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Maria Etre Aug 8
I always showed you
how I shone
under the sun
but you never noticed
what happens
when I melted
Seema Mar 22
I stood before the gods
But none had time to see me
I was kept with the odds
For unlikely reasons, may be
Besides, I am just a feather
Floating with the delirious winds
I hope to be together
But I've lost all my kins
Far and further, I rest on a tree
And see crowds gather
Fortunately, I am free
Camouflaging in this weather
Dirt and dust cover me dearly
Making a coat of foundation
It's hard to make out clearly
So, now I am in fashion
Lots sit or stick out from hats
Dipped in ink, the fancy quills
Decorated in fine mats
Processed in mills
But I am just a part of someone
Whom I've lost in a matter of time
Everyday bored watching the sun
Wonder, what was my bearers crime!

Inspired by a floating feather.
hannah Feb 11
I see you walk through the halls with her
She wears your new jacket
She wears your new smile
She wears your new life
Do you recognize me
I wear your old jacket
I wear your old smile
I wear your old life
I wear you no more
I wear a stranger that you no longer know
Stephen Rutledge Apr 2017
As I glance within that antique mirror I peer beyond what tangible visage is reflected,
Beyond that secure facade,
Upon distortion of an identity, afar from all familiarity,
A dissimilar being, of once unprecedented purpose,

For, fine china does not break to reassemble,
For, you and I are never to be as we once were.
George Krokos Apr 2017
It is the *** in me that seeks to find the same in you
so *** may recognise the Oneness of being that’s true.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Elysian Dreams Dec 2016
I recognise you,
I know you from somewhere
I don't know where, but somewhere
Maybe I don't need to know
Maybe I can't know
Maybe knowing will ruin this, the present moment
And that would be a shame, wouldn't it?
Scarlet Keiller May 2016
Those three words;
hurt me, burn
me, know me.
Desolate delight. I
will burden you
with identity. I
will ache for
my divine shadows
to return. Yet
the clouds parted
and I saw
truth, some strange
recognition within, brought
by my thoughts.
"I know you."
~~ Language is the love of my life. Maybe you are my language. ~~

— The End —