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gothic mistress May 2012
leering lurking

before me

crazy jet black coal eyes


red crimson droplets

forming on foaming saliva

teeth as sharp

as a bear trap

baited and ready to pounce

copyright gothic mistress 2012
gothic mistress May 2012
ts no more than i deserve

this pit of the blackest despair

deep dark oubliette

no bottom no end

walls looming upward

covered in thick dark slime

no light from above

grabbing clawing sinewy fingers

dragging further downward

no strength nor grip

to endeavour the climb

i fall to the depths once more

copyright gothic mistress2012
gothic mistress May 2012
the ghosts are tip toeing

through my memories

restless and at play

scattering a dusty pile

of half hidden thoughts

to one side

delving further


into twilight years

gone by

throwing caution to the wind

pandoras box is opened

copyright gothic mistress/razorbladekiss 2012
gothic mistress Nov 2010
my entrails seaping crimson blackness into my heart
Bitten by the rotting incisors you force into my flesh
My body seeking your gaping void
mere mortals describe as a mouth

Your dark hollow soul blackening Cutting my thin cold skin i let you in. Feeling our flesh merging in this torturing oneness,
Filling the cavities of endlessness.

i yearn to feel you feasting upon my clammy cold covering desiring for the essence of your inner being to take me whole devouring my crescent moon in undertones of a wild demonic frenzy

Extracting dark passion from your soul Staring into darkest nights of your mind's cavity.
Through your soul, a black gaping hole. Darklights seeping through my sanity.

searching for a searing flame
it matters not that my etheral love is a force from another plain
i can only believe in the feeling of you

Perpetual fear of being hurt long i went through.
This torturing love you wrung me through.

my cold dead heart lingers in a state of confusion
serving only to terrorize my mind
forever playing tricks on me
for a soul ive left behind
copyright gothic mistress and satan 2010
gothic mistress Nov 2010
who the **** are you
to become the judge and jury
on a lesbian relationship
on you i unleash my fury
who the **** are you
to tell me my place
did i ever ******* ask you
to sit upon my face
who the **** are you
to sit and criticise
on what gender i let enter
my silken open thighs
who the **** are you
a twisted lonely ******
who gives a **** or a toss
because im no *******
are you just jealous
cos im loved and youre not
you sit upon your golden throne
a stale **** full of rot
who the **** would *******
with an attitude sick as that
in my humble opinion
youre a nosy ******* ****
so now do one
you low life piece of ****
your dad is ****** in the sack
id rather **** ya mum
copyright gothic mistress 2010
gothic mistress Nov 2010
is not a wolf
in a sheeps clothing
but a goth
in a flame
torturing your being
to hear you screaming my name
ravishing your body
with weapons and heat
beating you shameless
till you collapse at my feet
pain isnt the issue
its more about trust
a safe word not needed
i fullfill your lust
pulling of hair
scratching at skin
biting you there
i get deep within
pleasures the name
pain is the vice
come play if you dare
to pay the price
copyright gothic mistress 2010
gothic mistress Nov 2010
too late for regrets
no peace is found
a restless mind
youre not underground
no place to mourn
or to place my flowers
an empty soul
that has been devoured
no place to visit
no flesh to carress
im left with me a right fcking mess
one day perhaps
you will meet me there
when the time for death
isnt a distant stare
me and you
together again
no fighting this time
just serenity
copyright gothic mistress 2010
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