ching, ching
Two men walk into a local cafe.
A city boy, and a Townsman

The cityboy sports
Slicked up hair.
Blue button up shirt,
Grey slacks.
Dress shoes.

The townsman simpler.
Brown hair.
Orange T-shirt,
cargo pants.
Work boots.

"Hey there!" Says the city boy.
walking up to the counter.
"Do you ladies have different roasts of coffee?
Or do you have just one kind?"

The Register girl looks at him sideways.
"What are you talking about?"

"I want a black light roast if you have it. Also, two shots over ice."
He hands her his travel mug.
"What's this for?"
The girl fondles the travel mug.
"I'd like my coffee in that please."
The manager puts a hand to the girls shoulder.
"The house coffee is a light roast doll, give him that."

"Cream and sugar?" Asks the register girl.
"Oh god, please no." Laughs the city boy "Thank you."
Handing over a credit card.
The register girl does not understand
what is so funny about cream and sugar.
"Cash?" Says the manager.
"Is there an atm? I can only offer this, but I know how to change that if you point me in the right direction."
"No ATM. We just Offer a discount for cash, we'll take your card." Says the manager.
The city boy waits for his drinks.

The townsman, walks up and says
"Coffee, please"
The manager hands him a paper cup with coffee, cream, and sugar.
He pays them in cash.
smiles, nods. Says: "Thank you"
Then waits for the city boy.

"Here's your sippy cup."
Says the register girl.
Handing over his travel mug.
The city boy stands there waiting patiently.

"Are you waiting for something?"
"Yes. my two shots over ice?"

"Oh I put it in there."
"Could I have two shots over ice please? I'll pay for it again if you forgot."
"Oh we don't have an espresso machine.
Our shots are like a syrup."

"Oh... Is there syrup in here?
I just wanted two shots over ice."

"Well like... I mean our prices are so low anyway, it's no big deal, but we don't have an espresso machine so..."

"Sorry" says the manager.
"Thank you ladies." Says the townsman.

The cityboy grabs the townsmans hand.
They leave the Cafe.

The city boy sips his
Botched coffee.
"I've had good, bad, and know what I want.
I don't want to be seen as difficult because I'm educated."
He tolerates it.

The townsman sips his
Familiar Coffee.
"Sometimes ignorance is bliss."
He enjoys it.


Monogamous Cat

Today I met a monogamous cat.
I was twirling the keys to my Black Saturn
Sauntering from my Clients home After making him breakfast
And In the wide paved road
sat a fluffy orange cat with a pink collar.
Staring at me.

I put my keys away and knelt down in the middle of the road.
My red converse cracking a bit As I bend down to present my hand.
The cat came over when I called
Sniffed and let me pet her on the head, neck, and back
Nuzzled into my Khaki pants
I took this as a sign of friendship
I went to rub this cats belly

oh, boy,
was that the wrong move.

The messege was clear.
I was not this kitty's owner,
And she was having none of my shit.

She left my hand,
more blood than skin

I pet her on the head
one last time to let her know
We could still be friends.

I shouldn't have been so forward.

But how am I supposed to know
a species notorious for hedonism
produced a monogamous cat?

I am greatful she knows her boundaries
that she is comfortable
cutting a man
When he crosses them.

Akemi Feb 2016

How many people fucked in this room?
Hopped up on speed or coke
Throwing their heads against the walls
Until they cracked like piggy jars

Crutch in a crescent
I lost a good friend because I couldn’t bear her
Fucking random strangers
As if sex meant more than friendship

Fuck these patriarchal structures
Disneyfied landscapes
Monogamous nuclear values

This world is wretched
And I took a part in it

10:35am, January 7th 2016

sex isn't sacred
stop enforcing the human body
in patriarchal bullshit
Christine Jun 2010

"Since you took care of
That filthy mess
What should I do with the body?"

"Do as you like, but remember.
We are in a monogamous relationship
And a corpse is still a person."

Graff1980 Feb 2015

Time mourned
Moving still
At the window sill

Space shook
With what time took
The gravity
Of the situation

Time pushed and pulled
The plush fabric of space
Like to two lovers intertwined

Between their lust
The stars burst
Masses of planetoids
Came together
And broke up

Time and Space
Eternally monogamous
As far as we can tell

Adreishka Liz Dec 2016


Female to male Transgender
Male to female Transgender

Non binary


Does any of it matter?

If I missed any others please comment below or message me and I will add them
Ottar Oct 2013

do they really feel the way
                            they say
                            they do
when they say "I love you"
                            lovers words
                            lovers eyes,
soulful gaze expecting you,
         while respecting you,
                              to undo inhibitions,
a zoo,
unfettered, no be still, my beating heart,
      this may be too much, walk the fence
without falling into the wild monkey
cage with pillows and four poster dreams,
walk the line, be sure to be dressed in black,
oh caught in a fantasy NO!, escape to reality,
      where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.


Threw Johnny Cash under the bus.  Para phrase Queen

I wish to disambiguate
to explicate; expanciate:

I do not begrudge polyamory,
and whatever Love entails
to any particular person,
for I once was polyamorous;
I understand some of the ways
in which polyamory can work.

