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Aug 2018 · 410
No Reason
Seema Aug 2018
It never hurts until you fall...
Pick up the phone and give a call...
With silent crys you cannot talk...
Then,  why waste your time on morning walk...
People say, get over the sinking affair...
I dare not, cause it's totally unfair...
C'mon enough of this game you've being playing...
I've seen your play cards which is a shame...
If I were you and did the same...
God forbid, as I would never spoil your name...
I left you for many reasons...
Time has past and so has the seasons...

Spilling thoughts in words.
Aug 2018 · 196
In Love Again {HAY(NA)KU}
Seema Aug 2018
Rain shakes pain
With my

Standing weary
In the cold

Tempers my heart
To hug

Take your cold
Here I

Your hands clasped
In mine

Saw your lips
So dried

Your sunken eyes
Soaked tears

The love ignited
Shall blossom

HAY (NA) KU style
Aug 2018 · 624
Desire (Tanka #61)
Seema Aug 2018
Rock my ruin pillars
As they might flutter to fly,
To your barren heart.
Aching with the aging pain
I am broken, from the start

Syllables count 5-7-5-7-7
Jul 2018 · 443
Once Loved Now Gone
Seema Jul 2018
Looking out from my house...
I see you and your beautiful spouse...
Holding hands with love and care...
Takes me back with memories which have become rare...
I feel happy as the sight has refreshed the moments I once had...
If it wasn't for that dreadful moment, he would still be here but it's just my bad...
Going down with tears and flashes of time spent...
I guess now it's just me and my lonely repent...
I wished to live the moments again...
But time has passed leaving nothing to gain...
Looking at people surely tears me in pieces...
O God, grant me courage till it all eases...

Fictional. Just few thoughts.
Jul 2018 · 2.4k
No Rain
Seema Jul 2018
Scales on bodies
Of that of farmers
Sun bares no harm,
On swinging charmers
A drop of a bit
Gives no smiles
To the hand that feeds
That walk for many miles
Cracks flap, mudcakes
Steaming heat rise won't stop
Children doing rain dance
While egg fries on roof top
Clear sky, bathes no cloud
Just stroke of heavy rays
Heatwaves tants the skin
Bad are these days...

Jul 2018 · 916
Dirty Deeds
Seema Jul 2018
Stop tracing my heart,
With your ***** finger
I smell blood, on your murderous hands

Get out of my face,
You don't belong here
Your breath smells like of dead

Leave me alone,
I owe nothing to a freezed mind
Not even good words of wisdom

Reap your deeds,
Screams, begging and hurts
Is all I hear, from your silent posture

How many deaths,
And whose paying for all this kills
It's all noted, in the hells receipt

Payback time will come,
Your screams and moans
Will never be enough for those souls...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Tho, monsters like this exist in our society. Keep yourself and loved one safe.
Jul 2018 · 2.6k
Swirl Labyrinth
Seema Jul 2018
Like spools of thread, pilled in the midst
Darkness draws attention to the danger
Up few miles, is that place
Where the sign reads, welcome stranger
Curiosity jumps on each step
As the enchanting forest gets deeper
The sun rays sparkle the early dews
And awakens the sleeping keeper
Birds chattering, singing melodiously
Giant rocks, stand as guards of century
Silent kills the morning songs
At the dark weaved, heavy grown entry
Myth say, it may be a portal to another world
But reports and researchers find it their own way
What's there to be afraid of
Besides an approaching thunder day
A torch in hand, walking cautiously
Humming sound follows through, alerting my ears
Tripping, few times on dead branches
Triggers my lost unwanted fears
It's almost past mid day, but not a single string of light
The passage seems like a hell deep
Strange scribbles on near stones, alert
"Do not fall asleep"
Hours of walking on turns and paths
Tiredness and hunger grasped in well
Don't fall asleep rings in my ears
I was not alone, I could easily tell
Within this labyrinth, mysteries lie of all kinds
An evil crackling laugh, shakes my fears
Looking in the direction of the sound
There is an "it" and it hears
Run out now, my gut feelings kick in
Hoping for sun rays, but thunder beats the sky
Peculiar heavy steps seems to follow
I wish, I could just fly
One exit, echoes another entry
A swirl labyrinth has woken today
Running in circles, lost my routes
I can't find my right way
A small spark of light in a corner
Disguised as the suns ray
Traps my vision to walk forward
Like a poised lucidest prey
What happened next, I do not know
But not alone now, as more walk my way
Finding their own possible routes
We have become abundantly stray...

