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She flows patiently like a river.
Her love was perennial for you.
Then you stuck her like a tsunami.
Your pollutant words turned her grey.
With a brave heart, she turned courses,
Keeping you thirsty of eternal love.
She flows patiently like a river,
Jumps off cliff into a fearless waterfall.
Like a cigarette, you **** slow.
I pull you tight against my lips.
You fill my lungs with smokes,
Damaging me inside, with each puff.
With the greed to have more,
I keep searching for you.
You are the deadly addiction,
That I need at nights before I sleep.
So blind in my desires, I can't see...
The warning of danger on the cover.

I took my canvas out,
Cleaned dusty brushes,
Colours spread on desk,
I sketched his brown eyes,
His lips that I once kissed,
His face so innocent,
And I painted it RED.
Love looked so innocent until it turned her life upside down.
Don't look into her eyes,
Let her go...
Her heart is on fire,
It would be perfect love story,
But it would **** her at the end,
She is broken into pieces,
Too many scars to see love,
Dark nights don't have shadows,
Tears never taste sweet,
Don't burn your hands,
Let her go...
She is lost in herself...let her go, let her find herself. Life is too short to wait for anyone.
She made a mistake,
She opened her heart out,
Kept no secrets hidden,
Let him see her flaws,
How imperfect!, he thought.
Eyes not deep enough to fall for,
Nothing to make him moan at nights.
So ordinary!

She made a mistake.
She was so in love with his imperfections.
She didn't see,
How imperfect she was!
She was madly in love with all his imperfections that she didn't realize how ordinary she was...even though her feelings was pure, with no calculations.
Tring tring tring...
Hello, is it you?
Can you hear me?
Say something...
The silence is killing me.
Let me relive the lost memory.
I still have your number saved,
Your photograph in my pocket.

Tring tring tring...
Hello, is it you?
I waited beside the phone for days,
To hear you voice one last time,
To tell you how much it pains,
Do you still miss me?
How is she? 
Does she love you more than I did?

Now, I am unknown number,
That was once on your speed dial.
When the days end, nights befall, 
Mind keeps wondering alone in the dark streets.
Running from wild fire in forest, 
Scared of the horror, she shouts in pain.
She opens her eyes, clock goes tik tok tik tok...
She gets cold in freezing winter,
Beside a frozen lake, under thousand stars.
The waves takes her inside,
She fights and fights.
She can feel the salty water, she looses her grip,
And the ocean goes darker.
She opens her eyes, clock goes tik tok tik tok...
She keeps running, never cease to stop. 
Her shoes are tore, body tired, eyes heavy with sleep,
But she can still hear the clock goes tik tok tik tok...
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