Usually when single,
or otherwise in an open relationship.

I also do not begrudge sluttiness;
everyone needs some
and some can't resist.
Besides, it is noble
to work such charity.

Who am I,
who once sought such charity,
to demonize it?
who have lusts
and desires?

I do,
take grievous offense
to One in a relationship
who tells their partner
they're soulmates
and who,
instead of agreeing to end
the monogamous relationship,
goes and sleeps around
and cheats on their "soulmate",
moreover if over and over.

It's hard to cope with such deep hurt,
and I wish to convey my apologies
for my rash hybridized expressions
of Anger, Frustration and Hubris.

Perhaps it perturbs me so
simply because it reminds me
of who I once could be and was.

Perhaps it irks me so
because I'm envious.

Polyamory is not a Sin;
but before you just go fuck someone
at least be single or in an open relationship;

it isn't only you
who is affected
by your choices,
and I know
that's hard to see
when you are so young.

Don't hold back
who you really are,
but please;
don't cheat others
in the process.

Not only is Karma a bitch,
but so can Retribution be;
you never know
what One
capable of;

the next time
you cheat someone
they may not fall back
on mere words;

A few more years
in this World
may teach you
that such Anarchy
doth go both ways,
my dear;

Vigilante Justice knows few bounds:

Don't take too many chances
when it comes to who you fuck, nor
when it comes to who you fuck over.

Chloe K Jul 2014

Vultures are monogamous.
Cragged necks looped,
it takes them years to forget.
Wing and wing in a nest of rot,
together they pick at sinew.

Fierce devotion in a hollow church
and no organs remained.

She will consume her dead lover,
spanned on an opalescent log;
regurgitate his remains into a baby’s mouth.

Born into the leftovers,
we become remains.

bekka walker Jul 2016

I've fiercely rejected the monotonous
for a forest of lovers.
I've asked for a bouquet of boys freshly cut beaming above my bedside table.
Spruced alongside sprinkles of sensual femininity offering scintillating chatter as I slip asleep.
As I am many galaxies in one girl,
giving myself can be quite gaudy;
One wooer would soon wither away under such wavering weathers.

Carmelo Antone Mar 2012

Luscious lovers strangled by sheets of seduction,
Is this for real or is this our thirst for another,
Do I need companionship?
Or was the smut simply not good enough,

A man on a makeshift crutch
With a dependency fed by lust
Not a bastard son,
But close to the Judas of Love,

Defying what those before me had done,
Doubting the prospects of the one
So beyond the romance and the monogamous harmony,
All I care about is the curves that caused us,

To get close enough to realize,
It’s no longer about trust,  
Since a physical attraction caused us,
To get close enough,
To experience what we can’t live without,

Is this a weakness or my evil plot?
To enjoy what I perceive,
Without the prospects of a teaching an infant to walk,

An action that caused a religious reaction,
A natural necessity once socially ingested,

We are fighting to keep from,
Regurgitating our misguided perceptions,
Of what brings you and I close enough,
To abandon those popular convictions

An extension of humanity,
The exemplification of our species physical conformity,
In the wake of a pleasure, an enjoyable experience,
Came prospects of fostering generations to show what we’ve done,

My fantasy goes beyond the seductive sheets of lust,
As I hope that my words will one day be carried with those who follow,
Those who will inherit a world of,
Sexual deviants,
Ego edified lunatics,
And love.

For One to be Open,
all One must do
is not be Closed.

Aye; indeed t'is the rub
that such is so much easier said
than t'is done.

Yea, tho that be true;
t'is but the knowledge thereof, itself,
that arms the worthy Ones with the potential
to be Aware,
and thus
to overcome.

T'is not a matter of innate ability:
t'is rather a matter of choice;
of practice;
of attention:
of Openness.

Seek that you may become Open
(not that you aren't,
but I know I  so often forget
and thus I assume
that others must as well!)

by attempting to train yourself
not to be Closed;
try to remember
to not be Closed.

It only shrinks your world.
Trust me: I've been there.

I sometimes forget to leave.

Moral of the story:
Seek to be an Open Person
rather than a Closed one.
I don't mean extroverted or introverted,
I don't mean monogamous or polyamorous,
I don't mean liberal or conservative,
I don't mean religious of atheist,
I don't mean anything like that;
It's much deeper:
more fundamental to your Self:

Do not close yourself off.
That is damnation.

Remain in pursuit of Openness.
It is the best path to Awakening.

Brady Johnson Feb 2012

what is sex anyway?
is it what two people do when they’re bored?
nothing better to do on a wednesday night?
Sex is just a killer of time.

or is sex what happens when the air is flooded
with the taste of too much whiskey?
can sex only happen when people are intoxicated?
Who cares, you probably won’t remember anyway.

isn’t sex to happen when the people love each other?
A night of sweaty passion that ends in “I love you”
who believes in sex after marriage anymore?
I was under the influence that sex was the ultimate act of love.
I’ve been wrong before.

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