Spilling imagination. Fiction.
Jul 2018 · 8.0k
Cynical Life
Seema Jul 2018
Different people, different ethics
Is religion, complex mathematics?
Fair, dark, almond or honey
A vice-versa change, with alot of money
Smile on faces, broken inside
Dead by feelings, happy outside
A full dictionary of words spitted
Meanings gone wrong, relations slittered
Food on table, cooked and warm
Unexpected wars, blast with bomb
Crying eyes, look for life
But hourandous beings, **** with knife
Day and night, no time to rest
Even birds have abundant their nest
Clumsy clowns, crawl in tanks
Lotted are the peoples money from banks
Clean water, is now price of gold
Almost all the shops, it's increasingly sold
Time to spare for a nice talk
But excuses come up, "busy at work"
Stress builds up, health affected
A true self is then reflected
Depression eats aways, the handful of happiness
Insanity on the verge, lost in loneliness
Praying without faith, awares your self war
Change from one religion to the other core
Brainwashed everytime you try to accomplish
But like dreams, it just demolish  
A fine night you give up your all
And jump over the bridge, one last fall
No alarms or cries of dismay
I was simply living but people mocked me as gay
Pool of blood soaked my body
I was treated like a stray dog, belonging to nobody
In peace, I am not
But enough were the battles, I fought
If only I was another human in a humans eye
My soul wouldn't be wondering in darkness and in the lighted
At least, I am not bullied in my soul form
Feel at a little peace, a little warm
Sadness binds, the cynical trend
Very soon this gay tag, will be a common brand
The hatred may no longer flounder in the air
Feelings respected and thoughts to share
Breathing and being alive is a magical boon
Live to the fullest or it might just end soon
Death is not a secret or a lie
It is just wondering around, nearby
**** your stresses before it germinates to depression
And you start to avoid your own reflection
Suicide is not the answer to any call
Or crying behind closed doors, hitting on wall
Surround yourself with positive beings
You will sing and laugh, to what joy it brings
Never let yourself down to drown
Even if thousand eyes flash with frown
Smile away, with good words of wisdom
Somewhere far, awaits your kingdom...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Fiction.
Jul 2018 · 455
A Thousand Goodbye
Seema Jul 2018
Walking with you, talking
Smiling, hand in hand
I recall those days of ours
And how it all came to an end

You'd never known my heart
The million things it had for you
But soon came the day, I realised
My love was not enough for you  

A peace breakup, was a great deal
That brimmed my eyes with tears
Pierced my heart with infinite thorns
Gone are the days, and so has the years

Just mist of faded memories linger
With time and again gone in flames
Nothing of feel is left to feel
Burning down, kissing flames

Dancing on thorns, it tickles my veins
No more pain is left to endure
Eyes drained, like draught of rain
I am out of breath to ensure

Living is no regret or sly guilt
Moments come and pass by
Lifting my spirit once more
I bid you, a thousand goodbye...

Fictional write. Spilling imagination.
Jul 2018 · 1.7k
A Deal, With Death
Seema Jul 2018
There has to be a way
To say
Whatever I may
Losing myself again and again
As the pain grows in my chest
Trying hard to restore my sane
But none retrieves,
To stop the pain
Tears give way to potholes
The depth unknown,
Hiding my face
With silent mourn
Beggy, sunken eyes call to you
None pay attention for
Some may just come along,
Asking for more
A drink or two is good enough
Thanking the bar when served at night
Counting my tears, bearing this love
Emotions, rise to fight
A guilt in my throat, struck my senses
To wake up from this hangover feel
Pleading myself in a hurry
I made death, a fine deal...

Fiction. Spilling imagination.
Jul 2018 · 1.0k
Seema Jul 2018
Torn in pieces
Scattered on the floor
He thought my heart was a paper,
That he could easily tore

What actually got ripped
Was not even my heart
Tapped few emotions
Few things, did fall apart

Seeing another fluttering heart
Flying next to him one day
I chose to confront once
And that, made us go on our way

He thought, I'd be jealous and blazing
Little pain it was, but not too late
I often smiled if his gaze ever fell on me
That, I did not hate

He confronted me, one day
And wanted to be back forever
I smiled again, turned and replied
.........never ever!

