Jonesy Mar 20

Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

It's like you are one with nature,
The skies are crying for you instead tonight.
As you stay there looking empty,
Like you have been taken from life...

Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

Like your trust,
Like that broken window you always stare through...
Wondering if he will ever come back,

Like  a  broken  window.
Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

The skies have stopped crying.
You are hurting...but,
Your scars are healing.
Bruises show that you are a fighter.

Go and get happiness,
Not so many panes,
To patch up the broken window.

Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

Jonesy 2017 ©

Italics -conscience
Jonesy Mar 19

I was always told by my mother,
That love is lust, and everyone can relate.
That to love is now meaningless and a bother,
It is that one thing that drive mankind to hate.
I know now what she...was saying all of these years,
Love is a burden that we all have to carry as humans.
All of the griefs , sorrows and fears,
Made us draw back into the shadows like demons.
Love, what is that, and why for it we care?
Is it that thing we use as an excuse to hurt each other,
Or is it the thing that make us feel rare ?
Love on my part make us so crazy that we can't even trust each other.
I know, deceiving, disloyal and unfaithful,
It is the mother of everything I know to be shameful.

Jonesy 2017 ©

My new collection : A conversation among broken hearts.
Dr Strange Feb 1

When I was a kid...I was innocent
Believing everything was just perfect,
Or if it wasn't perfect, it would work out when the time called for it
However, when I grew up that innocent mind died
Shot at point blank range right in the eye
Causing me realize that society was fucked up  from the inside
Crying tears that was made up of this substance that leaked from other bloodlines
Now I sit here wondering how did I miss this as a child
Was I that naive that I believed everything was made up of sunshine and rainbows
Completely ignoring all these ugly ass fuckboys and dirty hoes
Now I'm just soaked in my own rage and regret
Failing to determine if I'm just getting angrier or if society is getting stupider
So I just scream at the top of my lungs screams
Falling through the ground still pondering as to what happened here
No seriously, someone please tell me what happened here

Jonesy Nov 2016

It knocks you down purposely, half expecting you to kick the bucket,
But it never ends there, when it realizes you got back up,
It works on your weaknesses.
Nothing comes easy, and if it does chances are you won’t appreciate it,
Life will suck you dry like a mob of leeches.

Life doesn’t care about your race, social class, gender or age, honestly,
But you better remember life believes in karma,
So it will kill off our people senselessly;
Having the family members crying “Why yuh tek he life fa. ”

Yes, Life can be a pain in the rare end,
But it's how we adjust,
Live  your life to the fullest, to someone else be a friend,
And life should give  you back what you put out; "In God we trust"

                                         Jonesy 2016 ©

The truth about life is that it isn't boutique the obstacles instead it's about how you overcome it
Jonesy Oct 2016

It's just another day;
Another hour that has passed.
You were always so distant,
Now I see why,
You are broken too,
You've lost all hope,
Just like me.

It's just another day;
Another hour that has passed.
Love did you an unkind deed,
Now she's gone,
And you're here all alone,
You wish she loved you too;
Staring through that glass window.

It's just another day;
Another hour that has passed.
And you're still here,
I don't know why,
If you love her go after her,
I'm sure you will like that,
At least that's what I hear when your sleeping.

It's just another day;
Another hour that has passed.
Don't worry about me,
I've lost all hope in us too,
Love did me a bad deed;
I'm broken too,
To love a guy who is in love with someone else.

                                                        ­  Jonesy 2016 ©

Jonesy Oct 2016

Scars on my heart tell a tale of a little girl;
Misunderstood, different, outcast,
But one day she’ll take over the world,
And the tear drops on her journal will no longer be vast.

Stars are bright tonight,
The night reminds her of what the future for her will look like,
Whilst the winds sing her a tune,
Of the things that are not impossible even if they are not in sight.

What she observe now is rare,
Watching the rivers reflect back what they see,
A beautiful rose stuck among the thorns;
She read that message loud and clear.
No more shedding tear drops on your journal.

                              Jonesy 2016 ©

Jonesy Sep 2016

It was a gloomy night,
I remember it now like it was yesterday,
No stars shone for they were out of sight,
Quiet on her perch she swayed.

She always sang to me the sweetest tunes,
As a reward for reading her one of her favorite stories,
Who knew this would have been the last time that I would have seen her underneath the moon,
Where she has gone will always be an unsolved mystery.

I soon learn how to move on,
Both for her and for me,
Even though in my sorrows , pains and griefs,
I know that my little nightingale is free.

                                       Jonesy 2016 ©

Jonesy Sep 2016

As i stare through my glass window,
I see your face; sun-kissed,
Your eyes match the sunrise that i admire so much.
All is still.
A silent breeze disturbs the movement,
As the sun says goodbye for the day.

Again I see your face,
All is clear now,
What I am looking at,
A vast reflection of what i used to be.
I was like the  sunrise,
People couldn't wait until I was " Up in the sky,"
But now they treat me like the sunset,
As beautiful as i am in the sky,
They can't wait until i drift down (out of sight).

                                        Jonesy 2016 ©

Jonesy Aug 2016

One day I'll make my dreams come true,
I'll be that someone that "they" say I'll never be.
I'll show them "nothing is impossible,"
And to expect the unexpected,
Even if you have to "hope for the best while expecting the worst.

I know,
Sometimes I feel like its a long shot and I don't have what it takes to get to my dreams,
But I will not be discouraged,
We will not be discouraged.

This is my Dreamers' Prayer.

          Jonesy 2016©

Jonesy Aug 2016

Don't mind me too much I'm just an old friend passing by,
One that you would be sad to lose,
Even though you act like i am just a transparent object.

I'm sure you'll see me again;
If you dream of me.
Try not to miss me too much,
If you do at all.

                                           Jonesy 2016©

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