T R S Sep 6
Please lease me a lot of your heart
So I can try to start my own business.

I bought all the sticks and wickerbough baskets

In the manner of a task master I have managed to make a meager living out of hide glue, soup, and stool
T R S Jul 17
On a walk I found some smelly purples flowers
I had no desire for flowers, but pretty stench I did intake

I was like injecting liquid power, in my body better make
Something happens when you attach
A memory to more

Something happens in a brain
that will make smell adore

It's a gamble
Cards and cares are dealt
It's molten feelings in a filling
Shaped like your heart that smelt
T R S Jul 17
I remember, maybe not remember...
But I felt a flying love
I moth, maybe a butterfly
It's a bug, but like a dove.

Nothing is worse that waking up
In cold sweat in the night
Because we haven't learned the lessons
that helped us see up late at night.

Now I spend so time, in  bug built land at eve
Because bugs have much shorter life
I'm sure they have a way to grieve.
T R S Jul 17
Turns out that birds and bugs are angry
Just as much as we
I didn't have a clue about how a fly, hornet can make me see

We have have plan and tools to inflict pain on we
But It's a matter of planning with our soul
Planning a salt shoal to be

Some sort of way to take a way the pain,
remind us still

That live needs salt and rock built tablets
If we are to love and feel
T R S Jul 17
How in the hell did you get so furry?

Well, I think it's just who I am..

How did you feel so bad then?
It's just my answer, ma'am
It's just the feeling that I feel I see folks feel bad

But it's not your answer...

I know but it makes me mad.
T R S Jul 17
Lemme try to be compliant with who I was and who I am.
Let me lock a ice filled dinner into a sacred spot

I only have so many teeth
So many meals in my life
So I think i might try to like
Painful flavor and hard life

Pain pyres, maybe might
be a better idea
Than feeling like a
monster who feeds fear

I think i might make cupcakes.
For my favorite people
Or maybe breakfast suppertime
In my own atheist church steeple

Turns out that pasta, and hamburgers
may not be much a sin
And finding out that folks don't love
It's garbage self love in a bin
T R S Jul 17
I think I had a good idea
To build a new strong closet
So that can hold lions and my dreams I do deposit

Only problem that I have
is the rattle snakes
So home to have a path to my mind vermin take

As much as I would miss them.
I know they're just plague rat
But so sweet I wanna kiss them
A furry rodent that's like me.
But the that I don't kiss them, they'll
take my life from me.
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