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Shadiya Zubair Nov 2020
Strolling over these strange pathways
without any destined goal
But my mind is at ease, without any
fear of, past, present or future
I loosened up my majestic wings
to float through those soothing current of winds
Today I saw the snow drifting through the cold night
Such an unforseen serene feeling, it gave!
With a cold heart, I drift off to faraway places
Chasing myself in the storm and fog
In this vast and wide sky
Wishing someday to find myself.
💮Its okay to get lost once in a while, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves!💮
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
Let your life of woes go away
Like a dandelion puff
waft in the air and
let the cajoling wind of nature
solace you by bestowing
a blitheful life of amour!
Dandelion - A symbol of emotional healing
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
Plethora of fears confined her
She fled from them, in search of equanimity.
She scurried hither and thither,
But, alas! She couldn't find any.

Days went by cursing her life's fate
She realized how helpless she is
And one day she dared to fight back,
which vanished her fears in thin air...
☘"We are held back by fears not limitations. So fight back the fears!"☘
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
Days are getting longer
Hopes are getting bleak
But don't let them, let you down
Because remember "this too shall pass"

We, in the midst of chaos
But bear with all of them
by giving a shot of smile
Because remember "this too shall pass"

Refrain from cursing the days
Live in each season as it passes
by doing what you love
Because remember "this too shall pass"
🍁We are in the midst of chaos.Each and everyone are cursing the days.But this is just a part of life.It depends on how humans adapt to this very situation. When it's a good time, enjoy each and every moment, if it's bad, be patient. Sometimes we have to undergo the worst to get the best.🍁

"This too shall pass away" a Persian adage which is apt for every moment of our life.

"How much it expresses and how chastening in the hour of pride and how consoling it is in the depths of affliction"
-Abraham Lincoln
About the adage🌿
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
My eyes were lulled to sleep,
unveiling those secrets of my life.
My heart started pounding crazily
and my whole body got numb.
Then I forced open my eyes,
I saw me in between those empty four walls.
I bolted out from there,
escaping from that weariful dreams.
Instantly someone held me
with those caressing arms.
Patting my back with silent console
while my head resting on that shoulder.
That day I realized the fact that,
"Even in the darkest moment of life
there are some hidden instruments
which will always play for us!"
✨You are not alone in the struggles of life.Entire cosmos is with you.Don't let the darkness engulf you. Rather than being in the darkness open your eyes and look around and then you will realize the fact that there are many people who actually care about you.✨

To be alone with yourself is to be alone. To be in the company of others is to be alone together. The only time you are not alone is when you forget yourself and reach out in love — the lines of self blur, and just for a wild, flickering moment, you experience the miracle of others. And now you know the secret.” ― Vera Nazarian

Don't give up,life goes on..🙂🤗
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
The gloaming reflection of mine
in the light of sunshine.
She stays close to me always
even after the sun lose its blaze.
She is the pitch black darkness
that stirs inside my mind of aloofness.
I wish someday I can hold thee
and thou art can heal me.
☘ I wish my shadow will get up and walk beside me ☘
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
Holding on to something paltry
will drag you down even more
Once you embraced it as something worthy,
when you realized its not anymore
Wailing on that for some days,it's
But don't do that, not anymore!
🌼The short time pain accepting the truth is much better than the longtime pain of believing an illusion!
     If you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option you will miss finding the one who treats you like a priority :D🌼

"If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello!"
                            - Paulo Coelho
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
The long rain passed away
Without taking me away
Sparkling smile fade away
And made me alone

The sad day came again
Darkness of life hit me again
Pulling me into loneliness
And making me cry

Loving memories splashed on me
I tasted its sweetness in full
How can I forget it? the essence of love
Which makes me alive

Immense words of pearls
Which prices a lot
The words of entity
That makes my heart contented

Its my soul
Embraced by heaven
PS:I wrote this poem when I was in 8th🌼
🌿Memories of those who had an enormous influence in our life.
Maybe the one who we considered as our own soul!

Life is unpredictable sometimes, in one way or other way we humans are always alone.🍁
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
She is the incarnation of true love
The love that is enigmatic!
She is every beats of my heart
The heart which is abundant with her love
She is the soul to my body
The body which she prudent with her love and care
She is the mentor of my life
The life where she immersed me with euphoria
She is the light of my darkness
The light of hope and encouragement
Her qualities are beyond the horizon
She loves me to the eternity, so do I

I will love her every bit,
But it saddens me that even if I give all my  love to her it will always be a shortcoming.
Because her love for me is enigmatic !!

But  still "oh dear mother I love thee!!"
A love that is inexplicable!☺
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