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MeanAileen Feb 2020
They say happiness is a state of mind
but for me that just isn't true,
because happiness, as I know it
begins and ends with you.
...and it has ended
MeanAileen Jan 2020
saying I'm ok
walking thru life in a haze
sleep is my band-aid
How can I get past this depression when I know tomorrow will be exactly the same?
MeanAileen Sep 2019
load your gun
with a nice shiny bullet-
finger on the trigger,
be ready to pull it.
make sure the barrel
is aimed at my head,
then force me to eat
that hot molten lead.
paint my brains
all over the wall,
see my knees buckle-
watch as I fall.
my lifeless body
then covered in red...
told you that I'd be
better off dead!
I don't really know where this came from...? But I don't condone ******. Usually.
MeanAileen Sep 2019
one hundred degrees
mother nature sends a breeze
and flames to the trees
Summer time in Northern California...
MeanAileen Aug 2019
I am nothing....nothing at all.
you don't notice me crying
you can't hear me call
you won't watch me stumble
you don't care if I fall
because I am nothing...
nothing at all.
A poem about....nothing
MeanAileen Jun 2019
I fool them all
with my pretty face.
I dress myself up
with style and grace.
I paint a pretty picture
for everyone to see...
just hoping to hide
the ugliness of me.
I'm false advertising at its finest
MeanAileen May 2019
I've been broken
and put back together
too many times before.
picked up the pieces
of my shattered heart
one by one off the floor.
I stitched up the seams
with needle and thread,
and muffled the screams
that wished I was dead,
then swept away dreams
that cluttered my head...
until there were no more.
Just another poem
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