Fiction. Freestyle
Jun 2018 · 653
Do I or Do I Not
Seema Jun 2018
Conseal the pain of this broken heart
Let there be flashes of light
Unveil this darkness, O' sheering rain
Drums of thunder thumping tonight
Blots of ink dubbed on paper
Melting candle wax shapes a figure
Breeze of glory, sound of chimes
My trembling hand on the trigger
Drowning deep in this nights swamp
Swallowing pins and needles of taste
Tears break into silent cries
This life is just a waste
Do I or do I not
The fight is still going on
Live or die
Coz I am already torn
Helpless, but there's a guilt feeling
Why be a coward for someone elses mistake
Live and start all over again
Give no time to fake
Pulling the trigger gives no escape
My soul would be barred in this world of fake
Why should I take my life
Why not, correct my mistakes...

Fiction, not my story.
May 2018 · 511
Seema May 2018
On the shores of heaven
An angel sits, with bright wings
Guiding the souls to their gate
Soothing hymns, it sings

The golden gates open wide
To welcome the souls to its realm
Hailing to our father, the saviour
All souls, look the same

Glory to the mighty king
Above and beyond all
We raise our hands and praise to thee
Please listen to our call

One, you are, that of high
For every being and soul bows to you
The creator and destroyer of this universe
We submit ourselves to you...

Inspired by an article I read today. I am not a Christian tho.
May 2018 · 8.9k
Seema May 2018
I have been away for too long
In a solitude, burried with remorse
For I've lost a very close loved one
And the situation got worse

I prayed to be taken away
For my life to end
As soon as possible
Coz nothing much was left to mend

Tears rolled down my cheeks
To stop the negative thoughts
Got taken back many times
To untie the invisible knots

Voices got into my ears
That ached to explode my temple
Closing my eyes eveytime
A picture painted, to resemble

It's you, O'mum...that I can't get over with
Life seems, more like a lego
Feelings that can't be put into words
Every bit pierces through the core

Your smile, your beauty, your essence
Has all been captured by this heart
Now, in troubled weak times
Another scene peeps as an art

How will I ever, comfort myself
That now I am all alone
None that are left by my side
All have fallen and gone

May your soul rest in peace
Exactly, a month today
Missing you heaps in this crowded shell
Hope to meet you, someday...

Voices from my weak heart.
May 2018 · 301
Shivery Dream
Seema May 2018
As I walk my way along the path of goodness...
Shattered moments linger through the loneliness...
As I get closer to the destiny, I'm pulled back by the unknown forces...
Feeling scared as I fear for the invisible tortures...
I'm striving my way through, each time I stumble...
Trying to spit words but in vain I mumble...
Fighting my way through the nights wickedness...
Hoping when will I get out of this wilderness...
Perhaps a whisper from above will give me the strength to keep going...
My instincts leap up and positivitates my knowing...
The path is clear but as I start my walk again, the path is blurred and I stumble again...
Soon day breaks and I am left awake soaked in pain..

Spilling imagination.
May 2018 · 883
Night Walker
Seema May 2018
I could feel his breath on me
Filled with heated lust
Triggering my visible spine
Any moment, the fangs could ******

He counted my heartbeats
Slowly nearing my ear
Whispered, delicious blood
And that ignited my fear

Holding me tight, yet being gentle
He had on a mesmerising scent
Looking deep into his eyes
Felt like my veins have burnt

A starry full moon night
And being caught up as a prey
It almost seemed liked midnight
Yet, in his strong arms, I lay

Pink blossoms, showered like rain
As the winds increased its pace
His warm lips gently touched mine
And, I was taken into galactic space

He embraced me like a flower
And continued to kiss me
Like there won't be a tomorrow
For me to ever see

I didn't fight back or resist
Perhaps I was hypnotized by him
But a night, I will never forget
When all lights slowly go dim

A life spared but repaid with lust
To the dangerous, night walker
An everyday trend
Meeting up, by the storeroom locker!

Fiction write. Spilling imagination.
Apr 2018 · 324
Seema Apr 2018
The sweetest smile,
The deepest thought, brings me back to the place where it all started...
It's the feeling of complete to incompletiness,
A depression of gist in the weary way of emptiness..
My hand in yours still clinging to you as it was way then..
Turned away of the love that was once so cheerly mine...
But now gone with a single sigh of smile...

