hear
the screams of the innocent,
And he sharp scent of fear.
Drop the false niceties
And accept that you are afraid,
Because fear is what lets us,
Live another day.
Faryal Mar 1
a world destined with a tint,
with a filter,
life that’s given
to be a film,
played after your death,
would your life
In colour
black and white?
only black & white
because all
You remember doing is
Where your own
world crumbles &
falls apart,
That your own film
becomes a sight of depression,
beckoning behind you
So gleam
like our eyes gleam
to see colour
Be vibrant,
Be bright,
So your life
Is your favourite film
Filled with lifelong colours
Kylprin Feb 6
Ohhh plant my garden, keep the weeds I have a need

Take me to the fruit they seem to not be able to grow

I must labour another year

Please forgive me dear

I forgot to say I planted your seed

If only you wait a year you can see what it can be

Ohh please

Forget the failed growths I believed
I'm doing it, there's no going back
You only live once and that's a fact
If people judge me I won't give a crap
I gotta be me and that's a wrap
I'm cutting my hair!!!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Blink! Blink!
And suddenly
Everything changes
You, me, I, him, her,
Everything does change!

Love, hate
and every other feeling
Loses it's way

Let not anything
Tamper your soul
YOLO is what
You need to
remind your soul!

Let's get lost from within
And worry too less
What others might think!
An inward journey is soothing
One might take years to reach
But the journey is worth taking!
Kimberly Sep 2018
Life is short,
don’t spend it on worries about the future,
chances are you won’t have a long one.
Live life.

Me, you, her, him..
we can all lose someone in an instant
Don’t be afraid to do something crazy,
to change your look
to change you personally
to change you.

Not many people get to live to long,
don’t waste the time you have.
Some people wish they had done more.

You only live once and life’s not long.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Life is very short
And there's no rewind button
So live and let live

Try to be happy
See life as an adventure
You only live once
Small series of haikus from my journal.
My birthday is in a few days time and I realise how quick time is passing by as well as how fragile and short life is.

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
You are the only one who can define your own life, not anyone else.
Don't let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise.
You're an individual, you have that right, you are unique.
Say it loud, say it proud!

I'm still working on my self esteem, but I've learned that if I continue living to make others happy, I'll never be happy myself. So now I'll do what I want to do and grow. No matter what.
For those with self-esteem issues, you're never alone.
Just know that big and small, there is a difference in this world that on YOU can make.
I wish you joy and happiness!

Be back soon!
Much love!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
How time flies on by
We all share that worry about the future
We all want to live and not just exist
a life many of us share on the
R    E    G   U   L   A   R
I've got many dreams
many broken
many dead

I have here
I need to be sure
it's not wasted in anyway
I don't know if I'll ever love someone
enough to have, to hold, to love and trust
because I don't have that security TO trust a man
with my heart for the rest of my life especially with my
past experiences

A   N   D
Everyone tells me of the
miracle and spiritual aspect of having children but
that's the FURTHEST thing from my mind.
Right now I have to be selfish
and focus on me and me
alone because there is
so much that I
missed out
on AND

I want to make up for the time I'll never get back
with the very few I love and trust and care
about in this short strand of life
Though I am grateful to be
given things that I now
have, It's time that
I work on

the things I
didn't have and with that
in mind, I'll do all I can to sustain a
happy life of security all the way around

This life is mine to live.
You only live once. This is a poem from my diary. I wanted to share me just listing what I want from my life. I'm still a child at heart and despite it, I want to experience things that I missed out on, that families today take for granted. I won't lie, I'm hesitant to love as well as being loved in turn, something that I think I'll struggle with for a while.
But hey, life goes on...

I need to give myself that growth because only I can make my own happiness. I'll take one day at a time.
Anyway, I hope people are having a good day.
I'll be back soon!
Lyn x
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