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Anais Vionet Jun 25
We're at a hospital emergency room - no emergency for us, my mom's a doctor and she's consulting about something. It's 4 pm on a Wednesday - after school. I'm in the waiting room - playing chess on my iPhone. I hate standing around in hospital areas with my parents (both doctors) listening to endless medical-trade jargon.

The ER room is almost empty. A wino-******-looking guy comes in and sits across from me about two seats down to the left. I'm ignoring him, for the most part, but he's all shaky and his fidgeting draws my eye now and then.

After a couple of minutes, I think he's watching me.
Yep, he's pretty much staring at me, shaking, tapping his right heal like he’s sending Morris code to the aliens and wiping his mouth with a ball of toilet paper.

And NOW we've made eye contact - he smiles - two or three of his front teeth are missing. I return my eyes to my phone and try to concentrate on my game.

But he's staring at me, I can feel it.
I put my phone in my lap and look at him for a moment. What sad humanity.
His head is sort of nodding - like "I see you seeing me" with a slight grin.

"Why do you do it?" I ask, in a quiet voice, sitting up a little straighter.
His head bobs backwards in surprise - "Do what?" he slurs innocently.
I roll my eyes, to say, ok, never mind and start to bring up my phone.
"I just like it", he says, with a little wheeze and a touch of attitude. "Better than anything else"
I nod, to say "OK" Then after a second I go back to my game.

My mom comes out a couple of minutes later and naturally, I get up to leave with her. I pause and look back at the.. ***??
"Good luck", I say,
He sort of half waves
My mom holds up her hand a little to encourage me to come on with her.
As we go through the automatic glass doors she gives me the side-eye.
"He IS a person", I say defensively.
Three beats later, we both say, at the exact same time, "A ******* UP person!"
"Jinx!!" I say a millisecond before her. I give a savage fist-pump-of-victory.
"I want Ice cream" I say.
We both grin as the car unlocks.
a story about an Emergency room wait
Äŧül Apr 16
I have been in love before, yes, but read on.

Lesser I was treasured,
Of my efforts I was never respected,
Vines of their mockeries and deceit,
Even pushed me to self-destruction.

You finally descended, love,
Oh you did & I shall always be happy,
Untill I have you by my side.

My dear enamorata,
I am so very lucky, and,
Truly jinxed by your beauty,
Aim of a romantic life,
Lies in front of us,
I shall never stop being lovingly.
My HP Poem #1838
©Atul Kaushal
Aquila Venatici Dec 2019
there is something painfully romantic
about pushing a needle through fabric
for hours, upon hours
sewing a poppet.
i know i will curse it anyways-
but the thought is nice.
I jinxed it !
Ruheen Dec 2019
I don't wanna laugh too much
'Cause I don't wanna
Jinx what I have now

I don't wanna cry too much
'Cause I don't wanna
Jinx what I'll get then

I don't wanna do too much
'Cause I don't wanna
Run when it all ends

I don't wanna jinx it
'Cause I'm scared
That I'll jinx it
Demonatachick Aug 2019
My minds in the gutter surrounded by clutter of that which I throw away, each night it returns and still my heart yearns for sleep that wont keep me awake.
Jinx- I hope everyone is well and happy
girasol Apr 2019
Not it
The game my heart plays
With your disorienting love
Seema Apr 2018
Brimming bottle battles breathing
Reaching roaming ripples roll
Further forgone from frontier
Never noticing never near

Aching ageing aspiring anger
Liveth life letting loaf
Paying price pouring pots
Crying clause carrying care

Done doing daily debts
Every event everything end
Wonder wandering without worry
Sorry sorry seething sinking

Low laying love laid
Hating hitting heartbreak heeded
Illusionary ironic intentional infuse
Jealous **** jamming jinx

Gone gone torn apart
Every bit and pieces of my heart
Drowned in tears, bathe with fears
Wailing wailing, no one hears!

Fun write. Well when I initially wrote this, it made sense but as I read today, it's no less than a garbage.
McDonald tsiie Sep 2016
Why do they seem to portray a four-legged beast
Breathing misery in every soul
Stuck in this very cruel moment
Scribbling a thousand of letters I will never send

Scars open...
Jinx minded delusion running every inch of my muscles
The depth can never be touch
Its motion can never be felt

Scars like hungry blades
Threatening to amputate
My essence of being
Into finer meat crumbs

Air glasses raised
In celebration of injustice commanded
That hinders those like me
Who are the victims
From our unfolded freedom

I'm slowly dying a sweet death
Like of salty, ravenous sea
Hell no!
Its not what I didn't know
Its what I didn't say
Its not what I didn't feel
Its what I didn't show

Open like deep oceans of bloodily tears
Galloping like a race horse
My wrist rippled with deliberate carelessness
My mind running through two diverged road to the unknown
Author: Thobile Dlamini
Äŧül Apr 2016
Sweet talks you jinxed me,
On fingers you puppetted me,
Go, go, go get lost you vamp!
Innocent voice you hoaxed me,
By your pretty tunes you lured me,
Go, go, go get lost you vamp!

When you were upset with me,
Did not I try to make you smile,
But you ditched me to rot alone!
When all conspired against you,
Did not I stand stiff by your side,
But you sniffed him shamelessly!

When you were least expecting it,
Did not I write romance songs to you,
If not songs always, they're poems.
When you were there wasn't I happy,
Did not I plead you to stay forever,
If not forever intended, you told lies.

I thought that you were my sweet,
My pretty, so beautiful living doll,
But alas! I loved only a stone idol.

Now just get lost from my memories!
My HP Poem #1062
©Atul Kaushal
Hannah Mar 2016
when you tell people your biggest fear
does that make them easier to conquer
or all the more realistic and impossible

when you tell people your biggest dreams
does that make them more real
or does it only jinx your future
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