Madison Nov 10

Tell me!

What is wrong with you?"


I think that lightning

Struck somewhere

Caught my blood on fire

Bent my body

Like tree limbs.


Tell me!

What can I do?"


I'm trying to put this fire out

With gallons of black tea.

Maybe you should just

Try to pick those fallen branches

Up off the ground

If you want to be a part

Of the disaster relief.


Tell me!

Why are you made of thunderstorms?"


I'm thinking it's genetic

Or maybe the price I have to pay

For the tilting angle

Of my brain.

But don't you worry

About this sporadic bit of lightning.

After my hurricanes

Sunshine always comes.

Yes, it does.
Another contest entry
Madison Nov 10
Scarlet-haired mermaid

Flaming little prodigy

Oh, who is your muse?
If anyone knows who my inspiration for this one was, I will be delighted.
Madison Nov 9
Pearls and curls and off-white lace

And my mind conjures up your sorrowful face

And my heart just toes the line.

Is my wedding day

Your Roman holiday?

Well, it sure as ****

Is mine.
She wrote love stories to hide the fact that she didn’t have one of her own.
Madison Nov 9
I look at you

And I melt

Like strawberry ice cream

Dropped on a black buckle shoe.

(And you make me cry

Just the same.)
Madison Nov 7
On a midnight plain, these desert sands

Slip through her weeping, weathered hands.

And as every minute grain will pass

Her truths come apart like bits of glass

Everything she thinks she knows

Contorts and distorts

And slips away

When the north wind blows.

She thinks those northbound grains

Are hers to follow

And she chases them deep

Into a southbound hollow

And takes a selective handful

Only to remember

That winds bring change.

And she drops to her knees

But her northern eye sees

The winking-up caps

Of such a lovely

Mountain range.
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