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He was art; unparted with his
pens, and brushes. He blushed
at your compliments, for it
was just a way to keep
from losing his pose to
sanity, a dainty piece rocking
against his wall,
making him
stay together
just one more
All feedback is appreciated
I sit alone in the dark
Will you turn on the light
Will you burn oh so bright
So I learn to feel right?

Overcome by the fright
Now my chest's feeling tight
I scream into the night
What is wrong and what's right?

From the shadow's, a glow
Hear a voice I don't know
My own fairytale show?
Nope, it's just an echo (echo) (echo)
Written: October 11, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Dimeter format]
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
I’m not broken
I’m a puzzle not to be solved
I’m a bird of…
Preying on rain…
But the clouds elude my webs
I’m the underside of an antisocial umbrella
What with the moisture-averse lovers nowadays
I shoo them off and twist my spokes
And finally I’m no longer pretending completeness for the sake of my surroundings
Because She comes clad timeless
Comes with the thunder
And She tastes like all or nothing
em Jun 2015
I want so badly to remember,
what it was like to forget about you.
But if you left,
so would I.

do you guys have that one person in your life who turned your life into a complete trainwreck yet you can't imagine life without them?
CJ Oct 2018
I have no injuries
but I always feel like I'm in pain

My mind is always clear
but I always feel like I have a headache

I'm breathing fine
but I always feel like I'm suffocating

Have I lost my touch?
or have I lost my sanity?
Please Tell me...
Jarene Oct 2018
i don’t know
where i’d be
without poetry

in the ground
planted with the
flowers and trees

a forgotten
drifting in the wind
among the leaves
I hold on to my sanity,
for it is all I've ever built.
I am searching for clarity,
for I refuse to wilt.
They come and go you know.
-I have been reading some Dante.
- I am trying to edit this,
Eryri Sep 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the sanest of them all?
They say I'm mad and egocentric,
But you and I know I'm just wonderfully eccentric.

You've reflected my soul for many a year,
We've seen me shed many a tear
For they all have it in for me
As my beauty lives in infamy.

I know I'm stunning and uncrazy,
But, some days do get a little hazy;
If I forget to take my mild prescription
Then my beauty really does defy description!
s Willow Dec 2018
With every step,
my mental sanity dwindles.
Pulling me from the reality.
Shadows move,
Life drains,
time stops.
The world ends
MeanAileen Mar 2017
It's my best friend,
and my nightmere-
it's all that I love
and everything I fear.
It's my fulfillment,
my bottomless sorrow-
bringing dark thoughts
of no tomorrow.
It's my strength,
my greatest plight-
this evil addiction
I try to fight.
It's my oblivion,
my heartbreaking pain-
a toxic cloud
that's killing my brain.
It's my protection,
my paranoid lies-
the Devil himself
in crystal disguise.
It's my sanity,
my endless strife-
this methamphetamine
destroying my life.
It's my reality,
my make-believe bliss-
I just never imagined
I would end up like this....
Truth be told....
Eliana Moody Mar 7
The nature of my soul is dark and cold.
It is a husk, for its resources are drained.
Light pierces through a pinhole that used to be the sun-
Now a speck in a night sky.

The thoughts of heart are contemptuous.
Cynicism pulling out the buds of flowers,
Ripping them apart,
Before they have a chance to bloom.

None who are sane seek this.
To touch it would be unimaginable.
So surely, they that attempt
Are only seeking to succumb themselves.

When faced with such logic,  
You must be insane,
Else you wish for darkness yourself
When you approach this place.

Light does not smother darkness,
Only chasing it into corners and under beds.
However darkness can smother light
Looming over it and choking it out.

Darkness hunts and kills
Until all the light has either fled or vanished,
And when the darkness gets its way
The pinhole sun disappears.
If being in love makes the world make sense,

could sanity and love be the same thing?
Ciel Dec 2018
Let me tell you a tale.

