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Flo 5d
On a cloudy day
The autumn leafs are falling
Time to say goodbye
Here’s to new beginnings.
Flo Jul 19
Dear politician,
Thanks for stopping by
And for all the cameras
You brought along
This is where my house once stood
Before it was put afloat
And washed away
By what was once a mere creek

I see you came prepared!
An umbrella, a rain jacket
And some rubber boots as well!
Your whole attire
Truly you’re one of us!

So come on board!
We’ll ship down the main road
Look at the destruction together
While you make an earnest face
So everyone will see
How truly devastated you are

You assure immediate help
Promise to tackle climate change too!
Action is what is required?
We’ve stood still for too long?
It must be...
A sudden change of mind I see!
After all your warnings:
Avoid rash decisions!
Remember there is no need to panic!
What do you mean?
Let’s change the subject?

Oh my!
What lovely rain boots you have!
I hope you did not forget
To bring a change of clothes
There is not much time. You’ll be late!
Be on your way!
To the fossil fuel committee meeting
You see,
Your lobbyist is already waiting
A cynical poem about politicians behaviour after the recent flooding in Germany
Flo Jul 15
Every time you open your mouth
And those awful words
Assault my ears
Remarks about sexuality, origin and gender
The endless rambling
Endless arguments
Endless discussions
I won't take them
I won't remain silent and
I cannot refrain from pointing out
That your hate is not an opinion
Have the courage to speak up :)
Flo Jul 9
If I could paint
My feelings for you
I would use blue,
For all the hardship we went through
Red, burning passion
Remember those roses I gave you in old fashion?
Green for past jealousy
The fear someone could come between you  and me
Yellow for our optimism and joy
Everything we were about to destroy
Purple for the present dread and fear
The cause of our failure ever so clear
An abstract painting it would be
All this clash of emotion don’t you agree?
Once finished I’d cover it in black
I’d destroy it and never look back
A colour symbolizing the hole
That you left within my soul
Flo Jul 7
A solitude park in the middle of the night
A time where I feel at ease
When the last people hurry their way home
I stroll about until I finally settle down
On a bench faintly illuminated
By the cold light of a distant streetlamp
The coldness of the night refreshes my mind
Comforting me, calming my nerves
I become increasingly conscious
Able to focus on my surroundings
Letting my mind and thoughts wander
As I am closing my eyes I can sense
Faded voices in the distance
The gentle breeze upon my skin
And the lingering scent of rain
Just one of those nights.
  May 24 Flo
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
Flo Apr 4
The pursuit of individuality
Covered skin, a form of art
Special meaning hidden
Behind a colourful facade
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