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Marina Aug 9
You could tell me all
the things that make me feel at ease
Yoni Schulman Jul 18
your halo eyes
i am drained like
a man in the summer
3rd street is an open casket
oranges are
indian summer in my heart
Marina Jul 17
Take it easy
With everything I put my energy into
But to experience
And to hold
Would be everything to me
With you
A variety of emotions
Yoni Schulman Jul 11
tiny orchestras
the pill on your tongue
the straw that breaks your back
It's here..
What's here,
Minimalist view is what's here,
why go this route,
To find that happiness inside myself,
without everything else.

I change today,
I say my vowels today,
From this day forth,
I will only use what I NEED,
Because consumerism is at fault.

Before I switched,
I was messy,
I was cluttered,
I was not efficient,
I was a victim of consumerism.

However today marks a new era,
For myself,
For the better,
so without further a do ,
I hereby convert to the minimalist way.

-Paul R Hensley |||
A New Beginning
M-E Feb 14
A piece of bread,
olive oil
and a glass of tea
as breakfast for the peasant
in the forest's breeze
in the morning.

The peasant; son of the soil
the carer of livestock and earth
reclining on a straw carpet
and a starry cloth of heaven
How beautiful is life in simplicity!.
SeeBee Sep 2018
Destiny, no choice, I must go on
Imminence, if not now, then when
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