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It's the little things
Little things push me down
Run me through
Run me down
Heartbreak is big
But it's the little things that do it

A little thing like
The inability to
Tell you how proud
I am of you
Of all that you do
Of all the big achievements
And the little things
I thought that I'd convinced myself that this time I would be okay
That I could get through goodbye without crying
That today
I would say
To myself the things that made me happy
But it looks like today
I've yet to find a way
To be okay
Knowing that I cannot stay
Love me if you love me
But don't if you can't
If you're gonna cut me free
Then use a knife that's sharp
Don't just gnaw at the rope of it
Or toy with the idea
Make a decision and and roll with it's tide
Yell it loud and clear
I feel like I'm drowning
And falling
And sinking
And I've never felt this way before
I can't find the ground
Yet I brush it beneath me
Not landing
But feeling
And I've never felt this way before
I'm packed and I'm ready
To fly away home
Though honestly speaking
I don't want to go
I never thought
That I
Would break
The way that you
Broke me
I never though my
That I
Would shatter
So that splinters
Would be found
For months
You broke me
And I'm still
When I leave I leave so much behind
Not only you but the essence
Of this place I wish to call home

Sweet coffee
Pizza above the theatre
Park behind the theatre
All of you
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