Apr 2018 · 350
Awake Assumption
Seema Apr 2018
In this lonesome night am sitting awake...
With tension and stress creeping like snake...
I wonder if gods are awake to listen to my pain...
Seems each time I pray, it goes in vain...
Sometimes, I hear whispers in the rushing wind...
But it all comes down as drizzling rain...
Perhaps it's too much for gods to handle...
For once and all they to, cry seeing man's scandal...
Time and again I teach myself to be strong...
Not to break but push myself all along...
Now it's time for me to lay down and rest...
With open eyes I pray to be the best...
As this time shall never come again...
Of what I assume would obviously be the end...

Apr 2018 · 285
Life is a Pain
Seema Apr 2018
I walked in the rain to wash away my pain...
Surely releasing the effort was going in vain...
Rain drops submerges my tears away...
I see the trees supporting in my way...
This feeling of neglect by my loved ones...
Like thousand hands aiming me with guns...
How can I forget the backstabbing deeds...
O what a painful thought stabbed too deep...
Counting my steps towards my house...
Shall I really go in and be with the louse...
An ugly feeling seems to be flooding my mind...
Is my instincts leading me to a hidden land mine...
Shall I really care and abandon my thoughts...
I hoped to move on and will without any family knots...
Today I'm by myself away from glitches of past...
Away from people of such dramatic cast...

Apr 2018 · 312
No Sense
Seema Apr 2018
Brimming bottle battles breathing
Reaching roaming ripples roll
Further forgone from frontier
Never noticing never near

Aching ageing aspiring anger
Liveth life letting loaf
Paying price pouring pots
Crying clause carrying care

Done doing daily debts
Every event everything end
Wonder wandering without worry
Sorry sorry seething sinking

Low laying love laid
Hating hitting heartbreak heeded
Illusionary ironic intentional infuse
Jealous **** jamming jinx

Gone gone torn apart
Every bit and pieces of my heart
Drowned in tears, bathe with fears
Wailing wailing, no one hears!

Fun write. Well when I initially wrote this, it made sense but as I read today, it's no less than a garbage.
Apr 2018 · 330
Seema Apr 2018
If God has a way of doing things right...
Then why we blame each other day and night...
Life is beautiful and meant for living...
Then why you say its not worth believing...
We have many differences that we've seen with time...
Then why we fuss and feel that I've committed a crime...
I stood up in every work you confronted...
But it seems like it was all taken for granted...
You may feel that despite your petty deeds...
I fulfilled every of your hopeless needs...
Don't be too assured of your lame instincts...
For I know how it feels like when words stings...
Too bad I had to let you go without cursing...
For God will do his best and deliver his blessings!

People and their leashing words. Hurtful.
Apr 2018 · 2.0k
Miss You Mum, RIP
Seema Apr 2018
I have no words
Just tears to shed
         Incomplete poem...
7th April, a dark daý
Apr 2018 · 220
Little Stars
Seema Apr 2018
Even if the stars glow so high....
I wana catch the glimpse of the sky...
Tho it seems too dark to see...
The stars brighten the world for me...
I am standing here with my arms stretched...
O' little stars do sprinkle your magic on me...
For, I shall reach the moon in the ocean of bliss...
Where once I laid my body for the winds to kiss...

Mar 2018 · 312
The Fire Within
Seema Mar 2018
An ache,
Keeps me awake...
A burning sensation drives me insane...
A typical thirst seems to burst in my vein...
I feel am awake yet am asleep...
Tossing and turning trying to leap...
Sweat drops making uneasy to concentrate...
Of what am dreaming is of my creminate...
Seeing myself set alight an image figure...
A weird look while I was the main trigger...
Who is the other me? I got to see...
A rising desire in attempt to be free...
I hear voices whooping in my ears...
Trying to focus but am captured with fears...
I closed my eyes to shrug off the feel...
To wake up and break off from this reel...
Few hours have past, laying as dead on my bed...
I recall the dream,  Now I really feel scared...
It's morning, yet a part of me is still away...
Where could it be? , perhaps lost its way...
I for the other me was burning my feelings...
It's so disturbing now to remember such killings...

Just a dream.
Mar 2018 · 520
Do You Recognise Me?
Seema Mar 2018
I stood before the gods
But none had time to see me
I was kept with the odds
For unlikely reasons, may be
Besides, I am just a feather
Floating with the delirious winds
I hope to be together
But I've lost all my kins
Far and further, I rest on a tree
And see crowds gather
Fortunately, I am free
Camouflaging in this weather
Dirt and dust cover me dearly
Making a coat of foundation
It's hard to make out clearly
So, now I am in fashion
Lots sit or stick out from hats
Dipped in ink, the fancy quills
Decorated in fine mats
Processed in mills
But I am just a part of someone
Whom I've lost in a matter of time
Everyday bored watching the sun
Wonder, what was my bearers crime!

