T hE y aRe sO LouD,
wHy wON't th E y ju St S h u t u p ?

iN th e E N D, i T wi ll al l Fi t to geth er.
For those who can't read the poem, here it is.

They are so loud,
Why won't they just shut up?

In the end, It will all fit together.
In the mind of a builder,
Everything has to fit together....

In the end, it will all fit together.
One of the things that makes someone, somebody.

What if I'm no one?
I can't post today and possible the next few days because of hurricane Florance.
You can get so much information from simple things people do;
How they walk,
How they talk,
How they write,
How they react,
And their art....

WhaT d O yo u sEe wHen yOu l o o k aT m E?
Pain, anger, guilt, fear, hatred, sorrow, torture,


In the end, It will all fit together.
Sounds, Voices.
Shadows, Monsters.
Flashes, Lucid Nightmares.

Life, Hell.
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