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Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Easier to snap stitches sown by a witch,
Individual infliction, comforts to materialize,
Mentally-made pain,

Not one to take a knife to my vein,
Mentally tortured till I'm convinced to claw at those arteries
Peer pressure, I am more than just a friend look for gain,

Naturally nourished before incubation
Neurologically nestled till you learn of our need,
To share an existence, that I will also perceive,  

If only we could say, If only I could see,
Our minds can ******* the bold,
Those egos bring us deeper than the worms,
The roots of a cemetery’s dying trees no one can reach,

Keeping us quickly exiting this existence,
The discovery of complete darkness or another chance to perceive,
The mystery that keeps you listening to me,

From lobes that function and breathe
My torment fostered from a self-destructive process,
Thoughts fomented in the cranial corridors of a mind in need,

Independent and only recently unaware,
The mind doesn’t fear the electric chair,

Each day will bring trouble,
But some will bring you peace and a sense of a soul once more,
In the wake of mind that mandates, manipulates,
Be the powerhouse that reaches for your own controls,
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
From broken to reaching for Revelations,
My chance to spread some angelic wings,

I was eroded by an ****** enlightenment,
With those who knew the limits of lust,
But not individuals of the evening,

Wishing to feel complete,
Once feeling the glory of a lover,
With tangled toes and tossed feet,
Sweat, moans, and humanly harmony,

Realizing the relationship was destined to be a Shakespearean tragedy,
I lost someone I still hold dear to me,
Because I couldn't live that life,
The liar dressed like a priest,

Erased by memories, moans of relief,
Please keep in mind baby,
No dirtiness for me,

I’ve been particular with those laid into the bed of this thief,
Where I can reap the natural fixes of her beauty,
Absent of love,
Away from everything,

With a life too short for worldly inflicted woes,
When your existence is timed by faith filled beliefs,
Making me work for the air I need,
For the breaking that I avoid,
With every breath I take,
I’ll prop you up with a pillow,

Life will break you at the jaw,
Before sucker punching you into the ground,
******, bruised, and still lacking a crown,
It will be tough but you can defy,
What we think is divine,

Tap into that humanity,
Pay homage to the genes that evolved till they could conceive,
Convince some Apes to use their knees
From paws to fists,
From animals to intellectual fruition,
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Stoplight Lynching,
Drive-by Reaping,
Soul snatching police officers,
Throat tearing teacher’s with a theme
Violence in the genes,

Scheming while masquerading what you are to be,
Playing charades because social acceptance is in,
Evolving from barbarism to greed,

Juxtaposed Imposter,
Judicially Jaded,
Think you can wield a blade,
When congressional dribble will bleed you away,

Martyr Mishaps,
Minds without maps and easy to catch,
A congregation in need creeds,

Stoplight sinning,
Drive-by finishing,
Soul savoring deities,
Throat slicing teachings,
Ignorance is a conquering king,

All encompassing,
All controlling,

Ignorance is a conquering thief, compromising our mental capacities for the sake of Almighty Themes.
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Yellow bellies cry,
A decree to defy,
A life to satisfy,

When the days become the moments to excavate your existence,
Elevate from your unsealed coffin,
Instead of having to scratch at earth after it smothers you,

It’s a cliché in so many ways,
A roller coaster of yells, thrills, and shrills,

Bringing us to a rise like the sun being timed,
The warmth of light, ascending towards the clearest of skies,
Strapped in like the others, with the same state of mind,
Smiling because of the rails they gave us, our guides,  

Daring till we descend into darkness,
Blindness of a foggy night,
Strapped in because this ride will pass others by,
But that doesn’t mean we can’t survive,
A life that will remember those who think twice,  

Victimized because we speak against authoritarian audacity,
They're testing our humanly elasticity,
Forgetting other minds,
Their worse enemies,

No matter if he’s a priest,
No matter if somehow he was allowed to teach,
The people are here to preach.
Carmelo Antone Mar 2013
Running through the forest,
Beyond the intruding trunks,
Over roots that reached from the soil,
I've been snapping twigs,  
Only to leave a trail blood,
Staining the forest floor crimson green,

But it is his nature to go his own way,
To tear through the pain,
To become the greatest thing he can perceive,
Draining the decadence from his veins,

