Hailey Piper Jun 17
The smell of stale smoke lingers through our hair,
A staunch like presence,
but never fully there.
Yellow stained fingers,
and blood soaked knuckles..

hammy-downs that don’t fit quite right,   awake critiquing ourselves late at night.
Hoping and preying not to become what we’re destined to be.

Drifting through the slums,
Seeking some kind of pleasure.
Friends and family succumbing to ice,
Melbourne’s national treasure.

Young souls corrupted,
so much potential forsaken.
One hit,
And it’s total annihilation.
Alison Ilene Mar 5
I shall decree
                                   She is C
  The dark one is B
                                   hear ye
                                            hear ye
          I am your death
            closely related to meth
I'd never cheat
                                       or lie
C is unfaithful
                           She'll miserably die
she'll come in disguise
                              Catch you in her grasp
        every time you'll collapse
                            Trick you to relapse
perhaps you enjoy dealing
             w/ such a feeling
                                  look at you pout
Eyes filled w/ great doubt
every night
                  a new fight
                                        no sign
                                              of any light
Copying my poetry may save your life. Now doing crystal meth is not worth your life and I promise you it will kill you. I am God and if you don't listen to me I will send you to hell. Although you do have my permission to smoke marijuana.
Shiny shards of slowly death
Rush,  cough,  and take a breath..
Its all they can to re inject
Another night on Tina's breast.

I watch them from afar, disgusted
My two best friends went homeless,
Got busted.

See,  I might do some coke or smoke ganja all day,
But i can't understand this game they all play.

Always crystal or ganja or heroin or yay,
One more way to make my fiery heart fade.

But i told them i wasn't going back to those days,
I'll stick with my greenery, downers and stay...

this is a drug poem. Everyone i know does meth, and I hate the changes i see in them.
I've grown up and out of hard drug use,  looking towards my future.  So many i know have not...
Alexis Jan 28
My name is Alexis

And I'm and addict;

Just 19.
Who wouldve thought...
This dirty fucking habit
Keeps on reeking bloody havoc
This heavy dose, i love the most
Its fist is wrapped around my throat
So tightly roped, i try to cope
But have i told you of the voice
As if I have no simple choice
Every night i hear that noise
It whispers and hisses ill fame
And in my saviours name
I rebuked this devil and said he was to blame
Tragic it was when I feared we were  same
Only briefly, so before he fell away from me
And from grace, I needed just once to see his
I summoned him, provoked in that hour
The devil at hand, while within my power
To show his cowardly self, and he appeared
The "Self" ishness in me. A mirror I saw
I cant escape this hate for law
To rape myself and laugh at me
My reflection says, "don't you see?"
I am the devil in you. You can't be free.
a holy verse you know so well
Said in the Lords house you just might dwell
It taught you truly the nature of god
And to write euphemisms, o poet in facaude
The complex you create to be above
This evil thing you cannot love
Inside of you, that is called "I"
The devil I am. That lives inside
In the Word I learned to know of this god in which you abide
guiding you to deny me to death.
Dissonance from guilt, creates in you, me
A separate enity, in which you can't be free
Except in flesh, of responsiblity
But without you, I don't exist
Denying the self inside, shouldn't feel like such bliss
But to yourslef, you lie
And within I die, every time
A juvenile in your prime
You forget me and commit the one sin
Which honestly can't be forgiven
Denial of error, dont look so blue
Failing to forgive the devil in you, it's true
You deny me by your own will
A chance to have peace, to be still
In rebuking me, what's left is condemnation
Eternal damnation
It is the "self" you dismiss
When the pipe you kiss
Makes you feel I do not exist
So let this god cast me away
But it's your own soul you lost today
I am the devil. The mirror.
You're truest fear.
In church this is called blashepmy
But I like to call it your ego,
We both know you cant let go
Pure humanity, inner calamity
To deny thy self love, such profanity.
To repeat this rejection expecting a new "me".....
Literally defined: NOUN

The devil in me is so profound.

I will not be forgiven. Because I will it not.

I deny my pain.
So slowly driven my self insane..
Pray not for peace but Novacane
to numb these rotting teeth, that ache so slowly,  only subject to the sovereign hand of time; this cycle. This crime.
This line of mine
But the conscious is clean
Alteast... I think?
In honor of sobroety, to thine own self be true
Pearl smoke Jan 12
Should I just go.
Pack my bags & Prepare my cloths.
I’m in denial.
I know the truth but don’t accept it
I don’t want to admit
It’s the only thing , the bestest.
I’m going to be honest
I don’t want to leave this ...
Yes it’s hurting .
But I’m hurting both ways
Clean or Gone.
Wrote This 7 Days Ago.
Publishing draft
Pearl smoke Jan 12
Sober / Down / High
I write to express
I type when I like.
There is no preferable time
Random thoughts
I jot to look back
This helps to solve my Issues
Venting / stories/ poems
This helps me capture a problem
I study my sorrows
Helps prevent future failures
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