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Not just yesterday I met her
Since ages I'm trying to get hold of her
So cold, so heartless she seems to be
The evilest of all she sounds to me
I'm scared and wish never to meet her
And stay away in order to cheat her
But helpless I seem in all my efforts
When only I step towards my mirror.
as the rain poured upon my palms,
i’ve reached out just to feel your touch.
wear a smile today :)
Spriha Kant Aug 4
During a travel in Shangri La , the floating love in sunrays and choirs of birds opened my eyes.
And I found myself lying on mat on terrace with a handsome smiling man reflecting in sun.

While rolling mat , an invisible breezy naughty kid played with my messy hair and tickled and whistled in my ears.
Seeing this , the aunt flowers smiled and swayed in euphoria.
Closing the kid behind my terrace's door just before my way to downstairs, I sighed in relief.
And the kid went very far and higher and higher...

Capturing this moment , I poured it down into my diary.
Ivy Leigh Jul 14
So much runs through my mind.
The longing I've felt can't be filled
with someone else's stares.
I close my eyes to opportunity
and ill-spend motivated moments.
I hurt.
I lose myself in friends and boredom,
boring the god while she watches over me,
I give out vouchers for spending time with me,
beg for greetings more than I am sorry
and "hope your not missing your mommy"
She's better now somewhere thats green
her favorite color I think
smells a lot like her jealousy
forever rejecting sobriety;
that now lives on in me.
I can't bring myself to say
the things I keep dark in my sleep.
My shadow self speaks now
and hides from lucidity
lives in my hearts painfully
and never lets go of me.
They live on my back and only moves
to avoid backstabbing.
Why does it hurt so
I can't see my future?
Where is the sound
leading to passions that lure?
I cannot see farther
than a fire that flows.
I cannot love harder
than my trust can throw.
Where is the person to be with me for real growth?
Someone amazed without pity
a "what-if" in full glow.
I am really hurting. My heart cries so much while I try to make everything okay. I am healthy. I am independent. Where did my little motivation go?
tu étais toi et j'étais moi

nous étions deux avant notre temps

J'étais à toi avant de savoir

et tu as toujours été à moi aussi
C'est mon poème préféré traduit de l'anglais
Meysa Apr 29
I think that
as a writer
my writing is my biggest strength
yet my biggest weakness
because if you lose yourself in these flurry of words
you will come to love me
but if you see past them
you will come to know me.
- I pour a little bit of myself into every poem that I write.
No matter how much water/steriliser you pour you can't wash away the feelings!
So keep washing !
A Jung Lim Feb 28
Who lied that the moon hung only in the sky?

I poured the moon in my teacup.
It was floating.

Mouthful moonlight.
Glorious celebration of an orchestra
from scattered crickets.
else Oct 2019
Under the orange sunset
Our arms wrapped around pillows
Have you ever felt that
Comfort below weeping willows?

We are here, far from home,
So let me listen to your stories
From outside this sweltering dome.
Let me listen to your worries.

Don't you dare say sorry,
Don't say you're fine,
Don't be scared, don't hurry,
Your secrets are mine.

Here it is only us and the furniture,
Glowing with the golden sun.
For now, just forget the future
And focus on the now, the fun

from a long, long time ago,
In a faraway place perchance,
Remember how winds used to blow
Free. Your family, friends, romance...

Tell me more, till you are sore,
I am here, one with the air,
Listening as your teas pour
And comfort you, show that I care

for you…
Now there is no fear.
Just your sweet tea and tears
enslaved in the atmosphere...

You talk and talk, on and on...
Recursion. Infinite loop.
But what about me?
Would you do the same for my bitter, black tea?
Madison Greene Oct 2019
I worry I'm not as good at loving as I'd like to think
you can't put band aids on broken bones
all my doses of resentment seem to pour out onto you
and I whisper that I don't need you
with tears in my eyes and white knuckles around your fingers
I do not know how to love what's in front of me
only the ghost of the past and the fantasies of my mind
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