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colorful paint
on a blue canvas
runs down in strings

crossing borders & languages
flowing into hearts and minds
at ease

the bottom end
of the canvas
is not the end
of the message
Inspired by a computer graphic of Waltraud Mohoric at
Dr zik Jan 2018
I admit your beauty Lord
Alive and matchless
Dr ZIK's Poetry

It is the shorter poem than Haiku (Japanese). In this type of genre a complete poem comprises of two poetic lines; first line contains up to eight syllables while second line contains up-to five syllables and it is also last one.

First "Ziket" is written in English.
I admit your beauty Lord
Alive and matchless
“Ziket” as a new genre has full capability and capacity to express every type of poetic feelings concisely in a few words speaking volumes.
It is the shortest poetic form in English literature which is being rapidly adapted by modern and busy civilizations as a powerful literary tool to express emotions. "Zinet" consists of a single line having up-to seven syllables, giving logical effects and known as a complete meaningful poem.
“Haiku” a Japanese short poem is of three lines while couplet written in “Urdu Ghazal” having full independent theme on its own, can also be considered as a shorter poem than Haiku in this regard.

But the nomenclature of short poems namely “Ziket” and ‘Zinet’ is the breakthrough in this regard.

The best writers of these genres are John Stevens, Richard Riddle, Born and Ernie Hudson
Walter W Hoelbling, Timothy, Rose, Krista DelleFemine, Mack, carol rose james, Ajamu Collins, Donna Jones, Star BG, Jamadhi Verse, Pradip Chattopadhyay, Liz Balise, Kim Johanna Baker, Marian, Jae Okios, Loghain Carvó, david jm, Raj Arumugam, SøułSurvivør, wordvango, David Patrick O'C, Joe Adomavicia, Sally A Bayan, A Lopez, brandon nagley, RW Dennen, patty m, anu, Santiago, Sia Jane, Jimmy Hegan, K Balachandran, PoetryJournal, The Poetic Philosopher, MS Lim, Pax, Maggie Emmett, adhi das, Asim Rafiq Mulla, Pamela Rae, Vanessa Gatley, L Seagull, Sameer Denzi, Stephanie Stoychevska, Lori Jones McCaffery, Akinwale damilare ayomikun, Zoe Nikolopoulou, Traveler, Crazy Diamond Kristy, Sylvia Frances Chan, SG Holter, Musfiq us shaleheen, RW Dennen, Neva Flores Varga, Nikki I, Jack, Michael S Simpson, Jennifer Humphrey, Flower Scent, CG Abenis, Isabelle, raen, TinaMarie, Babu kandula, Hilda,   S-zaynab-kamoonpury and Zoe, Paula Lee are among the world famous poets who likes and writing comments (appreciation) in the favor of  writers.
Dr zik Jan 2018
You are so matchless
Beauties and words are useless
All over the world

You are most precious
No fame and fun are worthwhile
All over the world

You want You select
No one dare access You
All over the world

Your delivered call
No one dare modify
All over the world

You are mighty Lord
We are in need of mercy
All over the world

We bow in prayer
Bless us peace everlasting
All over the world

Sun sets after all
But Your love has no downfall
All over the world

Bless enlightened path
We are all in search of You
All over the world

We obey at once
No one dare disobey You
All over the world

Bless us Your will
We bow in Your love O’ Lord
All over the world

You are caring us
You are almighty my Lord
All over the world

You are Merciful
You are Bountiful my Lord
All over the world

We have countless gain
You are first and final Lord
All over the world
Dr Zik;s Poetry; Humbly written lines and hi to all of my friends after a short interval again in the circle of my honorable well wishers and readers.
  Dec 2017 Dr zik
Star BG
"When you live with the awareness
that you carry the essence of God
you view things a whole new way...
from a love perspective."

"Right here and right now I will
vibrate pure love of self,
and toward others to feel harmony.
  Dec 2017 Dr zik
Bob B
The missionary wiped the sweat
That formed small beads on his sunburnt brow.
Never had he thought that learning
A language would be so hard till now.

But learning a language and studying a culture
So very different from his own,
Deep in the Amazonian jungle--
A damp and brutal climate zone--

Were challenges that he was eager
Because of his Christian faith to accept,
Even though he had to watch out
For poisonous creatures wherever he stepped.

His goal: to learn the language there
In order to translate the Holy Bible
So he could teach the truth as he knew it
To various peoples, godless and tribal.

His dual role as a servant of God
And graduate student studying linguistics
Opened his mind and heart to embrace
The people's diverse characteristics.

Constant threats were jaguars, insects,
And anacondas in the river,
Along with shifty river pilots
Transporting goods to trade or deliver.

After years of being there
And putting up with a bare subsistence,
He pondered why his ideas among
The people were met with such resistance.

Occurring to him suddenly
As an epiphany, he had to face
The fact that maybe he had been
Peddling his goods in the wrong place.

Why did he need to fix the people?
They were fine just as they were.
If he tried to change their beautiful
Way of life, what would occur?

They had faith in themselves and lived
Without worry, fear, or despair.
He was imposing his own concept
Of truth on them. How unfair!

Questioning his own ideas,
He clarified his own confusion
And saw that life without absolutes
Was one way to see through delusion.

How ironic! He'd gone to Brazil
With good intentions, though smug and prim,
To try to convert the people there;
They, however, converted him.

-by Bob B (12-3-17)

°Inspired by the experiences of Daniel L. Everett
Dr zik Nov 2017
I am satisfied
In Your love lovable Lord!
Source; Satisfaction
Dr Zik's Poetry
Dr zik Nov 2017
I am a your will
I'm not eager to deny
Love and commitment
Dr Zik's Poetry
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