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Bee Burnett Jun 19
Do you see me?
When I look at you, and my hearts beating fast and my breaths caught in my throat
Do you hear me?
When I'm whispering softly into your sunny hair and against your smile
Do you feel me?
When I trace your skin with my fingertips wishing I could sink into you
Open to interpretation :)
Shall I compare thee to the butterfly,
Thou hast more beauty, more strength, and more grace.
Rough winds do blow paper wings toward the sky,
And an icy chill doest berate h’r face.

The weight of h’r first original form:
But a caterpillar, she did abhor,
Brings onto h’r face a look so forlorn
Alas! One day she proclaimed she would soar!

With wings so frail, she emerged from her sleep,
With a new body, h’r soul couldst keepeth
To findeth a love so quaint and so deep,
Upon my gaze, thee did take hence mine breath.

I hath’t such adoration for thy soul,
For t’ is mine weak heart, yond hath’t quickly stole.
My rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. Written for my love for Valentine’s Day.
The dust kicks up behind each step,
Things aren't the same since the day you left.
I know it's only been a day,
But each second seems so far away.
Her door slides closed and she drives back home,
And now my heart feels so alone.
I love her laugh, her smile, her face.
The way she walks with elegant grace.
I'd rather no other way to spend my time,
Then with the girl who I call mine.
She stands so close, her arms around me,
I feel her love completely surround me.
Her lips, so soft, caress my skin,
It feels so good, it should be a sin.
Her eyes they shine against the night sky,
But now we have to say goodbye.
My poor lonely heart gets no reprieve,
Every time I watch her leave.
erin May 2019
people tell me that touching your lips to someone else's is the most magical experience in the universe.
i think that flying would a bit more extraordinary.
my first kiss
was in my back yard
on a trampoline with my ex girlfriend. we were playing spin the bottle
(i was secretly excited to kiss her, even though we weren't supposed to be in love anymore).
i expected berries
to explode in bursts of delightful flavor, on my tongue and tainting me with traces of cherry.
instead, all I tasted was lip gloss (not a good flavor) and my ex girlfriend as she reluctantly kissed back.
i doubt i'll play spin the bottle again after that.
sort of a story? hope you like it.
Invocation Jan 2019
I keep sending messages to girls that I wouldn't want to read if it were me
Or maybe I'm talking down about myself for no reason and the ladies love it when I tell them how pretty they are
It's not I expect to get laid with kindness
I just gush about **** I like
Sue me, I'm a nerd for those curves
I wouldn't mind some cozy *** though
Thomas Mackie Jan 2019
We stomp and we romp
with our filthy, bare feet
we jump and we bump
in the high summer heat.

Just skin, nails, and teeth
stop when we see blood
we are the ***** girls
rolling around in the mud.

We're queer, we drink beer
in the park in the dark
we yawp, twist, and shout
and we jeer and we bark.

We **** for the thrill
in the sweet with sweat season;
we say it's revenge,
but we don't need a reason.

Saturated plum flesh
bursting between jaws,
we are boundless, we are seeping,
we are love without laws.
Dear straight people,
It is a common believe that queers are docile, non-threatening, non- violent, and weak. That being queer is a choice to up your instagram followers, or to be the most woke, or to attract others. This is a poem to remind you that we are as natural as the sun, we are everywhere, and that we are not afraid to smash your brains in with a brick.
Dead Rose One May 2015
let us to the chase cut,
love lesbians
for we
value the same thing...

a woman's beauty,
a woman's way of seeing,
a god-miracle,
walking down the street,
can barely breathe,
his female creatures delightful,
want want want want
the fullness of their presence,
in my life, even just, my eyes,
adoration of the magi

they make me,
they make me,
life worth living,
this is art appreciation,
load and life bearing,
they humble, gentle
this birth-cursed
they make me
who I am...
this is not about ***, if that, is not amply clear...
Scarlet McCall Mar 2018
Be a lesbian!
Shave your head!
Be a radical--
(better rad than dead!)

The “Skinheads” were Nazis;
they didn’t like Punks.
Politician is confused,
speaking mixed-up junk!

Shave your head,
or wear your hair long—
You could be trying to say something,
or nothing at all.

Be a “*****”, be a “***.”
If it strikes your fancy,
dress up in drag.
Be a hag, be a crone.
Let your gray hair shine.
Be partnered or alone.
Be a ****, be a ****.
You are a Who,
not a Which or a What.
Hag/Crone here. I was amused by the politician, whose name I've forgotten, who called Gonzalez a "skinhead." Apparently he doesn't even know what this term refers to.
EricM Apr 2018
Two girls deeply in love
But torn with jealousy over the man
The other slept with

A tall brunette in casual attire
And a smaller girl wild-eyed, black curls
In a college t-shirt

I offered them drinks in honor
Of their love on hiatus
And dreamed ever so boldly
To be caught for a moment
In the crossfire of their
Boundless desire

But the on again off again
Lapse of judgement made them
Unable to stay locked in that embrace
And I'm left with the ***** Cranberry
Who is unfortunately much less
Receptive to my advances
Showing me pictures of her boyfriend
Military and buff

While the Gin & Tonic departed
To recover her confidence after
Being scorned by the tall brunette
One too many times and forgot
All about the drink I promised to buy

Always coming back to gently spread
Her knees and wedge herself between
Her thighs only to be pushed back
Briskly to the barroom crowd
And the ***** Cranberry reminds
Me again of the sad situation that
Split them up in the first place

I leave for a cigarette and come back to
The same adorable scene and waited
For a beer until I heard one of the girls speak
"I think this man at the bar loves us."
I suggested innocently how disappointed
I would be if I didn't see them kiss
At least once that night

The Gin & Tonic pressed close against
The ***** Cranberry to deliver the sweetest
Kiss upon her cheek and I was moderately
Satisfied at that expression in spite of knowing
How it paled in comparison to the true passion
That burned in their loveliest of hearts

As I was leaving I asked,
After resigning myself to chasteness,
For a quick kiss on the cheek
To say goodbye and was met with
The same hesitation you wasted
On each other all night

But, oh, if you two loved yourselves
The way I loved you both that night
You wouldn't waste so much time
Because even though we are
On separate paths in life
We are really on the same path
And you two were so close to it
That night and I wanted nothing more
Than to journey down that road with you

So I kissed you both anyway
And I walked home alone
With a grin on my face
And hoped that you two
Wouldn't make the same mistake
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