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Mohammad Skati Jan 2018
I call it
Endless love
Simply because I am amid it .
Love never changes
If it is ndless
Simply because that's the way
With it .
Endless love goes on endlessly
Simply because it is strong,
Pretty,and even lovely .
Mohammad Skati Nov 2015
I dream about coming back immediately and                                                      Without any hesitation                                                                                            To my own homeland                                                                                              That I did willingly or unwillingly anytime ...                                                       I do love our house ,                                                                                                 I do love all our neighbors,and                                                                                I do love everyone and everything over there ...                                                    That's my true dream ...                                                                                           Everyone knows about my dream ...                                                                      ___________________­__
Mohammad Skati Nov 2015
I see in front of me                                                                                                       A little glimpse of hope ...                                                                                            I try to cling to it,but                                                                                                   Those ugly stumbling-blocks                                                                                    Hinder me greatly ...                                                                                                   I attempt a few time to overcome                                                                             Those ugly hindrances ,but                                                                                        All in vain ...                                                                                                                finally a big light emerges from                                                                                   Inside that tunnel of hope waving for me                                                            To come forward ...                                                                                        _________________
Mohammad Skati Aug 2015
When any ugly war breaks out anytime,then                                                       There will not be any pretty hope,but                                                                         Instead there will be a hopeless hope ...                                                                  Wars only bring disorder and chaos                                                                      To all of us anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                                Hope only appears when all ugly wars stop                                                          For ever and ever ...                                                                                                 ____________________حي­نما تنشب اية حرب قبيحة في اي وقت                                                                             فعندئذ                                                                                                                      فسوف لن يكون هناك اي امل رائع                                                                                    و لكن                                                                                                                       بدلا من ذلك                                                                                                                سيكون هناك امل بلا امل ...                                                                                            تجلب الحروب فقط الفوضى و الاضطراب                                                                           لجميعنا في اي وقت و                                                                                                    في اي مكان و                                                                                                              في كل مكان ...                                                                                                            يظهر فقط الامل عندما تتوقف كل الحروب القبيحة                                                                  الى الابد ...                                                                                                                __________________­__
Mohammad Skati Aug 2015
I know when I am sad                                                                                              Who greatly stands with me or not ...                                                                    Days will prove who likes me or                                                                             Not anytime ...                                                                                                          Inevitably I can not do anything,but                                                                      To learn from patience                                                                                             How to get out of being sad anytime ...                                                               ____________
Mohammad Skati Jul 2015
I choose to shake hands with                                                                                   With everyone                                                                                                          Simply because I am not totally                                                                              Angry with everyone ...                                                                                           As long as I am good with everyone around me,then                                           I go to be bed happily and gladly ...                                                                      No need to be angry with anyone                                                                          Simply because our whole life is short,so                                                               Be happy and don't worry ...                                         ____________________
Mohammad Skati Jul 2015
If arrogance is compared to pride , then                                                                 They are two things in opposite directions anytime ...                                          If they are compared ,then                                                                                      They are like two parallel lines anytime ...                                                             If they are greatly and wonderfully compared,then                                             Pride beats arrogance anytime ...                                                                           Arrogance is merely a dead illusion that never                                                      Lasts for ever and ever ,but                                                                                     Pride prevails because it is great and lovely anytime ...
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