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Ashley Day May 2015
I am a storyweaver
Pulling thin cords of lives and dreams
I take the sorrow, take the pain
The bloodied, torn and forgotten
Sit and weave from dusk to dawn
Take the thin cloth to market far away
To sell away these stories and live another day
Ashley Day May 2015
Oh sanity, how quick you are
   to leave me here alone
I don't know why I still call you friend
   for you are always gone
Doubt, now she's a real companion
   loyal to her core
But you, oh wretched sanity
   always leave me wanting more
You look danger in the eye
   but quickly turn to flee
Never once as brave as passion
   you wish you could be she
One day I'll wake up
   and find you gone forever
But will I miss you, dearest sanity
   I think not, never, never
Ashley Day May 2015
I've known you for four years now
But the lighting has changed
From sharp, sterile, startling white
To a murky black and gray
The music pulled us close together
Like a spirit in the night
What will tomorrow bring
A crash or glorious flight
Ashley Day May 2015
Our life
Chronicled by simple drawings on a page
You are the artist
I am the dreamer
And together
The world is ours to explore
So ride with me
On a paper plane
Until the wind dies down
And we are forced to land
Ashley Day Apr 2015
lyrics scrawled across the back of my hand
puzzle pieces of my mind
line them up word to word
and an image might emerge

an image of hope
of dreams wishes and desires

an image of you
draft 1
Ashley Day Apr 2015
flannel shirts and silent stares
knees touch lightly under the table
everyone around knows
but we exist in our own separate world
a bubble unbroken by their expectations
we are what we are
no rules
just the ebb and flow of our breaths
in perfect symmetry
Ashley Day Apr 2015
do not tell me you forgive me
for those worlds i said at 3 am
forgiveness implies that i am sorry

but what should i be sorry for

for telling you the truth
or for making you see it

because yes
you are everything i called you
of that, i am certain

you thought you could shoot the poison into my heart
and leave without a trace
and that i would still be here waiting for you

but you thought wrong

your poison made me stronger
made me stop caring about you

i don't care if one day, you simply stop existing

but do not
forgive me
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