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Shanice Mckie Jul 2017
do not forget 
the power 

and strength 
among women

and take care 
to tread lightly
around our porcelain frames

for we will shed the China coating eagerly,

and cut you with the same pieces 
that once made us fragile.
Shanice Mckie Sep 2016
im letting my sad thoughts flow into poetry,

that will bury each beautiful verse so deeply between my aching bones,

that i shall cry rose petals instead of tears,

that delicate blossoms will fall instead of my blood,

and from my open wounds shall bloom bouquets,

so fragrant and beautiful with roots that stem from my no longer broken heart.
  Oct 2015 Shanice Mckie
oh my stars
bright lights
loud music
all together

i love you all so much
friday was the best night of my life and i am so happy
Shanice Mckie Oct 2015
Black tresses spread across space
The white flowers ever so small
Yet all the more beautiful
Floating gracefully in her raven locks

And her pearl
Sometimes hidden
Sometimes in full view
Or half bathed in shadows

She holds a beauty not known by man
Yet man cant help but notice her
Some fear what she brings and are frozen in awe
Others spare her a fleeting glance minds lingering for a second

She can only stand a few hours
Before he arrives
Chasing her beauty with passion like fire
So that he may have the glory

But it isn't long
Til she rises again wisps of her raven hair dancing into sight
Its all lit in fire before she arives
Reds and oranges fade to purple and blues

Then she is here once more
Raven tresses filling view
Her pearl standing proud and serene
"the queen of gems and the gem of queens" pearls are called

Who was she if not a queen
Commanding the tides that drift so freely
Such power and such beauty
And until the sky is bathed in fire
She walks in darkness
But she's never alone
Shanice Mckie Oct 2015
The skeletons aren’t in my closet.

ive strung up their skulls for my wind chimes,

I’ve ground their ribs into the powder i dust on my skin,

I’ve set their spines on a string and wear them as jewellery.
There are no monsters under my bed.

my monsters live within,

they run through my veins like the ichor of the gods,

they flicker behind my dark eyes like shadows,
tthey whisper my sins like a lover’s embrace.
Iam not a porcelain girl.

and if you come any closer I’ll bite you,

and smile red with your blood dripping from my ivory fangs
Shanice Mckie Oct 2015
Have you ever been sad?
That one type of sad
When you feel tears burning your eyes
Your throat feels like its closing up
It gets harder to breathe
Your hands start to shake
But somehow you feel sad yet numb at the same time
You feel like you're about to fall apart but by some miracle you haven't
Your thoughts swirl in your brain
Your vision clouds over
Your mind is foggy
And you stop
And you think
I could be dead right now. I could so easily die tonight and that would be it. I wouldn't have to do this anymore. I could be dead by tomorrow.

And the worst part is
It should scare you
But it doesn't
It seems oddly welcoming

Have you ever been that kind of sad?
© copyright claim Ice Munday
  Oct 2015 Shanice Mckie
SG Holter
Words find their way.
Hearts speak through fingers.
Reading eyes are mirrored in
Ink systematically spilled in
The shape of sounds
And minds.

A pen resting on the table is a
A blank piece of paper merely
Dead, compressed wood.
Don't deny us your genius.
There is no try in poetry.
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