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There are infinite numbers of me

Running, existing, dreaming

Upon the predestined fabric of time

Yet there is only one of you

Of which

I seem to be fated

To gaze upon

Love helplessly

Never possess

And eventually

Lose completely

And lose you I did

What I never had

Yet the love itself

Was never lost

It was just always


Faithful as a child

Running wild and free

A distant

And endless green




Flower after flower

Without ever so much

As a touch

For fear of its withering

But mostly

Because it ever

Eludes me


How can I be

Forever everywhere


Where you are to be?

There are infinite numbers of you

Running, existing, dreaming

Upon the everlasting Pasture

Of Love


There is only one of me

In time and in space

I might have passed you


But in Love

I believe

We're still destined

To meet


To be
Two Souls

By: Yue Xing Yidhna ****

May 10, 2019, 12:48PM
Marty T Ottman Jan 2018
Trap in your mirror reflection.
A world Lost through space an time. No rhyme through the disconnection;Of the objection, stabilizing the this infection. You said I'll be one gone well your wrong.

Spreads like some ******* plague.
Colors dancing with me tonight.
As your words turn vague.
Something seem so outright.
You valued your light while I remained your opposite within one with the dark.

Piercing eyes to dish threw the *******.
fierce as the mixture of toxins in your bloodstream couldn't you admit.

Trying to find an urge to resist but **** it barley feels I exist. Run astray, warped in the present.
Make it alive. Make it alive.
Or... Real.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
I don't know where my life lies,
on the spectrum of time
woven with space,
set at a panthers pace.

I'm here in this solar symptom.
A perfect distance from the sun,
An idealistic ozone.
The third planet, but still alone.

You're in your solar symptom.
The planet's surface burns hot,
Your atmosphere rich in CO2.
Somehow, I still feel you.

Only an eighth of a galaxy away.
Baby that's still twelve thousand light years.
Subside to the quantum gears.

Your gravity weighs on you heavy,
let it take you in.
Trust me, it will alter your time in space. Setting years at a days pace.

Just hold on.
I'm on my three thousandth light year,
hold fast.
I fear my life might not last.

Your time winds in slow motion.
Baby, please wait.
My time is still the same.
Your days are my years,
and all of my fears.

This vessel will reach you.
Weather my bodies decayed
or you see my last day.
CGW Nov 2017
You fall into the worping ground and you melt right through into the other end.
Traveling back in time.
Free falling, you are hurtling with a back clenching force; space time pushing against you.
Shoving you into the never ending abyss.
Intense ringing vibrations are echoed through the tube pressing against the prismic walls bending and warping it to its control.
You hit the bottom.
Time stops.
You never existed.
Matthew Harlovic Jun 2017
to the one who knows or examines his existence
explain the relativity of time and distance
from the instance of creation;
the expansion of self
to the bold bearing of a life lived well.
now picture the presence of a proclaimed faith
through the face of a Galilean reference frame
but refrain from the mention of preconceived notions
which pertain to gnomon-wise motion.

© Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic Apr 2016
She wanted space-time
so I left the dimension
to return only when
my name was mentioned.
Matthew Harlovic Nov 2015
As the only sun
dial in my family,
spacetime encompasses
the face of a fallacy.

© Matthew Harlovic

I would want to travel with you
In a region of the universe
Where you and I
get lost in spacetime
than to arrive at a certain place
of infinite madness and beauty.

I'd like to imagine that stars flicker as we go by
creating paths
creating constellations
as stellar as we feel

Drift lightyears away towards the cosmos
to create an infinite you and I

We were the past.
We are the present.
We will be the future.

We are what we are as we make of ourselves.

I will travel the infinite worlds with you.
I will travel time just to be with you
To make a stretch into infinity

It's October 21st 2015

It is in the *NOW
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