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Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Darling, this is the year we’ll find our way,
Regardless of wherever we end up now,
These are the days that make my heart say,
There is no doubt we’ll love again somehow.
My Love, shall we embrace the memories,
Of past years adventures and romance,
For they are everlasting and shall never flee,
Until we meet again by pure happenstance.
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Can you see it in your eyes or in your mind,
My heart can’t seem to waver from you,
Love must indeed be so random and blind,
For me to love you so endlessly and true.
No matter the years or distance that separate,
Me from you, my dear sweet darling,
Be it true idiocracy or the touch of fate,
That from your soul leaves my heart starving.
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Darling you seem like you have to find you,
For that is something only you can really do,
Yet I want so badly to see your beautiful face,
But I know it is best to give you your space.
I know you’re lost My Love, but you’ll find,
That preordained happenstances are kind,
For we will see somewhere and someday,
You’ll stumbling into it all and find your way.
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
I’m not really sure of where my heart lies,
But I know deep down you mean everything,
Within my mind where these memories die,
Yet I hang onto the ones of you loving.
There are the dreams that I wish so true,
Like the moments we once had together,
For they are timeless with me and you,
You know I will love you always and forever.
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Oh how beautiful is this sheet of winter snow,
How magical of a night do I see it shine,
My Darling, you are all my heart knows,
For all I want for Christmas is for to be mine.
Do you see how bright these ornaments are,
And you too, aren’t you just so fine,
My Love for you can never really go too far,
Cause all I want Darling is for you to be mine.
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
All that I can see that is inexplicably true,
Is that I want to love and be loved by you,
Through all your worries and all your pain,
Know my love for you shall never wane.
And through all the seasons and every night,
I just wish upon the stars you are alright.
Because Love, I don’t want to see the day,
With you being the one that got away.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
May the stars align once more time tonight,
As the silent cold engulfs us dramatically,
With the winter snow so fair and white,
Shall our hearts never change rationally.
Hath thou always been that wonderful soul,
To whom I just seem to remember endlessly,
For there can not be another girl, no,
Cause I just want to love you fearlessly.
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