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Have you ever seen a smile
that made you turn away with glee
have you ever felt a face so close
eyes contacting
like a particle collision.
This will end in a heavy mess, and yet -
a portrait with such warmth.
radiating in a such a way star beams envy it's smirk.
and supernovae would **** for the smile.
when you look at me I know
I'm here
I'm real
I'm alive
These thoughts bring tiny Heat deaths to my chest
expanding forever
I might never exhale, if only to draw in the moment
and die with it inside me.
but, I won't
superfluous words merely orbit my skull
with a stronger gravity
pulling them further from you
tearing chucks of me elsewhere
until eventually your warm glow, is merely
a scintillation
jack cariad leon Nov 2020
I’m going to [torture method] you with my [synonym for genitals]
madi Sep 2020
thank god for the boys in the back of the classroom
with scars crossing their hands.
the boys who wait by your locker
and help you with your jacket.
the boys who know who you are, deep inside.
the boys who, no matter how far away they are
feel close to your heart.
the boys who share your dreams.
who give good advice.
who stay up late talking about nothing.
and tell you
sweet dreams,
talk to me tomorrow.
at the end of it all
i don’t know why we work so well.
Solomon N Jan 19
In the corner, in spring
He feels a phantom drift through his skin
He lifts his head to see, but the curtain stops to swing
He turns his attention towards the man within
Seeing things that aren't there.
Lxvi Jun 2020
Everytime I see you online
I want to bottle you up
And label you mine
I'd keep you in dark
Ferment you forgotten
Think of a drink
But now you are rotten
Here, meet the sink.
A sea of emotions
But you are my seal
I'd sooner drown
Than say how I feel
OJ Apr 2020
Our writing are the personification of our sickest obsessions
The pen can manifest your darkest fantasies
Writing isn't bad
It makes you human
You're an animal

Writing helps you succumb to your depression
For this poem
My blood is the ink
And this knife is the pen
Now lets all write poetry to show all our friends!
Writing can make an impression
To suffer is an artists true catalyst
And the biggest agony is to exist
Maja Feb 2020
Love was fickle,
but the hate remained
the memories of laughter
did eventually fade

but sharp and cold
left in a corner, unattended,
the loathing could only grow.

And grow it did,
steady and fast
grow, until the love, it was eventually past

and when one lost to the other
and the hate prevailed,
love was not even a memory,
behind the resent that it was veiled
Edgy and stuff??
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
Head cut off
Mouth ripped out
Left without a way to cough
Without a way to pout

Forced to keep quiet
By the rulers of the ears
No place to riot
People are running from their own fears

Officials hate a mess
People don’t like a lot of wrecks
So the only way is to suppress
At least in the eyes of the press
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
Wrapped in metal wire
Jagged edges keep me contained
I intend to fly higher
But I’ve been drained

I’m stuck on the ground
String wrapped around your arm
I’m being drowned
Within an emotional storm

Your tears bring me down
And hope gives me nightmares
Let me go without a frown
Only set free with new mindsets

Just a balloon wrapped in a razor blades
And barbed wire
sage silcross Oct 2019
i hope you drown in those eggshells
you had to walk on.
mope after your fake crown, you fell,
what a shock, withdrawn
and when you're done, beg in hell
for a key to a lock gone.
- spellthief
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