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aspen wilde Aug 2021
i often get asked
why i don't like selfies
i never say it but
i don't like them
because the person looking back at me
i don't recognise
Poetic T Jul 2020
Never ask,
           Always think

                           And then follow
the words backwards,
           to find the meaning

of what was not clear the first time.

sometimes we rewind
                                  to find
what wasn't clear.

Freeze framing to find that moment
         we should have noticed
an indiscretion and navigate the
          meaning of where we  

fell to pick ourselves up
                            and recognise

our own failing.
verse Dec 2019
Un-tampered pride
its growth inevitably radiant
Genius-ful mind
soon to be colossally extolled
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I search for happy people
and when I recognise
a joyful and happy person
I take clues
from how they are feeling, thinking and acting
to discover
how I can feel, think and act
to be optimally joyful and happy.
ChrisL Feb 2019
In a hall of mirrors,
Could you recognise oneself?

After losing everything.
A shell of your former self,
A ghost of a life lived.
Maria Etre Aug 2018
I always showed you
how I shone
under the sun
but you never noticed
what happens
when I melted
Seema Mar 2018
I stood before the gods
But none had time to see me
I was kept with the odds
For unlikely reasons, may be
Besides, I am just a feather
Floating with the delirious winds
I hope to be together
But I've lost all my kins
Far and further, I rest on a tree
And see crowds gather
Fortunately, I am free
Camouflaging in this weather
Dirt and dust cover me dearly
Making a coat of foundation
It's hard to make out clearly
So, now I am in fashion
Lots sit or stick out from hats
Dipped in ink, the fancy quills
Decorated in fine mats
Processed in mills
But I am just a part of someone
Whom I've lost in a matter of time
Everyday bored watching the sun
Wonder, what was my bearers crime!

Inspired by a floating feather.
hannah Feb 2018
I see you walk through the halls with her
She wears your new jacket
She wears your new smile
She wears your new life
Do you recognize me
I wear your old jacket
I wear your old smile
I wear your old life
I wear you no more
I wear a stranger that you no longer know
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