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MeanAileen Sep 3
I wonder, my dear, if you realize
how you so carelessly hypnotize
making me drift far away into endless skies
which you so selfishly keep trapped in those eyes...
I've never seen blues quite like his
MeanAileen Aug 14
I didn't even realize
I forgot how to smile,
been wearing a fake one
for such a long while...
But then one day
you came along...
You brightened my world
and changed the words to my song.
Now your sweet lyrics
are all I can hear
and you've got me grinning
from ear to ear😁
Just a silly little poem for my new friend😊
MeanAileen Jun 29
I don't love myself
I don't think that I know how...
but I do love you
I love him
MeanAileen Apr 30
I believe fate, not chance
brought us together.
I believe our two souls
have been connected forever.
I believe they were special...
every moment we shared.
And I believe that deep down
you always have cared.
If given the chance
I believe we could've thrived...
thru the highs and the lows
we would have survived.
But I believe in this life
there is no happy ending.
Nothing good like us lasts,
but it was time well worth spending.
Call me crazy if you will,
but I believe these words true...
because nothing can compare
to "me and you".
Gotta have something to believe in, right?
MeanAileen Apr 12
I'd let you play me
over and over again,
just hoping next time
it won't end...
I'd take 10 more broken hearts if that's what it took..
MeanAileen Feb 17
They say happiness is a state of mind
but for me that just isn't true,
because happiness, as I know it
begins and ends with you.
...and it has ended
MeanAileen Jan 25
saying I'm ok
walking thru life in a haze
sleep is my band-aid
How can I get past this depression when I know tomorrow will be exactly the same?
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