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Maria Etre Oct 2021
There was a little dash once
that lead me from here - here…
sometimes it showed me time
and how long and short it can be
from Christmas – my birthday or
from Thursday – Friday
and other times,
when I dot my i’s cross my t’s
this little dash adds a little extra..
from – to +
Norman Crane Oct 2020
Summer's gone
            leaves upon the lawn
Summers gone
            leaves upon the lawn
            a memory
coffeegirl Jun 2020
stay here
(on the Sofa)
  feel the Beat
   (and never go)

be my boy
  at the end
  (talk around)
    secrets of love
Context: This is a poem i wrote for a lofi album I'm working on. Each line is a song title and the album name will be Sofa Beats (like beats to listen to while doing nothing) Let me know what you think!
Apparently now
If you end a text message with a period
It means you’re *******
Because who needs a period
When each of your utterances
Is circumscribed
By a thought bubble

At least that’s what I heard
On a podcast
(I’m an old)

So if I text you
And use punctuation
Will you take offense?

Will you be able to tell
My old-school emojis
From that punctuation?

I certainly hope so :-/
Robert D Dec 2019
Please understand?
There is so much more!
I want to live!
If you're able to?
Because I can't!
Go on!
By myself?
How one long sentence can become so many short sentences if you add the punctuation.  Please reread  without the periods, question marks and exclamation points!
Robby Nov 2019
I have no qualms
I understand my place in your life
I never thought that I’d be a period
I just want to be the best semicolon you’ve ever had

Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Pilcrow, the Blind P,
once said,

"Allow me, ma'am/sir,
  for it looks like
  you could use a break.
  Besides, Hedera is hard
  and annoying, so full of herself,
  and up to her neck in ivy."

That was a Snark.
But who could tell?
Simply forgot to point it out.
Guess it's better to
leave things unsaid.

In the end
there's only enough
room for the Asterism.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
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