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John Stevens Apr 20
Every where I go these days
I see many many a crow.
Some are black some are white
Many colors they do grow.

They tackle many hard jobs each day
Holding together what would fall apart.
The crows get together in very tight groups
And accomplish much until ripped apart.

Then I found out in my observations
they all had the same first name.......

Lunacy prevales when all alone.
Wife read it.  Gave me a rather funny look. Shook her head.

John Stevens Apr 12
© 1-24-2006 J.L. Stevens
Oh Mary do you see your Son
High upon the hill?
Your Son has come to this world
To do His Father’s will.
Behold the Lamb Oh Mary.
High upon the cross.
Behold the Lamb who shed His blood
To rescue you and me.

He finds me in my deepest need    
When darkness comes around me.
He gives me peace in my soul    
And sets my spirit free.
I am baptized with His Spirit
He meets my every need.
Behold the Lamb of God
High upon the throne.

Behold the Lamb of God
Who takes away my sin.
Behold the Lamb of God
Who cleansed my heart within.
My name is written there
In the Lamb’s Book of Life.
He is the great I Am.
The Savior of the world


Oh Mary you are with your Son
The Savior of the world.
John Stevens Mar 29
The chirds are burping,
the blowers are flooming.
The droys are beaming
Of firls so gine.

The dees are boing
what dees bo best.
So loys bet's do
what dees bo best.
Hind the foney.

(C)2010  This drove the chell specker crazy
Repost after 10 years.
John Stevens Feb 7
Paddy - Year Nine
Nine  years since you sat upon the rock
Sitting there taking stock
of things of this world
and things of the next.

A Poets heart since you were young
the written word delivered by tongue
lives on forever in the heart
of those who've read to never part.

You ran the race with no disgrace
Inspired others to take their place
In the words of true poets to be
Filling the hearts of all they see.

Thanks again Paddy Martin


Read Paddy Martin at:
Many do not know about Paddy. Read him. Enjoy.

He passed from this world nine years ago.
John Stevens Jan 6
At the H &W office
Sat two Bowls.
They did not hold rolls.
One with mints
Sat on the right.
One with condoms
Sat on the left.
Some bright fellow
Put them together.

They were serving....
Slow day.

Ok. I admit I’m the bright guy.
The lady behind the counter was not amused.
No sense of humor I guess.
John Stevens Dec 2019
Dear Poet Friends, after a long break, I have composed a few lines as a very senior citizen and a lover of poetry. If you like the same, kindly Re-post this poem for wider circulation. Thanks and best wishes, - Raj Nandy of New Delhi.

It has been often been said that old age is that period of life,
When all bad habits are given up on doctor’s advice,
And yet you don’t feel all that good while you survive!
Yet I do try to take some solace from Robert Browning’s poem
‘Rabbi Ben Ezra’ which says;-
‘’Grow old along with me!
For the best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made.’’

Despite my grey hairs and wrinkled face,
With creaking joints and scattered aches and pains,
‘’Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress’’,
In thanks giving to the Lord and sings his praise;
As I recall WB Yeats’ ‘Sailing Byzantium’, - that
lovely poem from my college days.

As our biological clock continues to tick incessantly,
Getting older becomes compulsory.
But becoming Wiser in wrinkled years remains optional,
A choice our free will has the opportunity to make!
I recall what Agatha Christie had once said,
That an archaeologist is the best husband a woman can get,
For the older she gets, the more interested in her he
With due respect to our women whose age is impolite
not ask.
Here I recall what the Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Frost
had once said,
That a diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s
birthday and not her age.

I recall the observation of Sartre the famous French philosopher
who had said,
That more sand that escapes from the hourglass of our life,
The clearer we should see through it as a blessing of time!
It is true that we live in deeds, not in years; in thoughts, not breaths;
In feelings, not in figures on a dial, - as James Bailey had said.
I finally conclude by quoting the first stanza from ‘Beautiful Old Age’ by DH Lawrence;
‘’It ought to be lovely to be old
To be full of the peace that comes of experience
And wrinkled ripe fulfilment.’’
-Raj Nandy of New Delhi.

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