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The forgotten Jan 12
Your long hair streaked with white
Sun shimmering it to silvers
Once soft slender hands now withered
Yet when you smile,
Years passed come running back.
I hold your hand
Promising to never let go.
Your daughter's eyes glistened
When you called her mom.
Moments slowly ebbing out of your mind's reach
When did it start slipping away?

The moon falling on your soft skin
As the water played the rhythm
Lying in my arms,
naming constellations,
You said
"Into the stars we melt"
I smiled and stroked your hair
But darling,
You don't remember
Not even the feel of my name on your lips
Your wrinkled hands still fit into mine
So perfectly
The dark circles holding up your eyes
Glowing within them
Struggling to grasp,
the remaining shards of fading tales
Almost completely forgotten;
Clinging to the dying memories.
Day is long here at the start of the year
Summer birds are all in love with their lives
The flowers call to us as they swoon in the heat of the sun
Colours swirling in the ether
While thoughts pool in your faraway eyes
Tell me, before the cotton clouds gather
And the clear light of your thought is smothered
Tell me the colour of your memories
Paint the air around us with any yesterday
Plant the seeds of your dreams in the garden where poetry is born
Embroider the quilts with every birthday, lavishly
Thread that one year into the tapestry cushions
Weave my grandmother’s smile into a lullaby
Sing it to me now, like the songs you taught me when I was a child
And l promise I’ll find a listening smile
There are Sundays to be made into lace curtains
Friday afternoons to entwine with the sage and thyme
Before its gone into the fog please, tell me the colour
Of the day you first saw his eyes
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid
I am strong enough to carry any shadow
I’m here, right by your side
Tell me, while the wind is gentle and the scent of life is still bright...
Was it raining, was the sky tumbling into the sea
The day she went over the bridge
Leaving just you and me...
Please tell me and sew it extravagantly
Whisper if you need to...use the tiniest stitches
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid
Gather every morning and cast them all into the river
Wash them clean then bring them home
We can put them in our rooms, in places of honour
Decorate the world with your life
We are inside a castle of mirrors and tea sets
I’ll pour you a cup and stir in my childhood laughter
You can carry it with you, always...
Read my tea leaves and l’ll nurse those wishes that might never be
Those unclaimed parcels of you and me
Dont be afraid, l love you
Take all my prayers and wrap yourself tight
Safe safe you’ll sleep through the night
Take my hand, mama, the day is still young and you are not yet undone
We can sit outside and watch the remains of the light
While the world listens and gathers
With a mind beyond time
The world and, holiding tight
Remembering all your memories for you
Frank DeRose Nov 2018
If I could name Alzheimer's,
Give him a face,
I think I would call him the Thief.

But the Thief does not come in the night;
He is not afraid of the day.

He will ruin your cherished traditions,
Your favorite pastimes.
He will spit on the spirit of your memories,
Then take them, too.

The Thief will take everything
But love and faith
The Thief cannot touch those;
They burn and overwhelm him.

The Thief will attack,
Vicious and biting.
He will lure his victim into a steady routine,
And strike if his victim strays from it.
And in the lulls, he will sap a little more
A little more
A little more


But still, love and faith remain.
They are humanity's last defense,
Her greatest triumph.

When these are all that is left,
The Thief will depart.

He is a parasite,
But the host will be of no further use to him.

He will return the shell,
The empty house,
And he will move on.

And love and faith will remain.
Love and faith will fill the rooms.
They will bring light where there was none.
Friends and family will remember all they had before the Thief,
Lament their losses, of course, but comfort in all they shared.

The Thief wins more than he deserves,
But he does not win total victories;
Small triumphs remain--
A smile,
A laugh,
The occasional yes or no.
The flicker of light that says 'I still remember. I'm still here.'

The Thief cannot take these things.
They are provided with love,
By love,
For the beloved.

I would not wish the Thief on my own worst enemy.
I would not want to see him so wracked,
His family so torn.

Even though love wins,
The Thief takes entirely too much.