Inspired by a floating feather.
Mar 2018 · 426
Seema Mar 2018
A shortest smile bears the deepest impression...
The loss of sense draining in depression...
Talk about sharing thoughts with someone known..
But efforts fail as the talks become unknown...
Try and tried of putting thoughts together...
For the memories that render over and over...
Of what mind speaks hurts me again...
When heart seeks gives atmost pain...
Who shall understand for people live in vain...
Its almost peek of insanity nearly going in drain...
Keeping in mind that steady should remain...
Of what thoughts crash and what we gain...

Mar 2018 · 617
Seema Mar 2018
I rather not shout,                      to provoke certain spirits
                               In gain of my own      
                                                           Why should I dig more,
when buried things are known

Out there in the dark,
                                           amongst the old monuments
Find my name engraved,          
                                             when you have lived your moments

I, for thee was once a famous being,
                                       now resting in pieces not in peace

How could I, be happy                when I got locked out alive
My beating heart wouldn't stop,   and my eyes lived to see

                                                    Literally, suffocating myself,
as the way out was none to find

In this dark, pit of horror
                                              even the sun, dares not to shine
                                            The culprit escaped, however,          
by dumping me here,

My conscious returned,        but no one could hear

A pile of mud and heavy stones        carefully braced
                                            My nails dug in deep
and my breathing raced

In a moment,                   all was freezed and gone

                  My heart, my soul, my life......all TORN.

Fictional write, spilling imagination.

My apologies for my poet friends for not posting much on here as for some situation. But I'll try reading most of your writes as I get time and will atleast post one poem daily.
Mar 2018 · 468
To Die, Peacefully
Seema Mar 2018
To die peacefully at old age
Is a fortunate privilege indeed
It's quite heartbreaking to see
The suffering, as the purries we feed
When soul snatchers are summoned
To collect the soul
Their arrival does alarm
There are no bright lights but clouds of coal
The heartbeats jump and ****
At times the eyes open too wide
When it's time to go,
You can not repel or hide
I wish they go silently in their sleep
The much torture of the epidemic diagnose
And the so called cure antidotes
While everything is fed through tubes in nose
The nights become much darker
To welcome the path to the death valley
How I wish, we could give our lifelines
To the ones we are so close to very
Just for them to live a bit more
How I wish, I had a genie lamp
To grant the wishes for green health
And erase all that is meek and damp
Here I sit in the hospital,
By my mom's bedside
Out of five critical admits,
Four have lost their loved ones side
Tho, the life seems numbered
It is my mom that got through the night
Tears after tears I break silently
So long for the will to fight
I pray hard and ask God
To spare her for sometime
Just a little more
To see her precious everlasting smile
I don't know how I will pull through
As I am just a small canoe
Trying my best to shore the wrecked ship
O' there is so much, left to do
The night owls hoot over the roof
Not a good sign I guess
As I dismiss the negative feelings
Coz within me, my brain is a mess
There are many more things going on
Everywhere in this world
Time flies, and loved ones gone
Expiry their dates, and so are called...

Feb 2018 · 236
Seema Feb 2018
I'll be gone without a trace,
Even if you catch a glimpse of my face
Death would beat you, in this case
As it is already winning this race
Feb 2018 · 339
Will You,
Seema Feb 2018
If am gone,
                   will you care?
Memories that we had,
                   will you ever share?
In absolute darkness,
                   will you wish for me?
Sitting cold shivering,
                   will you watch the sea?
You turned me insane,
                   will you feel the shame?
In attempt of my escape,
                   will you help or just gape?
If I asked you to take me,
                   will that make any sense?
Have I said too much,
                   have you got tense?
Am silent now,
                   does that hurt?
Laying cold soaked in oil,
                   do you recognize this skirt?
Are you crying,
                   will you not bury me to rest?
I have a long way to go,
                   will you not do your best?
I know you loved me so,
                   but it's time for me to go...

