Roxconscious Jun 20
Climbing to higher stakes
Until patience becomes stale
Wasted energy
Attempts to quell this urge
As we manage to impale
Our own idiocy
At no avail
Time and place becomes phase
And colours symbols are a daze
With no disbelief good prevails in
The mere illusion of not being
As love is the healing
The 'insanity'
Is the clutching of strings
Tethering false dreams
To awake in the mourning
To your forlorn learning
Or right
Gaia's babies withered
Dressed to distress
Any free thoughts not given
Its blessed
Aids not
Our oppression
A test
Hell or heaven sent
The balance is kept
By Roisin aka Roxie Rowland
SassyJ 1h
There are men who are boys
they dally about in their passiveness
waiting to be showered and flowered
with no sense of a loved one
they blossom in selfishness
awaiting for the plans to be drafted
and nights to be illuminated and crafted

There are men who are players
whisking games on the preys
as their charisma prevails
and their prominence remains
they tick all the possible boxes
dining with winning romance
Clocking whilst shooting

There are confused men
they are loyal but not committed
never aspiring a family or title
they are emotionally repulsive
present but absolutely absent
Living for today without a future
enjoying a nest whilst single

There are many good men
once the fog clears there they stand
Past the boys, the players and confusion
they will cater and give their all
loving their woman unconditionally
they brace and embrace love gracefully
putting to sleep all the pain and misery

— The End —