His victims forget,
And we are left to forge..
Keith W Fletcher May 2018
"Why am I walking in circles?"
Wait, I've heard that recently...
...or have I said that before?
Am I walking around in pajamas?
Well ...pajamas and a robe that's better
Better? Better what?
Better me than you ........Okay Samual
I hear you ....
.....where you hiding ...Is mom and dad home?
Where am..." Why am I ......
why am I walking around in circles?"
Here come those people ...I'm supposed to know them
They like it when I smile and nod
I've seen them before .....!?
Why am I walking around in circles ?!
If the day shall come
that I should forget
you and all that we've
If the day shall come that
I'm senile,
Just know because of the
way you smile I'd fall all
over again,
but if it happens to cause you too much pain,
by all means, my dear, I hope you'll choose to find happiness elsewhere. You're the love of my life but if Alzheimer's should rob my memory of being your loving wife, please know I still only want you to be happy for the rest of your life.
~with love, your wife
The Alzheimer's Association Helpline(toll-free 24/7)- 1-800-272-3900
Alzheimer's Disease also known as AD is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist that found abnormal deposits and tangled bundles of nerve fibers that he described as changes in the brain tissue in 1906. The abnormal deposits are now known as senile or neurotic plaque. The tangled bundled of nerve fibers are now known as neurofibrillary tangles.
Alzheimer's disease can cause a variety of emotions. It's stressful & frightening when you or someone you love is diagnosed with it. The feeling of uncertainty about how one's memory will change or how fast it may cgange causes anxiety, anger or depression and maybe a of these feelings at once. These feelings are normal. You may feel embarrassment or shame causing you to cover it up or causing you to distant yourself from the one you love. Although there are no cures early diagnosis is important. There are things that may delay its progression not to mention that early detection can help outline a care plan. Be supportive with compassion as a caregiver or family member. As a caregiver, you will also need support & stress managing strategies. If you believe you are in the very beginning stages seek medical attention. Put your embarrassment & pride away. This way you can find if experimental medicines may help delay the progression & help relieve your anxiety. There are specified life style changes that you can make. Also as the one diagnosed or a loved one of another with AD, you can begin to plan a safe environment plus how your future needs will be met. One resource for Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center can be found at
Lily Madden Sep 2018
emancipated, sunken, lost in the fog.
I am in love with an eternal concluder.
no, sorry,
I only love the fact that you took that imposter from this world, it is disturbing that he would even try to impersonate my papa.
cheery, rosy tinted memories, shifted bleak.
you embody total contentment through such a simple life. you are a true treasure, that is now swallowed in the mist of time.
once these remarkable things became shadowed by the empty desolate version of yourself i decided i was in love in with deaths act of nullification, to clear off the gunk that tainted my papa's clean soul.
I love that you put an end to a fraud who tried to make my papa look so far from himself.
I love you, yourself, my papa. before the shadows. before the fog.

-Raymond Pendergast 2018-
a love hate relationship.
PJ Poesy Sep 2018
Her steaming kettle  

window into wetness of what was

whistling jets conjuring self-precipitation

There, go memories

dewy laden long gone

Vexing saturation making tea time’s solitude

weep childhood, weep marriage, weep motherhood

ululating swirls in her cup

No amount of saccharin can sweeten  

sipping whimper’s brew

Her hour of orange pekoe empties
This is one about Mom's Alzheimer's.
An ad in the LA Times
Pictured a jewelry store in Beverly Hills
Somewhere off Wilshire
A golden band modeled after an Egyptian original
Mother wanted it and so we went
We sat on tuffets of crushed velvet and
She bought it
replacing her wedding band
Which I never did find.
It was pretty but
what other significance this meant
regarding her husband she did not tell

She was struck walking on an off-ramp
on the 10.
Heading east?
How did she get there?
I asked her in the hospital
On the gurney she shook her head
And said she didn’t know.
That’s Alzheimer’s for you.
The ring is gone.

Father took his off well before she passed
and left it on the top of his dresser.
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