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Feb 2018 · 353
Remembering You
Seema Feb 2018
Alone in the dark...
Hearing the dogs bark...
Searching for my fone...
Just remembered now you own...
Looked up the sky, no moon was in sight...
Aaah! its gona be a long night...
Light was gone, power was out...
Wondering when someones gonna come about...
Its almost midnight, and all is silent outside...
Creepy flashbacks seem to droop from inside...
Trying to focus on yesterday's drama...
Of what really put me through such a trauma...
Gathering the moments, I realized we broke...
Yes, we did! you blundered with your filthy joke...
Assuming it sounded cool within your friend group...
But what a **** you are now unrespected dupe...

Fictional write.
Feb 2018 · 263
Fly Bumble Bee
Seema Feb 2018
O little birds sing to me...
For I am a little bumble bee...
Show me how to fly up high...
As I also wanna give a try...
To fly up...up above the skys...
And see the world with my eyes...
Together we shall live on this tree...
For I wanna be free just free...
I would be your friend and you my guide...
With all my trust flying by your side...
I will protect you from dangers to come...
Don't you worry our troubles shall overcome...
Its my first ever flight without my parents today...
Lets keep our promises and cherish this day...

A hot sunny day :)
Feb 2018 · 476
Ringtone These Days
Seema Feb 2018
Suddenly woken from my nap...
I heard the running tap...
Heart pondering, with sweat rushing...
I jumped up moving nearly crashing...
Ouuch, I think I hurt my knee...
But forgetting the pain I searched for the key...
Alone in the house where can it be...
Remembering the place I tracked the key...
Opened the door to see which tap could it be...
To my astonishment, I couldn't see...
I chilled myself relaxing on the couch...
Holy mother, the sound came from my pouch...
Reaching to see what it was, then realized...
I bought a new phone with features customized...
Ringtones set as water splash inside...
And here I assumed evil running sitting outside...

Scribbling thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 455
Seema Feb 2018
Tempest triumph turmoil tomb
Seeketh life or seeketh whom
Ashes, bones lay beneath me
Humble yourself, so you can see
A wide range of locus holograms
Pinched around like metal prams
Escape none to route a way
Knuckles grit, sinking everyday
Dark puffed, stuffed grey matter
Auction solidarity is no better
Speech of silence, clouds of rain
Piercing pledging pleading pain
Thy grace, I praise as heavens open
Not above but a voice has spoken
Walk the steps downs, the voices called
Come to us, you belong to our world
Pushed dragged and pulled a few miles
Clowned faces, greet with smiles
Mummified shrouds hang like dolls
Eyes spring out like the tennis *****
Dredged with stinkful skillful spills
Rainbow colored infinite pills
Wide-eyed blinks match the flurocent
Contour light lights up the magnificent
Bridges burn birthing ashes
Torn ripped ***** worn sashes
Two hands praying, Lord save our nation
Two legs walk, it's another fashion
Rotten forgotten the limpage lives
All hands stuck in the money hives
Online tariff tragic traffic terror
Highlights viral vital error
Known unknown captured in doubts
Strapped bodies spillage by mouths
Shots of needles through my veins
End of life, foregone with pains!

Spilling thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 232
Cheer Up Dear Friend
Seema Feb 2018
I have lost counts of your tear drop...
Why can't you make the flow stop...
You know seeing you like this makes me weak...
Tell me what I can do, atleast say or speak...
You are my friend and am here by your side...
Who has upset you? Who has lied?
Please look up and smile...
See I have come across from many mile...
You don't have to worry as am here for you...
With every breath I have, I will care for you...
You are an angel enlighting my world...
Standing by me in withering cold...
Life without you seems wretched and old...
Now cheer up beautiful nold...
I made a plan for us tonight...
Eating, gossiping, playing, singing throughout the night...

Feb 2018 · 236
Captured Soul
Seema Feb 2018
As darkness clouds my pure soul...
My mind starts to play many roles...
I start to hallucinate what my mind creates...
Feeling haunted while my feeling betrays...
Possessing my body, torturing my soul...
Trying every motion to reach its goal...
A terrifying experience accounts to my being...
Taking control of all and every of my sin...
Shall I not wake up to see tomorrow...
As tonight my soul is captured with sorrow...
Holding onto my prayer book, I pray to thee...
To pull me out of this darkness and make me free...
Please take my hand and show me light...
I don't want to drown in this darkness of night...