It isn't like he is a thief,
Just a minuscule entity,
Till he solidifies his being,
So that others can learn of him, even by turn pages on three rings,

Confident he will be confined to the history books,
Despite being destined,
Despite living with the acceptance,
Dredging the evidence,
Of being fit for a grave someday,

Staining the leaves,
We might as well strive,
To leave our mark,
To sight our sites for the sake of a dream,
Whatever helps you and me sleep,

Not seeking violence,
So bless you all,
I wish there was a god,
Because I’d pray,
I beg,
I’d follow the one who could tie the unknown fray
Uniting us all
Bring the silence to my lips,
And peace during your stay,

But demanding an almighty beacon will not help right now,
It is just us my friends,
On a world siphoned from stars,

So we must insure the change,
Because there isn't an chance a deity could save us from our social decay,  
There is no need to cover up your granddad’s scars,
The pillars of our personal rise ,

Not a loss cause but on course for an evolutionary delay,
That is why he’s running through the wood,
Stumbling over roots,
Spattering chromosomes all over the place,

He's you and me,
Just sprinting through an existence,

Only to be sliced by those that brought you into this natural cage,
Captives unable to escape a fate,
Invisible stage, my arrival was set to a predetermined date,

Pleading pity, I was conceived without a say,
We must avoid those twigs they consider the vines of divinity,
To show them your just another human,
Potentially the ending to our plight through a naturally nourished might.
Carmelo Antone Feb 2013
Strife wields the knife after your rifles raise high,
No need for a biblical sign since it takes only a few to steal the spot-light
And only one to spoil a life,

The notions of potentially prospering a home,
Planting a peaceful place,
Where pigmentation does not define your days,
But the way in which you prove yourself,
Because this is truly an extraordinary species,  
Hindered by man’s inherent ignorance,
An internal enemy described as grace,  

Barbarians breeding thieves,
Inhibited from sanity,
Inebriated with fury,
Incubated in hatred,
As you continually cultivate such cruel beings,

Some individuals can defy the trend,
Some of Adam’s relatives rose because they knew the knuckles could do so much more than listen to a serpent,
From their roots of savagery,
It’s in the blood to be a parasite,
But it is in the genes to eradicate these devilish deeds,

Imaging the possibility like a dead-head hippy,
The chance to see a society,
Distancing itself from the armory,

Poverty pushes people to find relief via a knife,
Causing those governing eye’s to raise their rifles high,
Forgetting to sight the white of their eyes,
And turning bystanders into enemies.
Carmelo Antone Feb 2013
Hip-shot with a blind eye and not willing to die,
I still have a few more limbs to lose before I dribble into the absence of life,
Though when I return to a crawl,
I will continue on till I perish with pride,
When I know I gave it my all,  

Crossed eyed because I studied between the lines,
Sought to doubt the testaments of man, the lies with ancestral lines,
What I found left me yearning to put some six feet into the ground,
With a smile smearing to a frown, I would happily shatter a crown,
Or the existence of the insignificant,

But I control my hate,
Like the thorns that leaked the blood that I share,
Just a religion’s token of glitter and gluttony,

A sign that you forgot, not everyone is friendly,  
Best walk in the shoes of an enemy,
It could be anybody,
With a different ideology,

Because I've been continually caught on your hook as you dangle this like a prize,
Extorting an opportunities at the expense of another’s existence, another life
You’re letting this fall apart!
You’re gains hurt the persistence of my survival beliefs,

From a mother yet you labeled it a start,
How do you know what it is like womb warm with a beating heart?
What if this is just a different hue of life’s light,
What if this isn't the reality you have in mind,

Not knowing if there is even an Almighty,
You've got the clothes to fill the pews,
Not knowing what came before,
You are assured what lays ahead is subjective,
What you think happens after death,
Make me want to put a bullet in my head

With perceptions based on day-dreams,
Our ancestors sown the cloths of this social clot,
Allowed till we see through the hues of faith-based thought,
We can stop it if we breed more born-again humans,

To introduce an infant,
Rather than indoctrinate the innately ignorant,
To help improve the indigenous,
Than strive for spiritual dependence.
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