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Brendan Thomas Nov 2021
Crazy,troubling times
These days we're living in
No more groovy trends or one hit wonders
Just something called inflation

Paychecks won't go up
The only thing that stays the same
Gas,groceries, just living
Seems to harder to obtain

Well everybody keep
Keep just keepin on
Don't worry yourselves tonight
Go to sleep or wait for dawn

Either way though
Only two things are for sure
Death and taxes friends
So keep your spirits pure

Cause on the final day
When we find out where we'll go
Hopefully up not down
That day we'll know for sure
Worrying never helps
But optimism matters
If it's down and not up
Hope you find a ladder
Just felt like writing something.
Brendan Thomas Jun 2021
The bright shining sun over light wind swept fields
The vision I see while eating my meal
You just can't convey the feeling it gives
When that's your backyard and that's how you live
Close knit with nature you sit and realize
The beauty you're seeing through unshielded eyes
It Isn't a dream ,no its quite real
I'm looking at heaven while eating my meal
Brendan Thomas Nov 2020
Summer in Louisiana
It's hot but it's fun

Down in the bayou
Lay in the sun

Don't get too close now
Close to the edge

Gators are waiting
Just over the ledge

Sun on your body
Thinking of lunch

Feet hanging over
Then you hear crunch!
Brendan Thomas Nov 2020
A glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Will help me sleep
To do it again

Wake in the morn
Go do the job

Drive home at night
Fight through the mob

Finally home
Time with the family

Make sure the glass
Filled with wine is kept handy

Kids gone to bed
House quiet sky's red

I'll have a glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Then I'll wake up
And do it again
Brendan Thomas Nov 2019
The hills once green
Now Orange, browns and reds
Soon to be gray
Cold,barren, dead

Summer youth
Careless, happy,forever
Autumn age that brings

Winter last
Dreams,memories, dread
Welcoming the rest
That only comes with death

Lay and take your peace
Up there upon your hill
Spring not far away now
Forever gone cold chill

Sun breaks the peak
And like water it flows down
Waking as it goes,all that have been asleep
And Life begins again
From the newly thawed green ground
Just below the trees
Where the sun kisses the mountain
Brendan Thomas Oct 2019
Taken too soon
Everything you taught me
All the love you gave
I miss you so much

Every day seems the same
I try to make you proud
It all seems pointless now that you're gone

I'll have to find myself now
But who am I trying to be
I dont know
Please help me
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
On a high hill beside the ocean
A mighty boulder hung
Suspended by an equally mighty rope
One lone tree near the two
Many a storm had they both endured
The boulder and the rope always under pressure
The lone tree swaying in the wind
Occasionally the tree branches would bend just far enough in strong winds  to rub against the rope, fraying it ever so slightly
Then the wind would die down and all would return to normal
On a particularly stormy night the wind blew harder than ever before, the tree bent,rubbing the rope harder than ever before
The mighty rope could take no more, fraying, almost crying out as it did, trying with every last fiber to keep hold of the mighty boulder
But,alas, with a final sad groan, as if in apology to the boulder, the rope snapped and the mighty boulder dropped to the ground and rolled down the hill towards the edge and finally over and into the sea below, where it still lies
The boulder,the rope and the tree shall never touch again
For the tree bends with the breeze
And now the rope also is pushed by the wind
And the mighty boulder is beneath the waves
All feel relieved
But the tree grows and eventually withers
The rope that now blows in the breeze becomes unraveled
And the waves slowly wear away the mighty boulder
All were strong together
Now they are freed
Alone to face their ends
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