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midnight sun Dec 2022
you’ve grown to live behind my eyelids,
and in every nook of where anyone else is
The sun shines forth in full array
Everywhere - and all around
Yet sometimes things get in the way
Making shadows on the ground

I cannot say the sun’s now gone
As grayish shadows herald night
In my mind I “see” the dawn
My faith is stronger than my sight

Prosperity flows endlessly
Everywhere - it can be found
With my “in-sight”, I can see
Though limits on my eyes abound

I cannot say my wealth is fled
At times when it seems far away
On firm and faithful paths I tread
And peace and riches flow my way
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Katy Miles Nov 2021
on the night i touched you everywhere
i cried on the drive back home
thanking god that i'm not broken after all

you listen to fleetwood's "everywhere"
when you think of falling in love
i listen to it too and imagine you

there are pieces of you everywhere
in my bed, my shower, my soul
reminders of our love forever there

when you left me, i hurt everywhere
an ache i had never known
there is before you but no after you

i still want to be with you,
Kit Feb 2021
Upon a misty mountain top
Beneath a hollow stone
Beside the trees and rivers
In oceans dark and cold
In shining day and blackest night
In elderly and newborn alike
There is but one essential thing
That nameless one that brings us in
And if the minds of men should fail
Our paltry castles sieged or scaled
No razing or embracing could
***** out this, our spiritual sail
About divine unity.
J M Menon Feb 2021
Up there and everywhere,
I think I could drink it all up in one gulp,
my eyes overflow with the magnum,
as tears trickle down,
I hear a knowing whisper from the sky-
' We are one'
When megalophobia bleeds into beauty
Niel Nov 2020
Like a collapsing tool
who’s pieces are smaller tools
Making other tools, made of smaller ones
        Spiraling out ad infinum
Spreading out past their nonexistant boundaries
until there becomes a faint orange glow..
                                                          ­      All over.
          And over again.
Until it’s gathered to assignment all presence
Then it turns into a tool of tools, over defined and sparingly malignant.
          Over turning on itself and holding grudges
Striking insets of childish nature
While springs and leaves hold their settings
Meta morphosis exhausting possibilities in a lovely fashion
          Crisp dews and inner faerie gather
A collection of fierce love helping itself to every serving with little consequence
A M Ryder Nov 2020
It's a big word for me
I feel it everywhere
Almost home
Almost happy
Almost changed
Almost, but not quite
Not yet
Soon, maybe
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