Scribbling thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 197
Seema Feb 2018
My mind wonders if you loved me
Ever wondered how alone I'll be
You never let a tear form in my eye
But now I wonder if it was a lie
You always made me smile
Hand in hand we used to walk a mile
A most loving person I ever met
In his arms one can forget the rest
My heart still aches for you
Searches the sites to capture your view
A deep pain ignites within my soul
My heart flames up, burns into coal
Crushed each time I saw you with her
Time went fast, now all is at far...

A quick scribble.
Feb 2018 · 233
Cute Message
Seema Feb 2018
Heart to heart
Miles apart
You and me
Shall never depart
Kiss to kiss
You make me miss
Day and night
I hope alright
Here or there
You'll meet me where
Call on call
You make me fall
Love to life
Can I be your wife

Just a scribble.
Feb 2018 · 400
Seema Feb 2018
A reflection of me
Enduring temptation
I can only see

The bold eyes scans
Every part of my body
While my expressions tense
To run away from everybody

***** looks, licks my nerves
A burning sensation amidst
Few hands brush my curves
They can't really seem to resist

What are they looking for in me
That makes them drool and melt
How can I not feel and see
What they have actually felt

In a corner, a mirror stands
I step to see, myself pose
Blown lose, curly strands
A hand appeared with a rose...

Fictional write.
Feb 2018 · 462
My Wrecked Ship
Seema Feb 2018
I am a small boat in a big ocean, all alone tugging along a wrecked ship...

Nights pass with heavy loads and day breaks with hardwork, yet I tug alone my wrecked ship...

Many storms come along, with tide so swift that I nearly lose my grip on my wrecked ship, lightening so bright and thunder roars gives me shivers of doubt that I might not make to the shore with my wrecked ship...

With a high aim and certainty, I tug along with my wrecked ship...

Days go by and I still see no land, will I be able to safely shore my wrecked ship...

Sometimes I see land but my sight has gone so blurry that even reality passes my sight...

Thinking I was taking the right path to the shore but the waves sway me in all directions, it's hard to tell which direction I am in now...

It's a big ocean and am all alone tugging my wrecked ship...

It becomes rather challenging when you are looking after a loved one going through a severe stroke and Alzheimer's. A mother is a mother, her love cannot be replaced by any other.
Feb 2018 · 393
Unsolved Mysteries
Seema Feb 2018
Into the dark alley
It lures its prey
By acting dead
Laying on the sideway

Recent news alerts
Of missing people lately
But none found alive
While they disappeared secretly

No signs of blood spurts
Yet rumors spread up quickly
No signs of decap bodies
But the atmosphere turned sickly

A homunculus out in the night
Feeding on people as it's prey  
Visible in the nights shadow
While hiding from the suns ray

Or maybe a chupacabra sneaking
From those mythical histories
Creatures of the dark
Unsolved mysteries...

A Fictional write. Spilling 3am imagination.
Feb 2018 · 331
The Prey
Seema Feb 2018
So here it comes to test my faith
Changing itself again and again
A disguise like no other
But carries on itself a negative rain

Everyday, it follows me like my shadow
Even I can feel its foul breath on my neck
Whispering tongues of filth
And today it tapped my back

A new test, everyday comes along
It knows my faith is strong
Yet, tries every of its ways to delude me
But gets leashes for its wrong

The pretentious predator preying
Eating away my shiney days
Clouding up heavy bags on me
And often does its own praise

I've tried to block its existence
By not hearing its sweet talks
Rather I chanted and prayed to God
While it did its pendulum walks

I stopped feeding it with my ego
And the arrogance I had
It was dying naturally, leaving
While all the negatives cleared from my head

Spilling thoughts. Fictional write.
Feb 2018 · 197
Seema Feb 2018
You came, you left...
You stole my sleep, my dream, my heart...
You promised so many things...
You said you would never let go of me...
Now its different altogether...
Falling memories seem to gather...
Tears flooding in my eyes...
I saw you today but you just guised...
It felt like an arrow piercing through my heart...
A shocking work of your evil art...
Why have you become a stranger...
Leaving me and my life in reckless danger...
I had so much love and respect for you...
But you left me, without considering my view...
It's gonna take time for my wounds to heal...
But never again shall I accept your deal...

