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Tommy Randell May 31
So, I said -
No matter how much it matters
I love you all the same.

So, she said -
Is that me you're talking to,
Are you accepting blame?

So, I said -
No, sorry...
I love you All, the same!
Putt... ...................
                                  .          ­                                          
                      ­                .  
           ­                              .      
                                     .                                                                ­



T R S Mar 19
It just like I want life to be okay and just pretty.

A clean ground is the basis of a Right and "righteous city."

Only when the moltovs makes a mound out of my dread,

Only when the Alpha rakes his rake, is when I play dead.

All we need is love and hate;
And all we need is air;
Out of my life, I love oxygen;
O2 is when I mean air.

I really just love talking.
I really just love you.
I really just don't want to...
I'll leave it all to you.

You were the reason,
You were plan A
I found no where to B.

You were the season and the air.
You're a visionary.
Julie Oct 2018
a ? means you're insecure
a ! means you're overdramatic
a , means you're not coming to the point
a . means...that you're coming to an end?
nosipho khanyile Oct 2018
It's the
the love I know that used to be there...

it's the
fading passion that's leaving me bare.

It's the recent use of punctuation in my poetry;

filling the gaps I cannot express.
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Can you read what you read?
I'm sure you can and there's no need to ask.
But it's weird.
Feeling through symbols.
Understanding symbols.
Writing symbols.
Combining symbols to make sense.
But some combinations are wrong.
Making sounds for symbols.
Saying the symbols correctly.
Different accents for symbols.
Drawing symbols, making them look pretty.
Fonts for symbols.

Imagine. We are ruled by systems of symbols.
We use punctuation for:


Living can be,


Cannot be;


Punctuation is intended to empower

(Superiority in writing).

Life is pointless without meaning -

It needs details.

Things can be said

"I love you".

Questions can be asked

Is that a lie?

Living can be contemplated

Life is *

* Good

Life can be created

@ my house @ 4.

Or you can be trapped

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