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I worry I'm not as good at loving as I'd like to think
you can't put band aids on broken bones
all my doses of resentment seem to pour out onto you
and I whisper that I don't need you
with tears in my eyes and white knuckles around your fingers
I do not know how to love what's in front of me
only the ghost of the past and the fantasies of my mind
Arden Sep 23
Maybe I can’t stop
The downpour But
I will always join you  
For a walk in the rain
When your housekeeper pours her heart into her work making your place clean and shining,
Say thank you!

When your waitress greets you with a warm smile, and tries her best to provide you a quality service,
Say thank you!

When your mailman struggles to delivers your mail fighting through challenging weather,
Say thank you!

Make them feel valued,
Express to them your gratitude,
Lighten up their day with words of appreciation,
Embrace them with humanity and treat them with kindness!

Hussein Dekmak  
Bhill Aug 6
Pour the coffee please
Coffee wakes up the senses
I need the black bean

Dry roasted and pressed
Ground to make the very best
Energizing beans

Brian Hill - 2019 # 196
Who's addicted?
Kalarav Jun 20
We have the privilege
to romanticise rain.
We talk about the cold breeze,
the soothing sounds
of falling droplets
and the feelings
that are evoked within us.

However, to some others,
rain simply means
a cold sleepless night.
Rain, to them
is like an uninvited guest,
who finds its way through
cracks and holes
and sits uncomfortably close.
A guest who leaves
only when they please.

To some others
rain is like an old friend
who's face they can no longer
They don't even remember
the last time they met
because it did not seem
like an incident
that was important enough
to commit to memory.
If only they had known
that it was the last time
in a long time...

And the ones who farm
to feed us all
pray for rain
that is just enough.
Not too less or too much.
And when it pours,
the elixir flows
to quench the thirst of doubts
'will there be yield?'
'will my children eat?'
A reassuring yes.

So, the next time
rain runs towards you
and drenches you
with an affectionate hug,
embrace it
and let it be no stranger.
Planejane2 May 19
The more I fail,
The more I fall to the floor,
The more that I pour out these tears,
The more I pour out all my soul.

The more you pour into me and I am full.
Anastasia Jun 13
in the  rain
i walk with you
an orange stained sky
cloudy and dusty
with nothing but grey ahead of us
soaks my clothes
my hair
my heart
i'm warm
and covered
with the misty,
and you laugh
and stick out your tongue
and i do
and the sky does
and i walk home with you
in the rain.
just walked in the rain, now i'm soaked but warm. hot-cocoa and Gilmore Girls for me.
Rivea Apr 25
Rough patches are like the rain.
Once in awhile they pour down in sheets.
Other times they sprinkle themselves sporadically.
No matter how they arrive,
dark clouds always clear
and sunshine returns.
Noah Clark Jan 29
How do you not fall in love
         with a person you’ve poured your
                  entire heart into.
         How does that person not fall in love
while doing the same to you.
From deep within the soul
Faith Dec 2018
The feeling of not knowing what you’re writing
Because all of your feelings simply pour out the words
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