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Lxvi Jun 14
Everytime I see you online
I want to bottle you up
And label you mine
I'd keep you in dark
Ferment you forgotten
Think of a drink
But now you are rotten
Here, meet the sink.
A sea of emotions
But you are my seal
I'd sooner drown
Than say how I feel
trash boat May 23
The rain is pouring
In thick, lustrous clumps from the sky
I feel dizzy as I float
Higher, higher, up into the big, heavy clouds
Then down, down, I spin
Until I collapse in a steaming heap
I ****** a hand to the ceiling
But the drunken dream fades into suburban grey
Sweat drips off my face
The blood on my arm becomes evident
It makes me queasy, sickly
On instinct, I press a sharp point
Through the skin and into the nest of veins
Power courses through my blood until it hits my heart
And then I float
Higher, higher, up into the big, heavy clouds
Until I spiral down again
Into my cold, mundane nightmare
OJ Apr 21
Our writing are the personification of our sickest obsessions
The pen can manifest your darkest fantasies
Writing isn't bad
It makes you human
You're an animal

Writing helps you succumb to your depression
For this poem
My blood is the ink
And this knife is the pen
Now lets all write poetry to show all our friends!
Writing can make an impression
To suffer is an artists true catalyst
And the biggest agony is to exist
Maja Feb 26
Love was fickle,
but the hate remained
the memories of laughter
did eventually fade

but sharp and cold
left in a corner, unattended,
the loathing could only grow.

And grow it did,
steady and fast
grow, until the love, it was eventually past

and when one lost to the other
and the hate prevailed,
love was not even a memory,
behind the resent that it was veiled
Edgy and stuff??
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
Head cut off
Mouth ripped out
Left without a way to cough
Without a way to pout

Forced to keep quiet
By the rulers of the ears
No place to riot
People are running from their own fears

Officials hate a mess
People don’t like a lot of wrecks
So the only way is to suppress
At least in the eyes of the press
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
Wrapped in metal wire
Jagged edges keep me contained
I intend to fly higher
But I’ve been drained

I’m stuck on the ground
String wrapped around your arm
I’m being drowned
Within an emotional storm

Your tears bring me down
And hope gives me nightmares
Let me go without a frown
Only set free with new mindsets

Just a balloon wrapped in a razor blades
And barbed wire
sage silcrow Oct 2019
i hope you drown in those eggshells
you had to walk on.
mope after your fake crown, you fell,
what a shock, withdrawn
and when you're done, beg in hell
for a key to a lock gone.
- spellthief
carmen Sep 2019
sunbeams fall across my face
as I recall such regretted haste
of statically-charged, crystal ****, lightning shimmer
ice cold switchblade gleams in blue television glitter
raising hell in my white nightgown, I drive fast
drinking ***, I'm not afraid to crash
Elvis in the mirror, Marilyn in the bed
fire shall consume me? well, devour me it has
for my soul is set ablaze when I dream of what I had
your pulse sends me lightyears away as I think
of all the times you brought me to my knees
prison calls from mid-July still ring out in my ears
the longer that you stay away, the more you feed my fears
cigarettes burning, neon palm trees, bikini ******
Jesus pleads with me to no avail, "don't go further,"
but I am God now and I crave your touch, daddy
though you're gone forever, sadly
******'s gone and snatched you away
forevermore my skies will be grey

stop haunting my dreams
please let me be
your spirit still holds me hostage
and while you remain to be
the only one on Earth for me
what I can't have will **** me
i keep dreaming of u and each dream is more vivid than the last
please come back, daddy, ur tha only one for me
Star Eyes Aug 2019
it lies entombed in fabric and stale air
the fire arms swaddled in cotton shields
scalding, the guilt, huddled and shining fair
the narrow, long weapon it finds it wields

disgust, at itself
set back on the shelf
dives back in the sea
of cloth Calliope

though arduous, the work to quench the flames’
thirst would fruit with cool, gentle blossomed rose
they wilt into an ugly, blackened shame
with scarlet spark still glowing ‘neath their throes

it found a better way-
let cooling comfort stay
fire cannot fight flame
and burn cannot beat blame
in which fire symbolizes so many things it is actually ridiculous. also, it’s very edgy.

seriously though if someone wants to do a symbolic analysis go for it. i shoved so much random stuff into this
MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
You are slowly dying everyday!
Every breath takes a breath away!
You are all going to die someday!
Were you even alive anyway?!

The bodies of man are beginning to ashen.
I leave them to be swallowed by the sun.
The dead remind me of you.
Shedding red into the blue.

Drowning in every drop of water!
Eaten alive by every human flower!
Killing every son and daughter!
Sprayed by the capillaries of a sick mother!

You are all sick!
Sick like her!
You are all sick!
Like your mother!

Artificial clouds are where the sun used to be!
The black hand of death chokes the sky!
Short may you live,
And soon you shall die!

Breathing through the gaping holes in her lungs!
Flowing through her thinning blood vessels!
Stored inside her dissipating muscles!
This is how dying feels!

You insignificant little *****!
You live like this,
And you are going to die like this!
You keep bleeding your mother,
You are going to die with her!

You are all sick!
Sick like her!
You are all sick!
Like your mother!
Tried my hand at an edgy poem. It was hard to write this cause I usually don’t know how to get into a mindset that is this revolting. I tried anyway to see if I can make morbid stuff.
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