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Sometimes even the sun is shy to appear
after watching the lovely moon at night.
It’s always hello and goodbye
Never a chance.
Love forever from afar.

Shell ✨🐚
All love needs is love
to exist
To grow, to survive.

Shell ✨🐚
deadhead Jun 3
frozen dew stands still
as if time had not since passed
from early morning
a late piece on spring :)
  May 24 deadhead
sandra wyllie
not as old
as the mountains
or the trees
in the redwood forest

He’s moving slower
not as slow
as the Galapagos tortoise
he moves with purpose

His body’s softer
not as soft
as goose down
but soft enough
to wrap my arms around
and feel protected

He's lighter colored
not as light
as an albino
or a ball of floured
pizza dough
the darker hairs
have turned gray
the blush of crimson
on his face
has melted into butter
but I could love no other
deadhead May 24
a tentative step
into a world full of hate
with a heart of love
Bright little star  above
Stay with me forever
While I’m looking at you
in the night
I know someone is looking too.

Shell ✨🐚
We are all connected with each other on this earth. In some way.
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