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Toni Seychelle Jul 2014
Eat me with your eyes
                               get your fill
I feel your gaze
                            you don't have to touch me
                                you don't have to talk
I know what you want

  victim to whistles
  slave to cat calls
Harassment in it's most innocent forms
                   you think it's a compliment
Lick your lips one more time
                          and wink at me again, stranger,

           You think of me naked
I'll think about you, dead
                                                            ­       and rotting
Toni Seychelle Feb 2014
After a long night away from you
I'm leaving you behind again

You're quite alright with my going out
you're not the jealous type
and I'm certainly fortunate for you
you're always there for me..

But this morning, I looked at you once
as I walked through the door..
Blankets covering you
yet you're still naked and cold..
There I stood, feeling pretty guilty

I just wanted to curl into you..
I know if I did, though, I'd never leave
I'd stay with you all day
and never regret it, I never have
"I'll be back tonight, I promise,
just you and me
and my cat."
An ode to my bed.
Toni Seychelle Jan 2014
Your tongue left an impression
so did your thumb, on the inside of my thigh
Fumbling in the dark for your heart
I'll let you touch me only because I need it
I need something that takes me back
We are who we are
and we've been here before
I fight my primeval desires to no avail
I am an animal, you are a beast
we are both wild, we both have needs
We feed on each other, licking and biting
Sleep won't stop the fighting
Morning light can't stop the trying
I like your style
and want your wild
Toni Seychelle Nov 2013
You linger in the rafters of my mind
and in the eaves of my heart
Like the cobwebs there,
you just are.

A sort of sigh, I breathe
when I think of you
some, of relief
most, of desire

The way I felt
I couldn't
I couldn't

I was filled
with hope
and fire.

I act on sure
blind emotion.
every thing.

**** consequences.

And yet, there you linger
a tack in my heart
that draws
the heaviest snot.
There, you linger
an oasis
in my desert mind.

I escape to there


You are now a spectre
Your image prospers
You exist as you are
You are non-existent
Toni Seychelle Nov 2013
Let me be a bird
   so I can fly
                     far,     far away

A rolling stone never collects moss
just leaves a path of destruction

remember me
you can't be forgotten

The sun, the flowers, the sky
the only things
I'll call mine

Ramble on, it's all I know
get my lovin' on the run

Rage into brilliance then fade out

like a star that burns bright
            then dies in it's own light

Remember me

some things
just can't be forgotten
Toni Seychelle Nov 2013
The first of November presents itself in a warm rain. The sky is moving - wispy clouds reflecting the sun in different shades of bluish grey. Hints of blue can only peek through momentarily as a dark cloud moves in front, becoming illuminated at it's edges. The fog has lifted and now, the valley is visible. Against the splotchy horizon, the hills are ablaze in vivid yellows, fire oranges and crisp, bright reds. Between the hills and mountains lay low-lying clouds, the collection of steam from the rivers and creeks that constant through these ancient ruins. The birds are singing, relishing the warm rain - holding on, so to speak, to the very last bit of warmth as long as they can, much like me.
oh, if only I could just fly away from winter, like the birds

I had to remember this day and didn't have a camera to capture the magnificence, so I had to jot it down really quick, even though I don't think even a picture would have done it justice
Toni Seychelle Jun 2013
The diamond in the rough
still is a diamond
The process of perfection is
not without pressure and time
Still a glittering thing
Still a precious being

The diamond
cut, clear and perfect
a thing to behold
and strong

Everybody wants you
No one needs you
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