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T R S Jun 2021
I scribbled little unintelligible notes on a scrap of crusty paper

I messed up ******* and felt that sleeping made me hateful.

I never rested until sunrise faces me and blinds my eyes.

I've never tested just how hard life is but this morning I'm going to try.
T R S Jun 2021
I'm a constant and thought I was seeking harmony

I bought it all and ******* stances are what has found me.

Only perfection is acceptable

Only accepting that brings peace.

Only staying still will set me free...

Only nothing makes me see
T R S Jun 2021
I set the precedent that sent my body reeling

I know it stole my heart and soul

but still I'm peeling back the layers.

Because I don't know, and I sure don't show it

but I'm blowing it *******

I'm stealing time from golden stables

and I'm going to steal the show.
T R S Apr 2021
I've written my prayers on a piece paper
kept in abalone shell.

I've written my fears on human fingers
and I use them for my spells.

I've written one and one half
how to feel as well.

And I'm smitten by the fact and thought
that burning love can dig my well.

A poison well for poison people,
that no one wants to drink.

I poisoned only evil people
and my well is where they drink.
T R S Apr 2021
I'd decide to liberate, and decriminalize my *******, but no one seemed to care.

I've always had honkin' *******, and they made a lot of people stare.

Soaked white shirts don't hide honkin' ******* on fat boys at the pool.

But my ******* don't make the headlines because they don't make layman drool.
T R S Apr 2021
I've worked much harder on sounding off than making sounds,
and that's not making me as well rounded as I thought I'd be.

So, i'm gonna see what sorts of things that make people want to hear,
because if I'm hearing what they're feeling, then they'll hear just how I feel.
T R S Feb 2021
I inverted my cast iron pan while getting my cake batter ready

And ladled in globs of batter against mirror black

I stacked fruit into corners to get nice and crusty

And I'm burning inside to get fat.
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