Scribbling thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 185
Insomnia Remedy
Seema Feb 2018
Wide wake trying to sleep,
Won't do good as am awake,
Thoughts hammering bursting my brain,
With eyes numb and tears fall like rain,
I guess am a victim of insomnia,
Disturbing my sleep causing hypochondria,
It's another word to say having sleep disorders,
Where mind sets unrest and messes with my recorders,
Begging sleep to come as I try to shut my eyes,
Remembering you and your honest white lies,
Looking at the clock and watching how time flies,
Indeed am awake looking at the night skies,
However am determined with the sleep remedy,
Soft tunes and instrument playing its melody,
Surely earphones plugged in my ears,
Listening to such music eats away my fears...

Spilling thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 306
Take It All
Seema Feb 2018
Keep your silver,
Keep your gold,
Take your money and keep them all...
You've hurt me, you've hurt my soul...
Turned me cold, said I was getting old...
You gave me tears but now it won't shed...
Knowing the truth, yes you are so bad...
Stop there, stop it right now...
You don't have the rights to call me any how...
Keep my gifts,
Keep my words,
Give them away when you get bored...
The back stabbing from you lashes like sword...
It's okay, carry on with your petty deeds...
Am not bothered as I returned your needs...
Remember karma plays a part to...
Watch your actions, Watch what you do...

One of my very old poem.
Feb 2018 · 195
Still In Love
Seema Feb 2018
The court ruled
the verdict,
Guilty to fall
in love,
The attorney made
a predict,
That my love will fly off
like a dove,
The sentencing came rather
from above,
But why am I dead, yet still
burning in love...

Just a scribble.
Feb 2018 · 396
Wonder, Why?
Seema Feb 2018
I wonder, why my heart cries
I wonder, why there's pain
I wonder, why there's tears in my eyes
And who's there to blame

For you are long gone, out of my sight
Into the arms of your future wife

I wonder, why there were promises made
I wonder, why we could not keep
I wonder, why you let our love fade
And let our moments, skip

For now you do not look at me
Like the way you used to see

Burning my love, onto the lips
Of the other, whom you just kissed

Remember, the times we've spent
Remember, the love we shared
Remember, the places we went
And how much you cared

But, look at you now
Swaying along like a celebrity
With a different girl each day
You gained enormous superiority

Will you just stand there and let me go
Out of your sight, into the blue

Will you not beg me to stay
Rather ignore me, like a stray

You seemed long gone, out of my sight
Into the arms of your future wife  

I wonder, why my heart still cries
I wonder, why there is still pain
Buried in my eyes...*

Fictional write, compiling thoughts for a heart broken subject.
Feb 2018 · 599
Valentine's Day
Seema Feb 2018
When your days are gloomy and,
       you need some shine
Give me a call, so
       we can meet up for some wine
I may be far but,
       my thoughts reach you everyday
You are very special in your own special way
Being a Valentine is no big deal
I know your cheeky thoughts I know what you feel
Now stop smiling at your phone my dear
This Valentine's day comes every year...

Happy Valentine's Day Poets and Poetess :)
Seema Feb 2018
I will fade away, like a sketch
Gone, torn, broken so far away
Where no one would be there to catch
Not even a word to say

Alone, in this busy world
An identity of an unknown
I'd be forgotten soon
Like a weary leaf, been blown

You promised to be by my side
But instead, you pushed me outside
Dropped from a glass tower
Taunting every minute, every hour

What did I do wrong?
What have I ever done?
You hated our favorite song
The love that shined, now all gone

Perhaps, burry me in your memory
And walk away like a stranger
You'd not stop, even if I tried
And never see the danger

I'd be fine, yes I'll be
Once you were mine
But now on my own, living you alone
I'll be fine

So sorry, I took up your time
That for now, you labeled as wasted
You never told me my crime
But the bitter hate, I tasted

I'd have lived by your side
In the dark days, showing you light
But now, I am fading away
Like a mist, in the darkest night

I should've never loved you
If I'd known, you'd leave my side
While breaking my heart into two
You gobbled up, all your lies

What should I think?
What should I do?
Atleast give me a clue
Of what I should do?

In a blink, you took all away
No reasons, no words, no nothing at all
So I am fading away, yes I am
I cannot hear your call

                                                ­            Away....

Scribbling thoughts with imagination.
Feb 2018 · 252
Night Cry
Seema Feb 2018
...and so the nightfall shimmered upon his face
Seeing the dullness and teary eyes
I knew it then, that something was not right
As I gained strength to move from darkness to light,
It became evident that the news from him was not alright
However, I listened with all my might
That once a cheerful me, could only cry that night...*

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