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Flo Oct 4
Such a strange construct
Determining our every life
Limited and often scarce
Yet many times wasted
Then again I contemplate
What I shall do
With all of my time
Generously handed to me
So many possibilities
All the things I could achieve
And while I overthink
I waste it all along
After months of empty pages I found the time to write again. Then again the poem gives indications of what could be the cause. I can relate well and maybe some of you can do too.
Flo Jul 2019
She wished for me.
A subtle longing for
Emotions and proximity.
Unable to resist,
I followed her call
Throughout a mild breeze
Of a starry night.
Caught by the beauty of her eyes,
I surrendered to her presence.
Green, crossed by brown,
Like gates to another world.
I was drawn to her
By a promising glance
Of her beautiful eyes.
Lost in the very moment.
Closing in,
I felt her soft lips
Gently upon my own.
A smile on my face
And the rhythm of two beating hearts.
Held her close
For as long as I could.
A treasure meant to be kept.

But time is relentless and
calls for goodbye.
A long passionate kiss
On the doorstep
Echoes on my way home.
Engrained in my mind,
I long for more.
Flo Aug 2018
I painted my wall
I covered them in parts
Until the white paint slowly disappeared
Lines of poems I wrote
Are staining my wall
Altered in their very meaning
Words that capture me
Over and over, again and again
They call it the mad wall
I call it creativity
A little describtion of the mess of words that I call my wall
  Aug 2018 Flo
Walter W Hoelbling
on an enchanted summer evening
the world feels wonderful and meek

why do I still crave more
     than I can feel and seek

why do I need to go beyond the pastoral
    trust the smooth surface
     of this world
     only for blissful moments

feel almost something like relief
when daily imperfections
crowd me again and throw me hard
into the maelstroem of those obligations
that have accumulated over years
tell me I have matured and know
what all life really is about

but also loudly shout
     I do not know
the meaning of my life

yet I envision in the hour of my death
my last breath will flow easy  
      with no strife

remembering the summer evening
I‘ve spent my life to seek

so wonderful …
      and mild …
            and meek ...
  Aug 2018 Flo
Blessed are those eyes,
One green, one hazel.
A shade for heaven,
And a shade for earth,
Balanced on a smile worth a million words.
Blessed are those eyes
Just proving to someone that they aren't a waste of words. ( : See, people can write a poem about you.
  Aug 2018 Flo
Laura Duran
He loves me, he loves me not
We're meant to be, or so I thought
My heart is broken, the pain is real
I long for peace, from all I feel

I fake a smile, so no one knows
I mimic strength, lest weakness shows
I refuse surrender, I stand and fight
I must succeed, and so I write

The ink it flows, pours from my pen
It heals my heart, and I can breathe again

Minutes into hours, hours into days
The love I held so tightly, starts to fade away
The pain begins to lessen, the tears no longer fall
Seemed misery was forever but it's not that way at all

Those nights you haunt my dreams
Are now few and far between
When memories overtake me, I know I'll be alright
I know now what to do....and so I write

The ink it flows, pours from my pen
It heals my heart and I can breathe again
Yes, I can breathe again.
  Aug 2018 Flo
She Writes
I hide pieces of myself
Wrapped up in a bow
Anything so you can’t see
The broken me underneath

My sender forgot to mark me
Handle with care
I’ve been damaged
Lost in transit

When I finally arrive
At your feet
I hope you  can look past the cracks
And cherish my pieces
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