A tale passed down
From mother to son
Father to Daughter.
The tale of Chaos.

Chaos is the beginning and the end.
It was there before and it will be here after.
This is not a story about the Chaos you know,
Not the man-made synonym of mayhem.
This is a tale of Chaos in its purest form
It is everything and nothing at once
Both darkness and light
Pain and bliss
Sanity and madness
Past and future.
A senseless contradiction and the perfect combination.

This tale is one that we all seek,
For it is the answer to all our questions.
And once we finally rejoin the stars,
Greeting death with a smile,
We all become part of it.
So maybe you do not need me to tell the tale,
For you will soon be living it.
S Bharat Apr 10
The Flowers

What happy and pretty
You look
I said to some flowers
And shook

Happiest moment in life
Said the flowers
When in search of nectar
The bee hovers

I said it's very interested
and swollen
Has selfish purpose and
Carries pollen

You pluck, hand over us
When you meet
***** down us on floor
We lie at feet

Our friends, our chums
Butterfly and bee
Bluntly said the flowers
And rejected me

S. Bharat
دema Dec 2018
My thoughts tremble
in the empty space my sanity used to occupy,

My hands search for the warmth you gave that they lost,

My lungs beat up my heart everytime they gasp for air,

My cheeks start dribbling down my face along with my tears,

My mind tries to convince me to love myself when I’ve become the vacuum of breathing, kept cold by the sanity that left along my thoughts.
Bummer Apr 30
These heavenly florescent lights split my head open and send waves of hatred through my aching bones.
I keep telling myself that I only have two years left of this ****, but it only gets worse from there.
I wish I could compare myself to a ghost, but some people still choose to have faith in a poltergeist.
It's getting harder to wake up every morning knowing that I have to go back to war

And I know that you will be there,
And I will tell you "I'm okay"
And I know you wont believe me
And I will be fine as long as you stay

So whats another ****** day on this journey to "finding yourself" in crowded hallways and fake smiles
I'll raise my glass to friendship at a table in the morning, smile as I lie, and drink the poison that it holds
I hate the people I love most, is something wrong with me or do I surround myself with two faced companions
I'll sing songs to cope with my own failures and I'll blame it on others, and I don't want to be alone, but I'll isolate myself anyways

And I know that you will be there,
And I will tell you "I'm okay"
And I know you wont believe me
And I will be fine as long as you stay

You're the line between my Sanity and loneliness .
this is about you. this is also about me being sad
Hollow Steve Dec 2014
Stricken by the absence of color,
and the absence of rainbows that once sung to me.

Nullified and numbed by the irrationality of my ego,
and my hatred for sanity.

These are punctured wounds by the hands of the stained glass,
as this shattered hourglass speaks gibberish to me.

I'll take all the blame,
it was all my fault anyways.

As if my world wasn't trippy enough,
the only thing standing in my way is you.

So let violence sing one last time...
Scream for me poetry.
Maniac girl Jul 2018
I am a kid,

Who was bullied.

But I didn't knew,

This is only a seed

Of my future grief.

I didn't pay any heed

To the matter.

My life was scattered.

From a happy girl

To the troubled one.

My bully were having fun,

By seeing me in an unease condition.

And then I lost my sanity,

For my vanity,

But i had a mask,

To complete a task.

Now in this new disguise,

Emotion was lack,

My heart was all black,

Peoples are only a gadget,

To achieve my targets.

I will win their trust,

And play with them

My mind game.

For achieving my aim.

Giving them pain

By the flame

Of my heart.

Behind my fancy mask,

I have no emotion,

Only dark passion,

You had buried

My all feelings.

And made me cold blooded,

Now There's not any healing.
Maria Imran Aug 2018
you suppress the urge to check him back one last time
because last time you checked it shattered you so fully even brought home in-sanity
but how can we forget -- the correlation b/w heartbreaks and sanity is less
the lesser time it has been.
tru story
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