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Faryal 7d
have you ever looked in the ocean
not the glistening blue eyes of what we describe
but the ocean; or puddles; even lakes
the reflection, have you seen the earths finest beauty reflecting through the ocean to your own eyes
My mind
is like a leaf,
lost in the wind.
It is here,

I have learned
that I cannot be
everywhere at once.
And that I need
to save some time
for myself.
I try to be everywhere at once. I want to help everyone with everything everywhere. Someone needs help with homework; someone needs a pianist to cover; someone needs an extra violinist to play; someone needs me to be by there side. I often forget the last time that I thought about myself. I think that I should try and work on that...
Jessica Dec 2018
The smell
that once
used to linger
in my hair
because of you

now only lingers
in all the places
you are not.

- Everywhere.
R Dec 2018
Yes i am selfish
selfish to talk to you
To seek your company
When i want nothing to do with you

I seek your attention
To want to be heard
To tell pain
And clear my brain  

So selfish to not care that you have a girl
Because i,all i want is to be heard
To spill truth
That still hurt
And tell you words
Which no one has ever heard
Johnny walker Nov 2018
There were times In the
last eleven month since
my darling past just felt like didn't won't live any more, but now although I have a long way still to
Suddenly I have a purpose
again through the power of pen and words to share Helen live with all of those who love to read of her, this makes me so happy and I survive In doing
On Dec 18th there Is an opportunity at a Church
In the town to where I live
or I'm not a Church goer myself
I have my own beliefs but will be lighting a candle for Helen as the respect of her life, It's not that I don't believe In God for I do, but to me, he doesn't reside within the walls of the Church, but this is only my opinion, and everybody Is Intitled to their own and I respect that
God to me Is everywhere an d just within the walls of a church this to me Is what's stops a lot of poeple believing the should It like an exclusive club, you want to pray you can do this where ever you may be God Is everywhere he will hear
Timmy Shanti Nov 2018
I feel it in my veins:
The way the beat just drops;
The lonely string chimes in;
The melody picks up.

I’m taken to a place
Where sounds paint the sky.
And I’ll be darned and doomed
If I want some other life.
An insight watching some good old TWD and hearing tunes that strike a chord.
27 xi 18

No idea why they would want to mask such innocuos word as "da-m-n-ed", especially so as it's part of a fixed expression, but who knows...
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Chasing the next realm today
Only a few split seconds away
Only certain barriers and doors
Which are open on multiple floors
The key is within our minds eye
Our way to say its ok to try
To let us know you are there
You are everywhere
Some people need to be aware  
It might be a scare
But once your there
Its ok it reminds me of a fair
My personal experience ask me questions about this one.
Emilee Wilson Nov 2018
They're everywhere
On the street, on the walls, in my house.
Crawling everywhere, on everything
In my room, on my bed, all over me.
Up my arms, through my toes, in my hair
Taking over my mind, over my senses
Covering me, suffocating me, killing me.
Bullet Nov 2018
Come and find me
Show me the way out
Tell me everything will be fine
Bring me somewhere safe n' sound

I'm nowhere
But everywhere
I can not be found
But I do not mind it at all

The music humming
Heres the escape route
Guard down
Saying isn't believing

Stay and sing with me
Get lost with me
Heart hurts more if we lie here
Race eyes to the beat of the wind
Come follow me

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