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LJ Aug 2016
Transfused with a doted blood
Stainless pattern of  the love
Color in red and spiral devotion
Beat the beast and fold the thrill

Transfused with angelic poison
Faintless on the road to the crucifix
Color in blue the trial attributions
Beat the beast and fold the thrill

Transfused with textual infusion
Sainted in hedonistic space fields
Color in kaleidescope spins
Beat the beast and fold the thrill

Transfused with a dared death
Bright visions of another world
Color of purple enlighten
Beat the beast and fold the thrill
I am not afraid of death
LJ Jul 2016
Politics that that tricks the system
Then lick and rick the peasants
Ethical dilemmas of existence
That dilute us from creativity

Ohh I am looking for a finer
taste of tomorrow
Ohh can't wait to see tomorrow

Religious bodies that are linear
In hypocrisy and righteousness
they preach love for a better day
whilst they manipulate and scorn

Ohh I am looking for a finer
taste of tomorrow
Ohh can't wait to see tomorrow

Family units our sole safe base
where values, cultures and beliefs
choke as we morn for our identify
lost like sheep without a shepherd

Ohh I am looking for a finer
taste of tomorrow
Ohh can't wait to see tomorrow

Economic systems that collapse
donning gowns of debt to humanity
sinking in volcanos that explodes
wishing for the money to shower

Ohh I am looking for a finer
taste of tomorrow
Ohh can't wait to see tomorrow

Education that is compulsory
A promise of an non existence future
A fallacy of better jobs and status
all a social indoctrination of the mind

Ohh I am looking for a finer
taste of tomorrow
*Ohh can't wait to see tomorrow
LJ Jul 2016
The summer sky is beautiful
strokes of marigold and roses*
collide in commotion of love
In such a glorious sweet day
kisses evaporate in ecstasy
the wild hunts our losses
In fences where we peep
then weep as we seep
our compatible bloodline
Moments of our euphoria
drawn in infinite definition
seduces us under the sun stroke
The youth we hold is fading
as the old we await takes pace
lets wait, hold each throats
Touch me as the autumn sets
no doubts is running the veins
assurity as this hearts beats
Be a strength when pulse cease
ease my burdens when they weigh
light me up when the blood is cold
When the numbness taunts
tease and progress it to eternity
*stain me from inside out
LJ Jul 2016
It's my soul wandering in wonders
In ****** and meander it utters
There is never a stop, the levelling
Unveiling like a chorus to another

In a world where I am in disuse
A time where my muse sings
Lovers come and pack up to leave
Wavered like an anthem in discord

A universe where faith itself is a disbelief
A relief of the contours and eventualities
The vision sighted that all is out of balance
Shaky like a chord reaching a crescendo

Rivers so strong that I can't wander through
A swim so strenuous and unfocused
On the tunnel there is a lighted bulb
Glowing like a fire bomb ready to explode

In street and houses where all are struggling
The hidden secrets and the wet pillows
Subtle things that we will never know or see
Lost like a crab unshaken in it's shell
Everyone is fighting demons of one sort or another. It's time to find oneself!
LJ Jun 2016
As I child I could not understand
why the monster choked me
at night when the silence heeds
on my heels I flew to ails

As a child I told them of the trance
when it spoke to me
only with a language meant for me
as I winked to realism

As a child I was molested by the dark
when I fought back
with my belittled current
I felt and stood, shook and vex

As a child I was visited by an incomer
A non native friend who held to me
under mocks and breaking locks
the cronies laughed at me so loud

As an adult, these lights still shine
the monster still pays me a visit
the more I shrug, the more it drags
drifted into the wings that chose me
LJ Jun 2016
We wring our veins
write to the stars
fight under the moon
words of passion tune

We write about love
when it seduced
then it wrestled
words of tension swim

Our words of time
moments gone and farmed
sorrows that overload
happiness that swoon

Prime time in the lonely time
when contentment permits
when heaven is locked
and when hell is unlatched

Prime time my bold friends
keep the pen readily primed
undoubtedly trust the script
It will lead to ultimate freedom

A dedication to all the poets here at HP
We write these words on and on, we capture moments, swim the
oceans, object in the courts, run free in the forests. We are not hexed
**just keep writing for one time the primetime will be ours
Repost and send my love and encouragement to all!
LJ Jun 2016
All those words on the stream
scream with sudden regrets
All that exceptional concepts
signals of troubles and blackness
All you did was say empty words
a void of doom and slackness
All of me was like a dried tap
running on the barren desert
All of your heart was a trap
storming distraction in laps
All you did was dig me a grave
burying me from my dreams
All you sung was dark melodies
lost in your gilded sinking cage
All you did was leave a tatoo
one indeed unpleasant and plain
All you did was leave a rumble
tumbles of trembling stacks
All the love that was wasted
stabbed me a thousand times
All the promised I dared to make
rolled in a dungeon of monsters
All the time and memories wasted
may be it was the fainted lust
All I did was hide in the bushes
so you cant touch my rust
All I did was die and fade
still you watched me from afar
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